Sidekick LX Hands On

Courtesy of the boys at Engadgetmobile who attended last nights Sidekick announcement, we get a pretty in depth hands on with plenty of glimpses at the exciting features of this T-mobile staple device!


  • Bree70

    It looks to be quite impressive. I want to see that screen in real life. Definitely won’t get on to replace my 8900 but I can see many people who would love this device. Targeting the big apps. such as Tweeter, and Facebook shows they are going in the right direction.

  • mmeyer4663


  • Enrgy52

    cmon tmobile… how about a touch pro 2? a 3g berry? anything but this. Just merge with At&t. :)

  • SolGlow

    How about somebody that knows what they are talking about? I lost interst in the video within the first minute because of the pauses and the “umms it has ummmm…ummm.”

    Seriously, at least show us how cute she is, ok?

  • Queen4111

    I wish it had WiFi.

  • WazzuKirk

    That chick doing the commentary is as smart as rock.

  • backs1de

    wow this girl is an idiot, ive read the release notes and training on the phone since i work at tmobile and i know more about it. If i tried to sell a phone saying “ummm its got….umm yah…and it does..” i would be out of a job.

  • Kickstar13

    Yea WiFi would be nice.

    I was surprised 4X better than the Original Sidekick LX resolution.

    I surprised its $200 with a 2 year commitment, while the original Sidekick LX was $299.

  • illmach

    Looks good still not better then my G1 no more sk for me ….will the iphone ever come to tmobile usa ?

  • Pororo

    Dude! Chicken of the Sea??? That’s Jessica Simpson doing the demo!

  • Anthony

    It really improved by a lot!! It looks like the best sidekick yet.. I don’t understand why people complain so much about what is should have.. A phone is a phone. If you want the internet and stuff go get a computer thats what there for..