Open Comment Friday!


That’s right, its Friday and TGIF! More importantly though, its time for you guys to express your thoughts, feelings and T-mobile emotions in Open Comment Friday! Unfortunately it hasn’t been a very eventful week save for Cupcake “unofficially” rolling out to a select few, or Samsung announcing its very first Android device which just so happens to have the mega important 1700mhz 3G band! Last but hopefully not least is the early early arrival of pre-ordered Sidekick LX’s and thanks to one lucky user, giving those still waiting a whole bevy of pictures to drool on. 

The comment section is now open!


  • I’m very excited to get my orchid sidekick lx 09!!!

  • wayneNtampa

    Will T-Mobile ever get the Palm Pre? I loath the thought of leaving but the selection of phones is less than stellar.

  • mingkee

    isn’t SK 09 is already available for upgrade customers?
    but $450 is…..

  • Still Waiting

    Good gosh, how long do I have to wait for a good looking Android phone that has a slide out keyboard? I have been waiting since last summer and my patience has all but worn out….Touch Pro II or keep waiting? If its the former, how good are the apps for WinMobile?

  • Chuck

    What ever happened to a bigger battery for the G1 that fits in the existing shell?


    I’m gonna keep my rants to a minimum today.

    Sorta like T-Mobile keeps getting new devices….to a minimum.

  • mr.B

    I like the cupcake but I don’t think it will be that awesome. I’ve been waiting since december for this crap.


    New samsung andriod…. sucks… all samsung sucks…


    Not all Samsungs suck. They’ve been big hits for the competitors. Remember the Blackjack,Propel,Epix, Gravity?

    I think Samsung gets an idea of what they’re dealing with when it comes to T-Mobile. Not a whole lot of action. They need to sell product…T-Mobile doesn’t have the greatest reputation for sell product…just service. What good is service without products we enjoy using.

    I sure like using my Blackberry Storm with my Unlimited Loyalty Plan. Sigh…..

  • TMoh

    When is T-Mo going to offer a decent unlimited prepaid plan!?

  • haha I think Maximus stole the words right out of my month…I too will keep my ranting to a minimum…just like Tmo keeps their new phones…to a minimum

  • hot lady

    when is the t-mobile huawei android phone comeing out do anyone know

  • MadProfessor

    It definitely a beach day, or rather, a beach weekend. I should be out trying to surf.

  • Touch Pro2 already, damn it!!!

  • bk_brownie

    @ David….what is going on with the Tmobile HTC magic or whateva it is they want to call it. When is it being launched?

  • Mr. Stacy R. Parr

    STILL no new 3G cities since December of LAST YEAR (4.5 months and counting). Very disappointing that the “leaked 3G rollout” is not coming true. Very disappointing that TMO is officially silent on the subject. I’ve been wondering, did the delay in the switch to digital TV adversely affect TMO’s 3G rollout? I know TMO can’t launch 3G in an area until the emergency personnel in that area leave the spectrum. And, are those emergency personnel staying put until all the TV stations convert to DTV? Is that why TMO’s 3G rollout has been non-existent since December?

  • MadProfessor

    Spam spam spam. Gmail has always been good to me. But just this week there is a new influx of spam. At least it is making its way straight to the spam folder. I never had so much in there before. Maybe like 8 messages a week. Today however, 250 showed up. =/ My old Yahoo account is still around, but that went to hell years ago.

  • dee_shock

    T-mobile is so stupid I don’t understand how they offer pre-orders calming that you get your phone early later to find out the phones are on back order. My understanding was that I would receive the phone 1 to 2 weeks prior to the release date.

  • C

    Actually emailed TMO customer service this week to ask about new Android phones. Even made the point that between the G1 and the iPhone, I think the iPhone wins, but if the Magic or the I7500 were to have a release date, I might be able to wait (been waiting 4 months already).

    This is the response from TMO:
    Thank you for taking time to contact T-Mobile. I understand you want to
    know when T-Mobile will launch the new line of Android handsets.

    After a research regarding this concern, I was unable to determine any
    information regarding our future plans to launch a new line of Android
    handsets. However, I will take the liberty of adding this concern as a
    suggestion and include it in our list of proposals to improve our
    services. We will take this as a challenge to upgrade our list of
    handsets available to the market and keep up with your needs. T-Mobile
    is aware of the strong competition in developing wireless services and
    we shall stick with our promise in providing you world class service.
    Thank you for your comments and suggestion.

    If you ever have any issues, concerns or suggestions regarding our
    services; kindly feel free to contact us again.

    We really appreciate your interest in T-Mobile.

    –End TMO response–

    He could have just said, “Go get yourself an iPhone.”


    I was talking to a rep a couple weeks ago. She told me she hears it a lot from customers about how desperately we want better phones. She suggested I send an email to customer relations. I should CR gets emails like this by the thousands. Think T-Mo is getting the message? Sure they are…just not responding.

    It’s really going to take a situation like what’s happening in the US auto industry before T-Mobile starts reacting. May be way too late by then. Subscribers are leaving and they’re making no efforts in combating the problem. Blame this on Dotson. Seriously. Del la Vegas at AT&T, Lowell McAdam at Verizon, and even Dan Hesse gets it. Not Dotson. What a bamboon’s butt. Dotson is a big red bamboon’s butt.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Enough with “we need better phones” I mean seriously if you want an iphone so bad go switch to at&t…. want a blackberry storm? Verizon is waiting with their crew of hard hats… and how about a Palm Pre? Sprint will glady take you under their wing… just realize it doesn’t get any better. Really… what is a nice car without any gas to fill the tank? If T-mobile needs to do anything right now its build their 3G network out a.s.a.p. I mean what IF we do get all these nice high tech phones that everyone thinks that MUST have. What good would it be without the high speed 3G network to go along with it? I myself have worked with cell phones for the past 6 or so years… and honestly without the network backing up the technology you might as well get yourself a dummy display phone because while it may look nice on the outside it just will not work for you and you yourself will know it. If there is anything to rant at T-mobile about its finishing up the 3G plans… forget about the phones for the moment (they have been bringing a few good ones out with more to come already). And I’d like to know where your going to get a better deal…. I have the Unlimited Loyalty plan and the only thing that even comes close would be Virgin Mobile pre-paid and the network they use is…. I hate to say it….is Sprint. No offense to anyone who likes them but when you look at their coverage you will lose over half of the coverage Tmobiles network offers if you switch to them. The choice is yours. Like I said though… network before phones…. otherwise you’ll have your nice ride but…. what happened to its wheels!?!?

  • c

    But that’s just it, JBL, the AT&T network blows. That’s why I’ve been waiting and hoping for better phones from TMO since January. If TMO had better phones, they win hands down. Plus, they’d get the customer base to finance building out their network.

  • JBLmobileG1

    This is just my opinion but I believe T-mobile feels that the customers that they already have… and had for years… will be the ones that will fund their network (expanding it). Could be one of the reasons why they offer the Unlimited Loyalty Plan. And for new and future customers or customers thinking of switching to T-mobile… I am sure they already know that they will be getting a good deal and if they hold out a little longer may be able to get an Awesome Loyalty deal if they wait. I knew if I held out long enough I would get an Awesome phone myself (G1) and while it may not be the best phone out there it still is a Great phone. True it has it flaws but overall I am happy with it. And now I have the ideal plan to boot. Why? Because I stuck with them since 2004. I am sure T-mobile will release everyones ideal phone all in good time…. just have patience. Besides… I don’t know how many times I get a phone telling myself this has everything I’ll ever need and the only phone I’ll ever need then get a new one a few years down the road. The network will be here as long as the company is around… but the phones are always changing and growing.

  • Tony

    For the last 10 years, I been with two major carriers. I have recently switched to T-Mobile within the last two years, and I can honestly say that I have been very happy with their service! Customer Service at any time is excellent! I look forward to the next Generation of T-Mobile! Thanks to all of you guys who spend their time keeping TMO NEWS active and updated! Keep up the Good Work!

  • Tony

    Go T-Mobile!


    Have patience you say?
    Do you think customers on the competing networks need to have patience? What for? They get new phones in droves over at AT&T, Sprint, Verizon…..hell…even MetroPCS and BoostMobile are beating the pants off T-Mobile in releasing new handsets.

    Patience has gotten us nowhere and this ridiculous notion to switch networks if you want the iPhone and any other popular phone… offense to you but its silly. How about this…how about everyone leave T-Mobile and watch the company collapse. We don’t need that do we? No. We need the competition in the market….as weak as it is its still competition. Besides, who wants to leave and settle for AT&T’s bloated but world renowned ‘fastest 3G network’?

    I think all of us have been patient enough waiting on T-Mobile to even let off a fart. C’mon….how many more quarters…years do we need to wait for these bozos? There are signs that people are tired of waiting as displayed by their quarterly figures. Ya think it’s gonna get better? Where are all those people going? Obviously they’re headed to the competitors. Did you see AT&T and Verizon’s numbers? Those are former T-Mobile customers in those numbers. They got tired of watching and waiting. They went where the action is.

    Here’s the bottom line….this is a highly competitive market and if you choose to sit on your thumbs you’re going to find yourself so far behind that it’s going to be difficult or nearly impossible to recover. The impression T-Mobile is leaving on their customers is a lasting one. And when people leave it’s hard to lure them back.

    Keep waiting if you want. It’s pointless.


    I didn’t want to go on this rant today. Oh hell…… :oP

  • If the Touch Pro2 is a dud, then I’m out of T-Mobile (been with them since 2004).

  • Kickstar13

    T-Mobile is starting to get some nice devices. Can’t wait until July 22nd for the Touch Pro II

  • Mago

    Can you find out more information on the HTC Maple? I really want this phone,and I would like to see more information on it.

  • Ron

    My rant is with this “Official Cupcake Rollout”. Here it’s just an update for dev phones. If that’s the case, why not label it as such. I am a very loyal customer of T-Mobile, and I expect to be told the truth 100% about things like this.

    If it is a dev release, say it. Don’t have us regular users, who have been waiting months for this upgrade, getting excited for no reason at all. Now, according to T-Mobile G1 Tech Support, it could be months more before it is released to the general public.

    This is not what I expected from this company. Especially how I’ve been praising them since they came to Southwest Virginia.

  • G1Boi

    First off all where are you seeing all these new and exciting phones from other carriers ???? The best phone that verizon has is the
    touch pro… Att iphone and sprint.. well sprint has unleashed a few decent phones
    but their service is trash.
    In the past few 6 months tmo has has released
    the better phones compared to the other 3 competitors. we have the behold, g1, memoir, and the infamous 8900, sidekck 09lx, and we’re about to get the magic and touch pro2.
    All we need to focus on is getting our 3g network completed… yeah and get cupcake rolled out… i want my auto rotate and onscreen keyboard

  • JBLmobileG1

    MAXIMUS… I am not sure about what MetroPCS has as far as what line up of phones they have but I do know BoostMobile doesn’t even come close to what T-Mobile offers. Both services don’t offer a whole lot of coverage either. Again Boost uses the Sprint/Nextel network… not the greatest coverage… and MetroPCS is like Cricket…. growing but still has a way to go.
    As far as the numbers go I don’t really think any company is doing that great. And I highly doubt people who want a better phone are jumping ship. If anything people who want to save money are switching from post-paid to pre-paid. In fact from my experience (I do work in the industry) more and more people are buying pre-paid or switching over to pre-paid because they can’t afford a deposit or monthly bill…. or just don’t need all the mins that they are paying for. Honestly from what I’ve seen with a post-paid phone you can have a nice phone and from the pre-paid view you are limited to choice, however, you can afford it and get what you may need. The way our economy is people probably care more about having a phone to have someone call them about a job then to have a phone that is loaded with the bells and whistles…. oooOoo LOOK I have a 3mp camera!
    Case in point…. T-mobile offers flex pay for those customers worried about a deposit…. they also offer some of the best post-paid plans avaliable on any of the major carriers and while they may not have the best phone line up of the bunch they still have a better lineup then any pre-paid carrier that I know of. T-mobile is like the best of both worlds you can get a nice phone and a great plan without having to compromise one for the other. (Example: at&t’s iphone… great phone but to actually own one your spending 70+ dollars a month for only 450 mins and unlimited data with no messages) I get unlimited mins…. unlimited data and 400 messages for around the same price) So if anyone is switching to another major carrier because they offer a specific phone they will soon realize they won’t be saving money but end up more than likely spending more.

  • cougle

    That is a good point Parr. I agree that it makes sense that tmobile has not added any new 3g areas because of the digital delay. Talking to the tmobile store in town, they told me that the New Orleans are will probably get it by 3rd quarter or so. They said that all the equipment is installed but are just waiting on the switch on day. Makes sense that the digital delay would delay 3g. I also think they are waiting to release some nice phones with the 3g rollout.

  • Jonathan

    I’m actually excited about the new Sidekick LX, but does anyone know if they will make e’m in Limited Edition? if so Ill wait patiently for it :)

  • bk_brownie

    Cupcakes will most likely NOT be released in the US until the HTC magic is launched. The only reason UK is getting their cupcakes is because the Magic was launched there first. Don’t ya think so?!

  • G1 lover

    I don’t know where all you guys that need the high tech phones are because where I work I have to pull teeth to get a person to buy a data phone I here this everyday “I just need a hi and bye phone” I agree that tmobile should step up their phone game but they odviously still have a market for those “basic” phone

  • R

    Ron you act like T-Mobile has misled you about “cupcake”.
    Your precious rumor sites misled you.
    When there is an update available for your phone you will receive it. That’s what OTA means. OTA DOES NOT mean you will read about something on some website and all of a sudden it will magically come true. People amaze me.


  • Ermac A.K.A. Mr Swagganaut

    Ok, ppl amaze me. One, if u guys who are talkin bout cupcake read my comment in the last news about cupcake, you have to know when to believe. Cupcake has alotta features that it brings to the table, so it would have to be a firmware upgrade, not an RC update. T-Mo needs better phones: Iphone should be sponsored by masterlock, ur locked to the At&t, Itunes, a Imac (they work better on a mac over a PC), Ibattery, I-16 or I-30 Gigabytes, and I-Steve Jobs. Verizon’s blackberry storm looks more garbage then the BBs they put out for T-Mo, a pressure sensitive touchscreen? WOOOOW! Did RIM think of that all by theirself? We not gon get on sprint’s phones imma spare them the embarassment, but that fake 3G network that runs more like GPRS? Not to mention that BS they call 4G?? At&t’s bullcrap 3G network runs better than their 4G!!!! Now, to the person who had the gahonez to even fix they lips to pit metroPCS against T-Mo phones, the best phone metro has is they touch screen, and think about it our samsung touch phones, and think about the ONE metro has…………….done. ill give it to em, they update wagon is quick, T-Mo got their first major touchscreen, they came behind quick!!!! but the rest of their phones? GARBAGE!!! BOOOST!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOW! everyones excited cause they came back w/a bang, unlimited 50 a month plan, little do ppl know they been had it when they was juss prepaid, u juss had to have the prepaid boost visa card to get it. Now that they took that restriction away they the sh**? Naw, not in Detroit, when we played boost out, we played ’em OUT. How hot is chirping now? Not that hot.

  • Hey hate to piss of all the loyal T-mobile customers/ New customers effective May 8th i believe T-mobile will change there text messaging packages the $4.99 for 400 text will now have 300. And the 19.95 family texting will now be $ 24.99 so yeah if you have it or want it get it before the 8th so it can be grandfathered.


  • Curvalicious:)

    TmoRep: dude, I don’t know where you’re getting your information from but the text messaging rate thing is totalllllly untrue.
    In terms of TMo spicing up their phone selection, they’ve hear the customer’s.. and it’s in the works. Keep your eyes peeled and check out the website, they’re awesome and coming soon.
    **and no one is buying TMobile xoxol. Within the last year they bought SunCom *southern cell company* and they’re not in any kind of financial need to sell. If you’re unhappy though.. you could pay a ton more and get crappy customer service from Verizon, a bad network from Sprint or a crappy phone from AT&T totally up to you.