Sidekick LX Shipping Already?!


While the expected launch date for the Sidekick LX was May 13th, it looks as if a few lucky individuals are receiving their shipments almost a full 2 weeks early. Anyone complaining about that? Didn’t think so! Courtesy of a fine gentlemen over at Hiptop3 we get a whole bunch of in the wild unboxing pics which do significantly more justice for the device than that other unboxing video! Hit the link below for a WHOLE lot of in the wild unboxing¬†shots! There is enough here to keep those of you still waiting for your pre-order fantasizing all the way to the 13th of May.¬†



  • CNitti03

    at first i wasnt really inpressed even the pics tmobile has on there website were not flattering but seein actual pics phone looks a lot better so thinkin about itt

  • bigs

    the phone has alot of good features, but I hate sidekicks TOUCH PRO 2 BABY

  • Bree70

    I don’t believe that picture for one minute. Here’s me holding one. Oh look! I got one already. Anyways, the screen is amazing. I can’t stop staring at it. The software though, is still old same sidekick…boring. :(

  • byounngg

    no lie i went in to my closest tmobile and every time you ask about a new phone they say i dont know or i cant tell you . but i asked about the sdk and he said i have the test 1 in the back , so he pulled it out . the 1st thing me and the tmobile guy saw was the screen it is large and in charge . and it is slim well most of the phone is from the side view the middle is skinny but the ends are kinda bigger like so you can get a good hold on it , but overall i love it im looking in to this and adroid 2 . i will be broke if i buy them both GO T-MOBILE

  • BL@Z3

    Bree7o how did u get 1 already?

  • Rommel

    Im 38,i have to admit-its nice.wish little kids didnt use it.

  • Infidel Castro

    If I still used Me Tube, and Tw(me, me, ME!)itter I’d buy this. Well You Tube is still useful. Didn’t hear anything about full web though. It’s A Lot of phone and G1 already does all this and more (except video app from Android7 is defective). Interface looks nice though. Bluetooth doesn’t break on it if you’re under 10 megs of internal drive space on it too I’d reckon.

  • Bree70


    Let’s just say, I know some people ;)

    If anyone has questions on the new LX, feel free to ask me. I will answer them to the best I can.

    The camera is nice, but it’s slow….The refresh rate is nothing like the TM506 for example. The swivel mechanism is a LOT stiffer than the original LX and 08. It needs a little bit more of a “push”. It does feel a lot better than the other SK’s of the past. Feels ‘solid’. Doesn’t feel cheaply made at all. Also, now, you do get a free 1GB card in the box as opposed to a useless 256MB or 512MB like the other ones.

  • I was a the T-Mobile store yesterday, and they had the ’09 in the store. NOT FOR PURCHASE. For display. I checked it out, and it was okay. Not amazing. The screen was sweet, but not as big as some of the the pictures show. And the swivel is weird, you have to pull up and then it swivels. I would get it, but 24.99 month for data per line is outrageous.

  • Brett

    1st of all Bree07 doesn’t have the LX09.

    2nd. byounggg wtf is adroid 2? english please?

    and 3rd infidel castro, WTF? me me me? wtf? grow up dude.

    that is all. :)

  • BL@Z3

    bree70 is the case that it comes with like the regular lx?

  • Bree70


    You want more pictures? Let me know exactly what you want. I’ll even type your name on it. Don’t assume. It makes you look like an idiot.

  • Bree70



  • DoeBoyNMEK

    Well obviously Bree70 does not have it, because hes a babbling idiot.

    The case is not the same as the LX’s case but actually the exact same case that came with the G1 except with a “Sharp” tag instead of an “HTC” tag