Sidekick LX Now Available!


T-mobile has launched the latest iteration of its famed Sidekick line and thankfully to much fanfare. Reviews on this phone has been mostly positive giving the Sidekick line the resurgence it needed to resurrect itself from the shadow of the G1 and Blackberry world. Coming in Carbon and and Orchid color schemes, we’ve had the pleasure of unboxing photos so you should know what to expect. Coming in at $249.99 after a $50 dollar discount, life sentence 2 year contract and first born, you can head over to the T-mobile website to get that sucker in the mail! 

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  • That’s not bad. I figured it’d be that price.

  • mfabela

    go get em sidekick fans, you all are the first ones up! while the rest of us wait for our lucky devices…

  • Tip

    Being a sidekick owner/fan I know that “bluetooth” means transfer music and pictures and use bluetooth headsets. As a dealer all my customers are concerned with whether you can bluetooth ringtones. So when T Mo says “bt capable” they’re just referring to the usual bt that exist on previous sk’s, right? I have no problem buying ringtones, but that’s usually the killer for my customers who then either opt for a bberry or a Samsung Gravity. I don’t get it, lol.

  • Queen4111

    Wow! If my area had 3G service, I would get this for my teen relative.

  • ICON

    I dunno about bluetooth-ing ringtones, but you can record your own right on the device.

    Or, like myself and a few other people. you can email them to yourself and use a program like Audacity to edit it and/or change the volume of the recording to your liking (or cut out part of a song, etc etc).

  • J.West

    The main reason I left sidekick was primarily for the ringtones.

    It annoyed me at how others could receive ringtones via bluetooth or even make their own.

    Which is why I love my G1. But I have to admit that is one slick SK.

  • Jay

    Hey guys this is an off topic question but does anyone know if 3G comes with any data service (assuming it’s available in your area)?

    I have the old Unlimited data plan for $19.99, my contract is up but I’m not planning to resign. If I buy an unlocked 3G capable phone and just swap sim cards will I be able to receive 3G service?

  • andrew

    i feel sorry people that waited and now have to pay 400.

  • Red

    You don’t have to unlock it, whether you buy it with a contract extension or not, you will be able to use it with 3G without changing your $19.99 data plan.

  • Red

    Yeah, I’m not paying 400 for it. I just got to test a display model tonight and I liked it a lot, it’s real nice. Just not $419-$450 nice.

    I’ll keep my G1

  • Carol C

    Mines came yesterday I have not looked at it yet lol. I want a case for it first. I am a waitress and I have to have a case for my phones so I don’t get it damaged. Does anyone know where I can get cases for it yet?

  • timmyjoe42

    The sidekick always reminds me of a tiny laptop.

  • angel vasquez

    Not a big sidekick fan but maybe I would like one. For now ill just keep my g1.

  • sidekickboy

    I knew i shouldn’t have waited for the presale to be over. Now I can’t get the 09 LX for $250 anymore! What’s up with that though? Shouldn’t loyal dedicated customers still be able to get the new Kick for 250 regardless? Geeez!I think I’ll have to wait til the Touch Pro 2 comes out before i put down $400 for a phone.

  • timmyjoe42

    This phone would be worth the money if it had a touch screen.

  • Anthony

    So I recieved my new sidekick on the 12th of this month… played with it for a couple days… and am returning it back to tmobile. Coming from a Wing to the sidekick was a bad idea. I like the touch screen and the easier formated keyboard. WAITING anxiously for the TouchPro 2! Rumored to be out in July, right??

  • Jay

    @ Red

    Thank you, I don’t think I’ll be getting the new SK. I’m definitely keeping my $19.99 Unlimited Plan and just purchasing an unlocked 3G Smartphone. Isn’t the current Unlimited Plan $34.99?

  • Red

    Yeah, I know the unlimited plan is $34.99 for the G1 and for new sidekick users, I’m not sure on blackberry data plans. I finally got to test the new LX on launch day, I liked the camera but I personally don’t think it’s worth signing a 2 year contract and paying $250 and I’m damn sure it’s not worth $419-$450 (which is what I’d have to pay.) I like the G1, the cupcake update is supposed to start rolling out this weekend and there are a lot of good apps in the Android store, a lot are free. That’s the thing I’ve always been dissatisfied with as it pertains to the sidekick- the download catalog.
    I hear the blackberry is pretty nice, I’ve never had one so I can’t give any first hand advice about it.

  • Selling mine for 300 bucks in the Seattle area. New in box.

  • TXgirl

    I recieved the sidekick lx 3g in the mail on the day it came out and now, 2 weeks later, i am sending it back. its slow, my phone shuts off, ive lost calls…i liked my slide better. i paid over $400 for it. i dont like it. i am going to get the blackberry curve 8900 instead.