One Million G1's Sold!


Well, there was some pretty bleak news in today’s Q1 subscriber report but there was a bright spot for the G1. While obviously the million number sold is comparably small to iPhone sales, for T-mobile, its an impressive number regardless. According to the guys over at Telephony, the really interesting number is that T-mobile has roughly 1.5 million devices currently operating on its 3G network, which gives the G1 a 67% market share. While T-mobile had high hopes for its 3G network with the G1 and its attraction to high dollar data users, T-mobile has still yet to see the massive influx of high power users it was hoping for. Clearly they need other devices to help boost and showcase the power of their still coming out of infancy 3G network. 



  • Galen20K

    I Love my G1 but Touch Pro2 is Mine on Day One!!!

    Cannot WAIT!!!

  • Brandon

    Honestly, I regret buying the G1. Wish I would have waited to get the BB curve 8900….
    you live and you learn…

  • John

    I love my G1, but it’s not flawless. The main flaw being the battery life, which causes me to not actually use the 3G capability (and only use wifi sparingly). Which brings me to:

    Not all of those 1mil G1’s are using 3G, so saying that the G1 is 67% of the 1.5 million devices on their 3G network isn’t a safe assumption. I’m not the only G1-sans-3G customer out there. It’s a well known way to conserve the G1’s scarce battery resources. I wouldn’t be surprised if the G1 is closer to, or even less than, 50% of the devices on their 3G network. And I’d be right if even 25% of the G1 owners also avoid using their 3G radio (to conserve battery, because they’re not in a 3G market, etc.).

  • John

    (well, unless it’s not “devices on our 3G network”, but instead “3G devices we’ve sold” … the two statements have different meanings, but the latter would go along with the 67% assumption)

  • sino8r

    Took long enough… blah blah blah! I can’t wait to go BACK to WM when we get the TP2

  • g_willi

    No, clearly they need a better, more widespread 3G network! Being on the T-Mobile network is like being in a 3rd world country. The other 3 US carriers are working on their 4G networks and T-Mobile is still rolling out their 3G network at glacial speeds. Hell, even their voice coverage is pathetic. That’s the problem.

    I can’t wait until other carriers get Android phones. At that point, it’s buh-bye, Tmo.

  • Tremor

    I have lived all over the place in various states. Each location had great T-mobile coverage and I have been with them since 1999. I think there was one trip I took in the early 2000’s where my coverage was not great. I am also routinely with friends that have ATT and Verizon when I travel and quite often they complain about coverage on our trips (while I have full signal). Bottom line, it just really depends on the location you are at.

  • Jon

    @g_willi – ATT is not working on a 4g network right now. Their plan is to roll out LTE around the same time TMO is: 2011-2012.

    That said, I’m one of those many very happy G1 users who’s still waiting on 3g.

  • I don’t have 3G where I live, but regardless, I still love my G1!

  • t1 connect

    congratulations open handset alliance you did good first time around. what took you so long.

  • angel

    You guys are pessimists!lol. I’m just glad Tmobile isn’t only on edge or gprs network anymore.

  • They could have knocked it out of the park with the G1 but didn’t. No Exchange support was a terrible idea. I know it’s not supposed to be a business-heavy device, but, it could have helped in gaining or maintaining market share. Having an Exchange option would have helped.

    With that being said, it’s all about the Touch Pro2!!!

  • Anthony

    At least T-Mobile is making some business in something, which is good.. At least there doing something right..

  • drivethruboy168

    T-Mobile and Verizon are the only carriers running 3.5G! Sprint and AT&T are all on 3G. In which AT&T’s 3G Network is soooo clogged up because not only there phones work on there 3G network, but the european phones do as well. Which is a good thing but a bad thing. Did you hear about Apple and AT&T getting sued in New Jersey for false advertiseing on the speeds for the iPhone 3G?? Well it’s not only that phone that sucks on 3G but the Blackberry Bold as well! As much as I hate talking bad about the Blackberry Bold cuz I’m a die hard Blackberry fan, but I wish T-Mobile put that on there network. T-Mobile was smart to open up the 1700 mhz AWS, you can’t just buy any phone and use on there 3G network. Which means faster speeds for the 3G capable phones that they launch which means VERY satisfied customers! I for one have been a very happy T-Mobile customer since 2004, but I met a customer that has been with T-Mobile since 1995 when voicestream was around!!! CRAZY! Talk about customer loyalty!

  • T1 Connect

    @eric, they’ve gone ahead and correct it in android 1.5 and it works pretty good. I know im using it.

  • Kevman420

    Hello All,

    Well its been 5 months with my G1 and I have patiently waited for google to fix issues and they have NOT.

    Battery dies in a half a day.

    3G service bites!!!

    Well I just sold my piece of CRAP G! and got a Beautiful NEW Apple iPhone…

    IT KICKS G1 ARSE~!!!

    G1 STINKS..




    Beta Losers!!!

  • Kevman420

    Ooops more like 7 months with this piece of garbage…

    Go ahead and try an iPhone and see how happy you will be just to be able to USE your phone correctly…

    G1 will go down in history as SHAM!!!


  • Kevman420

    Ya ATT 3G is fine for me…

    It was TMobile 3G that I could NEVER get a good signal.


    It dropped me constantly and the service REALLY STUNK


    I feel better now…

    1 Million SUCKERS bought this phone it should say at the top!!!

  • Garrett

    @ Tremor: I’d love to see/be at the locations you are. I have and love (most of the time) a G1 and live in Orange County, CA. I get decent phone service/3G there; however, 9 months out of the year I’m on tour playing music around the country. The majority of the time I get horrendous service (frequent dropped calls, texts randomly deciding not to send to various people, and of course having my phone tethered to my charger 80% of the day). I tour with many different people who have iPhones and the amount of time that they have full bars and 3G while my G1 is struggling to keep its Edge is astounding; I’m hoping to send an email with pictures attached while my friend’s streaming full episodes of the Simpsons.

    I am willing to stick it out with my G1 until T Mo gets their 3G act together and works out the kinds, but I highly doubt that too many iPhone users are griping over their service nearly as much as we are. That all being said, I have persuaded multiple people I tour with to get a G1 over an iPhone. I’m hoping more units sold will speed up the progress and help this phone reach its full potential.

  • t1 connect

    ok kev with that being said have you tried android 1.5. remember 3g was new and so was android. and i think they’ve come a long way since october 20th….btw how have you been.

  • Kevman420

    Hello T1

    Glad to hear you are well.

    I have had nothing but trouble with my G1.

    Dont get me wrong the idea is nice, BUT,
    I must say after ordering the iPhone, I had buyers remourse and wondered if I did the right thing.
    Well let me tell you..
    I DID
    I have had the iPhone on all day and used it too. Listened to music etc.
    Do youknow the battery level is still showing FULL after being on all day.
    My G1 would have needed a charge by now and if I was using it for get about it.
    It would be red bar in 4 to 6 hours. If I had EVERYThing turned off I would get a days work out of it barely needing to plug it in once I got into the car.
    The 3G in New Jersey was garbage also. Faded in and out constantly only to have constant dropped calls, failed sent texts and firend who say I have traveled outside the calling area… WTF was that about… endless calls to TMobile to no avail.
    I will say this..
    No dropped calls and NO issues…
    I got the 16GB Refurbished for $149.99 and IT IS LIKE BRAND NEW WITHOUT A MARK ON IT.
    It came in a refurbished bos but it came with EVERYTHING…
    I had to get it….
    The APPS are great and I cannot say enough GOOD about it…
    I DID love my G1… but after using the iPhone.. The G1 is SUBPAR to say the least…
    They could have done better….

    Anyway enough here ….
    BEST TO YOU ALWAYS!!! Maybe I will be back on day with a G5 or somthing… :-P
    PEACE ALL!!!

  • Bryan T-Berry

    I’m sure tmobile has sold 2 million T229’s but that doesnt make headlines…

    sigh… flexpay.

  • Juan

    I have serious buyer’s remorse with my G1, I honestly wish I had waited on the 8900. I’m with Brandon up there.

  • Alex R.

    I’ve spoken to many Iphone users who complain about battery life. At least, on the G1, you can replace the battery and even get a nice big battery that lasts all day (although you have to pay $50 for it). Don’t come on a tmo network and troll around. Go play with the iphone and stop bashing other phones.

  • sino8r

    drivethruboy168, T-Mobile and Verizon are not the only ones using 3.5G. That’s a ridiculous statement. AT&T has the fastest 3G network around followed by Sprint (which is soon to change with Sprint’s release of WiMAX 4G) Verizon is a close 3rd with T-Mobile trailing at dead last of the top 4 US carriers. This is to be expected with T-Mobile having a brand new network. The problem obviously is that T-Mobile has no 3G phones that attract customers besides the G1. That will change with the release of the SK 3G, TP2, G2, and HTC Maple/Snap along with a few more mid phone releases. Of course, this is all makes sense because the network is still new. T-Mobile’s top speed data speed is 1.2 mbps while that is the average speed with Sprint which can reach 3.6 mbps. Verizon can reach those speeds also (they have the same type of CDMA EVDO Rev. A network that Sprint has) while AT&T can now reach 7.2 mbps on the HSPA network (in a couple of areas and yes, that does depend on the device and network congestion). Still, all 3 three networks average speed are T-Mobile’s top network speed. We still have a ways to go but will get there with good phone choices and continuing to upgrade our network (which we are doing but at a snail’s pace)…

  • T1 Connect

    i dont understand why ppl would want a 8900 over a g1, is it because the g1 is widely used, is it because its a blackberry, or is it because ppl hate htc……theres nothing wrong with this thing im completely satisfied. i could do anything i want and need and more…all phones have their limitations and problems but seriously a 8900 over a g1???

  • People get the 8900 cuz G1 can’t do real business e-mail like Exchange or BB server. They totally missed the boat there with the G1, could have been an iPhone killer but they half-assed it. It’s all about the TouchPro2 now, baby!

  • mb00

    To: “Brandon says: Honestly, I regret buying the G1. Wish I would have waited to get the BB curve 8900…. you live and you learn…”

    I feel the exact same way as you. I totally regret letting the CSR talk me into upgrading to the G1. Worst decision I’ve ever made with phone selections. So now I’m stuck with another 2 year contract. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to wiggle my way out of it when the Touch Pro2 comes out.

  • sino8r

    mboo, just call the retention dept. thats what I’m doing when it comes out. As long as you sign another 2 year agreement (lol!) they’ll let you have it at the optimum 2 year price (like what you paid for the G1)

  • joshdroid

    I have a T-mobile G1 and have to say It is by far the best out there in my city. (Vancouver WA) I love the fact that there are less users on my network. i.e. open bandwith. I have tons of friends with Iphones and every time we do a speed check my G1 totally blowes them out of the water.

    If you want to try and look cool by all means please PLEASE get an iphone. I think you look cool with one in your hand. It makes me think(Wow that person has no clue but they will spend whatever to follow the flock) There is only one real reason to buy an Iphone and that is you purchased a bunch of DRM locked music and have nothing else to play them on.

    Oh and guess what. I can type wayyyyyy faster on my physical keyboard. and I have a soft landscape for those other times. Its just so much nicer to have the keys open and a full screen to look at.

    I Apple OS