Cupcake "Release" Schedule, Maybe?!


Thanks to a trust source over on the forum, those of you who are still waiting for the Cupcake update, can get a slightly better idea of at least the latest timeframe you might be receiving the update. While there are still 11 days before Google promises 100% of all G1 users will receive the update, take comfort in the fact that you at least have a solid idea of when your update might arrive, rather than just waiting for that message to appear. Of course, that might not be any comfort at all. We should preface by saying while this list is purported to come from T-mobile internal systems, its unconfirmed!

Google will push the MR OTA to 0.10% starting Thursday, May 14th

5% of the G1 population will be offered Cupcake/ Android 1.5 on Monday, May 18th.
15% of the G1 population will be offered Cupcake/ Android 1.5 on Tuesday, May 19th.
30% of the G1 population will be offered Cupcake/ Android 1.5 on Wednesday, May 20th.
45% of the G1 population will be offered Cupcake/ Android 1.5 on Thursday, May 21st.
60% of the G1 population will be offered Cupcake/ Android 1.5 on Friday, May 22nd.
75% of the G1 population will be offered Cupcake/ Android 1.5 on Saturday, May 23rd.
90% of the G1 population will be offered Cupcake/ Android 1.5 on Sunday, May 24th.
100% of the G1 population will be offered Cupcake/ Android 1.5 on Monday, May 25th.

 All new devices will receive the OTA three days after activation.

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  • evan

    OK, that’s very nice. But why can’t they just give me the freaking link to download the update and manually do it myself! It can’t be that hard to give me the link.

  • David

    Good news. Can’t wait to get mine.

  • Jose

    Hi I was wondering, I recently canceled my data plan because I was paying 35 dollars for GPRS not even EDGE and I thought I was overpaying because my internet was so slow it wasn’t even worth paying almost 40 dollars for something that slow, so my question is, will I be able to get the cupcake update? or will I be stuck with the old software.


  • The Book Nerd

    Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight… A “trusted source.” Whatever, man. How many trusted sources have given us dates and schedules over the past four months? And they’re all wrong. This whole thing is a crock. Until T-Mobile themselves either issue a statement formally or until I get the thing on my phone, I don’t believe a word of it. This has been, by far, the single worst customer service experience of my life.

  • Garrett

    Well I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be in the 1 tenth that gets the update today. I just can’t wait until we can all put this horrid cupcakey mess behind us and relish in its creamy goodness.

  • Tito

    No data plan, no update.

    Why in the world you would want to cripple the phone is beyond me anyway. The data plan is far more than just “the internet” on this phone anyway. If you were talking about a Blackberry or Windows Mobile device I might agree with you, but not Android.

    Regardless if it’s GPRS (pronounced “dialup speed”) it’s still worth it. Other than access to the internet at your fingertips, let’s look at what it does:

    – Access to email on your device (both gmail and other email as long as it isn’t exchange)
    – Access to software updates when they are made available
    – Access to the market (IMO the best feature of the phone… right now I have approx 90 apps on my phone, and constantly trying new ones, mostly free)
    – Access to other data-centric apps (Youtube that’s preloaded, as well as 3rd party apps including weather updates, Yellowpage search, My Collection to grab info, Barcode scanner that saves me money when I shop, and a ton of others)
    – Security features depend on it – the pattern lock, if locked out, requires the data connection to verify the G1 feature you have associated with the G1.
    – If tech support needs to reset the device for troubleshooting, you won’t be able to sign back in to the device.
    – Your contacts and calendar are synchronized with your account. This provides 2 great functions: one, it backs them up in case you lose the phone or it breaks (or needs to be reset). Two, if you forget your phone and need a numbr, you can go to to retrieve it. Since the G1 does not have the capability of storing contacts to the SIM (it can only read from the SIM, it can’t write to it) this is key.
    – Picture messages will not work without the data plan.

    Oh, and it’s not $35 for the data plan – it’s $25 (which includes 400 messages) the other $10 is for unlimited messaging. So if you still have unlimited messaging for $15, then the data plan is only like an additional $20.

  • jack

    Book nerd- I think its damn good customer service when something is announced and then released within a week. T-mobile announced an update last week and it is rolling out this week. Pretty impressive. You’ll have to forgive t-mobile for not living in your fantasy rumor world and releasing things when you decide they should be released, at least we aren’t dealing with apple and their paid updates.

    And you must have an amazing life if THIS is the worst experience, waiting for an update to your phone…

  • Cotton Rore

    “But why can’t they just give me the freaking link to download the update and manually do it myself! It can’t be that hard to give me the link.”

    Good lord man, do you know this is my #1 complaint about EVERYTHING. Like Xbox 360 and their damned gamertag recovery… why can’t they have a link where i can PUSH it to the 360? My G1 has an actualy menu item ‘Check for system updates’… so, what is the point of ‘checking’ for it if they won’t let me DL it myself? I agree.

    “Worst customer service experience”. Really? Is it worse than when At&t took a double payment (causing an overdraft in my checking account) from me and when I demanded a refund, they took so long to process it that by the time they were ready to give it to me, the next bill was due and so they just decided to apply my refund to my next bill… and when I spoke to both a CSR and a Supervisor, neither gave 2 craps about any of it, nor would they pay for the overdraft charge? Worst customer service… or how about when I tried helio for 30 days and my phone is suppose to activate within 24hrs and did not. So I called and the next guy said to wait and then I called another day later and that guy said it could take up to THREE days and then I called again anyway and the next guy realized that someone didn’t “hit the switch” to turn me on? Worst customer service experience… brother, you don’t even know so STFU.

    And this list means nothing either. This isn’t a schedule, it’s a breakdown of the % of users day by day who will get the update. The question is WHO will get it on those days? Random? Alphabetical? Regional? That info would be 1000% more useful.

  • Go r00t and see what you been missing

  • angel vasquez

    i read this earlier on another site. i cant wait i really cant

  • Alex

    I just don’t understand why it took them so long to come out with this update.
    It was first rumored HOW long ago?

    O well.
    I should be happy.

  • Bola

    Just received it 2 hours ago…itssss freaking awsomeeee!!!!! I live in nj btw….

  • mikeeeee

    listen guys.

    i was tooling along us 60 in southern missouri in ATT territory and the thingy updated the last time in early February. so what’s the big deal????

    how many other carriers and manufacturers crank out updates like this anyway?

    sad but true my g-1 won’t be in wireless coverage ’til 5/25 so if i can’t get it on wifi, i’ll have to wait.

    so i’m leavinig it up to you guys to gimme a heads up as to how it flies, ok?

  • jack

    how long ago something was rumored doesnt mean anything. there have been rumors of flying cars for decades and no one is complaining.

  • Cirrob

    Seriously who cares? Bring on the TP2

  • InfidelCastro

    Icanhascupcake? The official announcement looked like this 5 questions down. You gave a clearer picture then the tenative response from the site. Would have C&P the questinon, but I’m on my phone. I a73 (am) sorry.

  • Have I missed something?

    T-mobile (UK) pushed Cupcake to my G1 last week!

  • anonymous_coward

    Just FYI, I have stats about my own little application that has about 7000 users so it’s a small sample but might be representative. As of today the distribution is ~ 85% Android 1.1 / 15% Android 1.5 (that includes G1 that received OTA but also HTC Magic).

  • J

    No offense to this site, but don’t confuse what is said here as part of T-Mobile’s customer service. You here a lot of rumors here but that is all they are. Many are sent in by T-Mobile employees but that information is not always accurate. This kind of reaction is why you so rarely hear official releases from T-Mobile. When they do announce something they are 99% sure they can deliver.

  • Hub

    Bola is a liar! I haven’t heard of any one getting the update yet. Most likely won’t start hearing of people having it until maybe Tuesday and after.

  • angel vasquez

    it is saturday the 16th and im still caking for cupcake to finish baking…im in dallas.

  • z

    still no cupcake. i’m in los angeles. ugh.

  • angel vasquez

    Still anxiously waiting for my cupcake to get done baking…anyone yet?

  • Writeous1

    I received the update and it rendered my phone completely useless, no service, no data connection, all my photos were deleted, etc. After 1.5 hrs on the phone with tech support, and 3 different people telling me to “remove the battery and sim card and replace…” I have service, but STILL no data connection.