T-mobile Still Working For Best Value!


We wrote about this site a while ago when it was reported that select cities would begin promoting this service, in an effort to continue to showcase T-mobile value, we’re promoting it again!

While earlier reports this week might have gone against T-mobile and their best value approach, we know T-mobile prides itself on being a low cost carrier. Billshrink.com is an innovative website with the purpose of drum roll please, shrinking your bills. Just for fun, I put in my old ATT service from 2 years ago, and voila, it told me I could save 723 dollars over a 2 year period by switching to T-mobile! T-mobile is obviously committed to showcasing itself as the lowest cost national carrier and has partnered up with an independent and unbiased service to show customers, both future and current just how much they can save! So if you know someone who wants to save some money and is on the fence about switching carriers, show them the link below. Want to see if your current rate plan is working for you, click the link below! As the pic above says, 8 out of 10 people acknowledge overpaying for wireless service and in the current tough economic climate, every penny counts so help spread the word about this awesome service! No, they didn’t pay, bribe or ask me to write that last part!

T-mobile with Billshrink


  • Alan

    Why do you have ads for Sprint on a TMob site?

  • WXman

    What a piece of garbage. I put in all the information it wanted, exactly as it asked for it, and it came back with the freaking plan I already have!! It said I’d save 1300 bucks over two years…how is that if it’s the freakin’ plan I’m ON??

  • Elias

    As Tmobile continues to increase rates, and do things like require certain phones to have data plans, it becomes less and less of a value. Of the 4 major carriers, for example, I think Sprint is now borderline cheaper than Tmobile on some plans that include messaging and data.

    In addition, many more tech-savvy Tmobile users continued to stay with Tmobile despite its inferior network due to its great rates, but as stated above, it no longer has the clear advantage in that department.

  • Off topic, but two new HTC Android handsets this year: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-10241139-1.html?part=rss&tag=feed&subj=Crave

  • eric

    OK WOW!! billshrink’s coverage checker thing says i get “good” reception at my house which probably means 3 to 5 bars outdoors. well guess what? i get 1 bar that’s usually NOT there 80% of the day. It usually has no service around here for some sick reason, and it says i get few bars with AT&T when this area is dominated by AT&T and my family all have fully bars using the same tower t-mo and att are on!!! att gets full bars, t-mo nothing. coverage checkers are innacurate, especially bill shrink’s. According to this i get full bars on my way to work, when in actuality i have no service. How is this going to help t-mobile if it’s not accurate??? and how is it going to help them if it possibly leads them to spring or metro PCS and someone only needs a regional carrier??? what are they thinking?

  • Alan

    Cool David, Thanks!

  • There are chips in T-mobile phones that decrease the bars (signal strength) if it’s on an AT&T tower, and vice versa. It kind of sucks, but, they chip the phones so that companies that share towers don’t get a “free” ride, so to speak. Where I am at in L.A., T-mobile uses the AT&T towers and my signal strength is always lower than that my sister’s phone who is on AT&T, using the same phone model!!! It’s fracked if you ask me!

  • ciocpa

    I put in that I did not use text messages and needed unlimited Web and e-mail. The plans returned did not include a data plan, only 50MB web w/200 messages. Not even close to what I need. This might be helpful for someone who doesn’t have a smart phone, but useless for the many of us who do.

  • Rick

    For a real comparison I visited the other 3 sites and priced out comparable plans to my current plan. My current plan consists of the following:

    Family MyFaves 800 minutes w/4 phones @ $89.99
    T-Mobile@Home (absorb additional minutes above 800) @ $9.99
    Family unlimited messaging @ $19.99
    G1 Data Plan @ $24.99
    Sidekick Data Plan @ $24.99

    Total Cost @ $169.95

    The Sprint Everything Data Family Plan with unlimited data and messaging,
    4 lines 1500 minutes per month, N/W at 7pm (EXCELLENT)

    Total Cost @ $169.97

    The Verizon Nationwide Connect Family SharePlan with unlimited data and messaging,
    4 lines 1400 minutes per month with Friends and Family

    Total Cost @ $179.97

    Our family anytime minutes average around 1100 per month (not including Nights and Weekends) so both the Sprint and Verizon Plan minutes are more than enough. Both Sprint and Verizon have 3G coverage in my area (T-Mobile says end of Sep 09 for my area if the coverage bleeds over to IL from St Louis) so advantage to Verizon and Sprint.

    If I was to actually match the Sprint or Verizon plans using T-Mobile pricing the data plans alone would cost $100 for 4 phones plus the $20 for text and Family Time Plus with 1600 minutes, @ $100 (losing the @home and increasing the minutes on my plan) totaling $220. Does T-Mobile have any loyalty or other incentives to shave off $50 per month while including these services? I’ll call a CSR to find out.

    Based on these prices both Verizon and Sprint offer more value than T-Mobile for the coverage I would like plus Sprint offers the Nights/Weekends beginning at 7pm instead of 9pm which would reduce anytime minutes even more.

    I didn’t include AT&T as their prices for the services I have listed was well over $200 before I had finished adding features to the plan.

    Take this for what it’s worth but for my needs both Sprint and Verizon offer more value for the dollar than T-Mobile at the present time.

  • Pablo

    What exactly does that mean when it says “Phone 1st”?

    I currently have a family plan with 2 phones. One phone already has the T-Zones data plan, but I just tried to add it to my second phone as well, but they are not letting me do it since they are no longer offering T-Zones.

    So if I wanted to get the unlimited data plan for $9.99 for my second phone, would I be able to do it?