T-mobile Still Working For Best Value!


We wrote about this site a while ago when it was reported that select cities would begin promoting this service, in an effort to continue to showcase T-mobile value, we’re promoting it again!

While earlier reports this week might have gone against T-mobile and their best value approach, we know T-mobile prides itself on being a low cost carrier. Billshrink.com is an innovative website with the purpose of drum roll please, shrinking your bills. Just for fun, I put in my old ATT service from 2 years ago, and voila, it told me I could save 723 dollars over a 2 year period by switching to T-mobile! T-mobile is obviously committed to showcasing itself as the lowest cost national carrier and has partnered up with an independent and unbiased service to show customers, both future and current just how much they can save! So if you know someone who wants to save some money and is on the fence about switching carriers, show them the link below. Want to see if your current rate plan is working for you, click the link below! As the pic above says, 8 out of 10 people acknowledge overpaying for wireless service and in the current tough economic climate, every penny counts so help spread the word about this awesome service! No, they didn’t pay, bribe or ask me to write that last part!

T-mobile with Billshrink