TouchPro2 Passes FCC With T-mobile 3G!


Well I know that a lot of you are waiting with bated breath for this device and this will only bring you one step closer to insanity. Having already passed the FCC once, we now get one more confirmation thanks to those fine folks at the FCC that the every important 1700mhz band will be included on this device. Of course this picture isn’t quite as good as those in the wild shots we get a look at last week, July 22nd can’t come quickly enough. 

WMExperts via FCC


  • Laafiera

    Where do I place my Pre-order!!!!

  • Good news!!! It’s about freaking time!!!

    My bold fearless prediction: $399 with 2-year T-mobile contract.

  • mingkee

    but the arrow points to the wrong place
    it’s supposed to be at 6th line
    the 3rd is DCS (GSM 1800)

  • Jay4PreZ

    allllright, this is the phone I’m waiting for since the paperweight I call a phone is on its last leg

  • Galen20K

    Its Myne Day One!!!!!!!!

    We all Knew it was Coming tho but GO TMOb!!!

  • James

    I like how they are talking about the Wing2 having AWS 3G, but the arrow is pointing to the 1800Mhz GSM frequency. Oh well, cant wait for this bad boy to come out!

  • mfabela

    Can’t wait!

  • johansen

    That should be bated breath, not baited breath.

  • edd

    =O yay!!!

    … *collapse*

  • J-Hop2o6

    *now i wait for Summertime ;)*

  • Acsteffy87

    YES!!! There is a God. that baby is mine when it comes out, there goes my savings.

  • R

    While it is true that that document shows t-mobile’s 3g bands your red arrow is about 3 lines too high. A bit careless I must say…


    I have a mess to clean up over here after hearing that…that phone is mine come july 22nd. Can’t wait to hack the hell out of it.

  • man if it’s freaking $399 WITH a 2 year contract…efffffff that…I’ll wait a little while longer then…

    Any word on the processor and what not? I mean I know this phone will be great, but I would think that WinMo devices would have faster processors so they wouldn’t be so s-s-s-s-slow….

  • bigs


  • well i already know it was coming to tmobile because it was posted up on the HTC site and when they said it was coming for tmobile they took it off HTC website but just to let allot of ppl know its more a business phone than a fun phone like the others

  • benji

    Business phone? Sure… Not a fun phone? I think it’s both. With that large screen, dual stereo speakers on the back, a full keyboard… What’s not fun about that?! ;)

  • Ermac A.K.A. Mr Swagganaut

    Man sounds lovely, i want one, i think i can do windows again. Hopefully while we have it it’ll update to the new windows mobile.

  • Georgi

    No official price yet?

  • Laafiera

    Sound and look lovely or watch this!!

  • Manolo

    What about UMA, any confirmations on that yet?

  • B

    You guys have really been falling behind on the blog posts. I get all the same news I read hear (and more) much sooner than I see it here, and it’s like this with about every post of relevance.

  • BigSol

    Hey B, where do you get your news from?

  • Jason Meyers

    Nice red arrow there on GSM 1800. Would be very useful if we were in Europe and in area covered by GSM 1800. ;-) Your red arrow should be about three lines down.

  • g_willi

    Garbage! It runs Window Mobile… ’nuff said.

  • AgentOrangeFBI

    Pssst. Prob not a good idea to post on a public blog how u wanna hack a FCC approved device. C u soon.

    – Orange