TouchPro2 "In The Wild" Pics


From your emails and your blog comments we know how hotly anticipated this device is and this is the first glimpse we’ve gotten at a branded for T-mobile USA device. While we’ve had already had a few hints at the “Rhodium” coming to T-mobile USA, these pictures continue to show “concreteevidence of an existing prototype. Of course, we can’t verify any authenticity so we’re as always, still a bit skeptical. 


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  • Confused…

    Is that a front facing camera or a proximity sensor? I call shenanigans..

  • 303chaos

    Sidekick who? Tp2 is looking better than ever.

  • RS

    If this phone comes out for SURE to tmobile usa and also comes at a reasonable price, I will stay with tmobile. If not, I’m jumping ship for the iphone in June.

  • CeluGeek

    I think that’s a light sensor, not a front-facing camera. That said, this is still an early prototype – notice that beautiful homescreen without the annoying MyFaves bubbles that will inevitably make their way into the final version. :(

  • J-Hop2o6

    *still waits for RHO2100 to pass thru the FCC*

    but nice update tho =)

  • Galen20K

    OH HOLY CRIPE YEEssssssssssss!!!!!!

  • craig

    Please tell me what this phone will be able to do that the G1 can’t ?

  • xx

    Other than run windows…not much, even tho it has a lot of things i would love to see in my G1 like the clock,weather,pic view and few others…

  • Manolo

    Has anyone confirmed UMA on this phone yet?

  • Galen20K

    No word on UMA yet, but I have my Fingers Crossed.
    I really miss having UMA when I went from my Blackberry Curve to my G1.

  • t1 connect

    Come to me. Pro2

  • This is what we’re talking about. This device is the most important device in T-mobile USA’s history. They will fail and go kaput in the US without it. If their management has any brains they will speed up deployment of this device ASAP at the expense of everything else.

  • cbreze

    RE: What it can do G1 can’t. You’ve got to be joking. Sync with outlook for one big thing. Us older guys won’t be embarrased to be seen with it for another.Lol.

  • TRobshi

    Why would you be embarassed to be seen with a G1? Everyone that sees mine talks about how cool it is….

  • CallawayBomber

    CeluGeek says:
    April 22, 2009 at 3:33 notice that beautiful homescreen without the annoying MyFaves bubbles that will inevitably make their way into the final version.

    You don’t have to have the MyFaves Application on the phone to use MyFaves…You can also hide it from your home screen too.

  • CallawayBomber

    Eric says:
    April 22, 2009 at 5:05 “This is what we’re talking about. This device is the most important device in T-mobile USA’s history. They will fail and go kaput in the US without it. If their management has any brains they will speed up deployment of this device ASAP at the expense of everything else.”

    Actually, I will say the SideKicks have been the most important device for T-Mobile. Like the iPhone and AT&T, this has been a T-Mobile only offering. It’s a phone that targets a youthful crowd to come to T-Mobile. Once here, as you mature, you will surely go into PDA/BB type device. In my opinion, this where is T-Mobile has fallen off pace compared to the competitors.

    Having said that, it is right around the corner whether T-Mobile will pick up activations and set the tone for the rest of the year. Since Q1 didn’t offer a CCD (my term for a Carrier Changing Devices) worthy of anyone switching, T-Mobile is banking on a huge Q2&3 on about 2-3 devices.

    If you haven’t tried to count lately on AT&T’s website, they’re offering 15 to 16 PDA/BB devices. I’m not talking about different color selection, DEVICES. T-Mobile is offering at best 11, with 3-4 of those to be out of their product cycle.

    My last offering,

    From this point on, T-Mobile needs to only offer 3G capable PDA/Smartphones. You’re selling an experience. The phone is just a portal to that experience. If someone wants an “E-ticket” ride on your network, let them enjoy it. Offer those devices that will give customers a sense of pride to hold a T-Mobile branded device. Word of mouth does wonders for your business…and it’s free.

    T-Mobile, I’m for hire. You have my resume…

  • timmyjoe42

    It looks like a camcorder, lol.

  • alt-mobile

    Wow this phone definitely looks very sexy…and is it me or does that keyboard look super big (or the lettering atleast?)

    Anyways, I like what I see. Only thing (cosmetically) is that the entire phone seems to be a shiny type of casing which = a bunch of fingerprints/smudges (boo!). But still, I’ll take that any day if this phone would just come out already!

  • timmyjoe42

    Too bad for the Windows mobile. I wish it were Android.

  • harriet

    nice phone but does anyone know if it requires a data plan?

  • alt-mobile

    Not sure if you guys have seen these pictures on Engadget of the TP2…but if not enjoy…

  • Alex R.

    Good to see Tmo comming out with cool phone. And @ cbreze, the G1 has an outlook app. Just saying, check your facts.

  • bigs

    Nice i havent seen those pictures…….very sexy its mine when it comes out

  • John

    timmyjoe42: I agree. This phone, with the button group re-arranged to have a 5 way dpad, and the 5 android buttons (call, home, menu, back, hangup/power), and running android, with all of it’s hardware features retained … that would be an absolutely amazing device. I would be running to the store to get it.

    cbreze: I’m 40. The G1 isn’t perfect, but it’s better than any other phone I’ve owned, used, or seen. I not only am not embarrassed to be seen with it, I get tons of interest in it from other professionals. However, I would be mortified to be caught with a WinMo phone. It would undermine my reputation as an informed and competent professional, and move me into the category of “mindless sheep” and/or “pointy hair professional” (as opposed to competent professional). And syncing with Outlook? a step down from the implications of using WinMo.

  • CeluGeek

    @CallawayBomber: I know you can hide the MyFaves display but it is still there occupying device’s memory and slowing down performance. And if it’s anything like the Shadow, the stupid MyFaves program takes out the way more useful Clock display, even if you choose to hide the Faves so I wouldn’t be surprised if the TouchPro 2 loses some functionality when MyFaves gets added to the mix, even when set to hidden.

  • bigs

    T-MOBILE is known for the myfaves DUMMY so it going to have the program in it. if you dont like hide it or change companies….. you have the lowest rate plan of all the companies except metro pcs and cricket, the phone may not be the best but we are gonna get better so stop B!^(#ing….

  • manus ferrera

    I have a G1 and love it but this phone looks hhhhhhhhhhooooooooootttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anthony

    I think the phone is really nice but one thing is that why do they make such HUGE phones!!

  • Anthony in Utah

    So is this the HTC Wing II that everyone has been waiting for??? Just named different? I have the wing and I am due for an update… BUT waiting for something to strike my eye… the phones out right now don’t.. and the sidekick LX is just .. well… so youngster looking!! haha and I’m 22

  • HTEdenZer

    HEY Guys I have a question.

    I Currently have an iPhone 3g running on T-mobile. And to be honest im kinda getting bored of this phone , believe it or not, haha. Would you guys consider the HTC Touch Pro 2 being a step up or down from my current Phone?

  • Bill

    RS u can have a iphone and have t mobile :P like i do

  • Any news on the Straight Talk speaker on the tmo usa model..this looks cheap. the announced looked nice.

  • ARG

    which phone would u guys prefer more to get
    the touchpro2 or sk lx 09 ??
    those two are just like the only best tmo phones lol!

  • bigs

    touch pro 2 hands down….I hate the sidekick.. its a good phone i just dont like it

  • Many users cannot use non-WinMo phones with their work e-mail systems so they have no choice but with a Windows phone. Many companies are banning Blackberries too cuz of the costs, and there no established Android Exchange support, so WinMo is their only option. Hope this phone comes out soon.

  • R-DiZLEE

    im hella goonna get the touchpro 2 overthe sidekick ! better features then a noraml sk with a bigger screen. does anyone know how much tthis phone would cost?

  • I’m making my bold fearless prediction of $399 with a 2-year contract for the Touch Pro 2 when it comes out on T-Mobile, which couldn’t come any sooner!

  • K-Swagg

    Man cant wait till the date is set in stone for pre order