Text Message World Record? That'll be $26,000!


So a pair of friends from Pennsylvania decided it would be funny to try and set the world record for text messaging. As it turns out, one of these fine young individuals has T-mobile and the “unlimited” text messaging package. Well, as it turns out unlimited actually has a limit, 100,000 text messages a month to be exact. Problem being, nobody has crossed that mark yet so there really hasn’t been a method in place to handle those who might achieve that number. So as it turns out, sending 217,000 text messages equates to $26,000 in overage charges. Of course, these two gentlemen were trying to best the previous record of 182,000 messages and while they managed to achieve it, they also managed to create quite the buzz. Good job guys, you managed to set a totally useless world record. The individual with T-mobile has been promised a credit. 

Whats your highest text message count in a month? I think mine hovers in the 14,000 range from my more youthful days. I’m sure a good number of you will shock me in the comments!



  • Shadowhinu

    T-Mobile better add another text plan, 100k damn. SMH @ verizon, 5k is nothing nowadays.

  • ROTFLOL!!!

    I hover around a meager 1000 a month.

  • bigs

    the system needs to know when they have unlim they shouldnt charge. i bet they will change the program now…lol

  • Infidel Castro

    I guess it can’t be advertised as “unlimited” any long. Same with the 250mb limit on the “unLIMITED” internet for the G1. The Legal department needs to wake the f*ck up. Due to false advertising they probably won’t have to pay up if a federal case is made out of it.

    One entry found.

    Main Entry:
    15th century
    1 : lacking any controls : unrestricted
    2 : boundless, infinite
    3 : not bounded by exceptions : undefined
    — un·lim·it·ed·ly adverb

  • Queen4111

    Is texting that addictive?
    Who in the world are they texting to if they rack up 200,000 texts in a month??????????????????

  • Tmo Android

    What wasn’t posted was T-mobile credited the charges. Yes the plans are unlimited but the system always has a max limit which normally is ridiculously high. The normal “unlimited” user would never reach it but these guys were not doing normal use. And don’t start bringing law into this because everything that is posted “unlimited” is (ie, the G1) T-mobile puts a soft cap on data which will slow down your connection, not charge you extra money. So yes its unlimited.

  • notimportant

    I have a hard time believing that the fatso writer of this blog entry ever had 14,ooo texts in a month. 14 texts in a month would shock me for him.

  • Cunningham

    Well the system has a ‘cap’ of 99999 messages, and 99999 m2m minutes, and 99999 weekend minutes.

    I guess t-mobile didn’t realize that the ‘common consumer’ had enough time to send 7,234 messages a day.


  • angel

    I average between 2500 and 5000 a month. I just got a g1 so I’m sure that will change. In regards to the one million sold I believe its a good step for Tmobile and google it self. I hope to see more ANDROID phones in the future.

  • Kickstar13

    Mines about 1k a month.


    Makes you wonder just how ‘unlimited’ all of their touted packages really are. I smell class action lawsuit…….

  • J

    Lawsuit? For what? It stated he was credited the money back. How many people can they dig up that has been charged for going over 100k text messages in a month? No common consumer is going to send 100k text messages in a month. If they do, it isn’t a conversation. They are simply spamming the system for some reason or other. 100k messages a month. That equates to 134 messages an hour nonstop all month. If they sleep 4 hours a night, then you are talking 161 messages an hour. If someone is going over this number, then they are likely spamming advertisements or something of that nature.

  • bigtom

    my record i think was a little over 8000 in one month, i think i hover around 3k to 6k now days

  • Tmo Rep

    Hey guys just to set the record straight its actually 99,999 texts included in the unlimited plan, sheesh.

  • Anthony

    Dang thats crazy!! The most I used was 3,000 at one point but that was enough lol..

  • Jr.

    damn. that a lot of texting.
    my highest is 6k.

  • MagentaGlasses

    Speechless….. I send/receive 200/month tops…. I guess I don’t have to worry about going over the limit )))

  • ccrep

    I work in customer care & spoke to a lady who has a daughter that regularly is over 20,000 sms per month & at the most used 28,233 in one single month. Crazy teenagers.

  • WildernessJack

    I guess this just goes to show how sue happy we are nowadays. The two of them were sending out mass messages to each other, sometimes several at a time, just to see how many they could do. The one who has T-Mobile has already been credited back with this. But I guess the slime of the Earth will stop at nothing to make a buck that they do not deserve. Wow…

  • Alex

    mine is about 6000-8000 a month. those guys who got over 200,000 must have no life

  • ChampagneDreams

    at least they got credited..my highest ever has been around 20,000.i dont use nearly that many now tho.

  • saul

    wow!! thats alot! i text a pretty good amount and i still only do about 2000-5500 a month!!
    maybe if tmo would get a phone with a good full keyboard i could hit that 99,999 limit!!!! haha

  • FILA

    shit only like like 1500. i dont have any friends thou, so thats why :-/

  • alt-mobile

    wow and I thought my record of like 10,000 was something…owned big time by these fellas…

  • Cristian

    I text a “reasonable” amount. Im young teen (14). Last month I sent 21973. And i have the very crappy phone. The behold.

  • Richard

    This Is Good Information To Know!
    I Range Around 10,000 Text A Month
    I Could Probably Cut That In Half, If The FWD; Stopped =]
    But 200,000 Messages?? Arn’t There Like 44,600 Minutes In One Month??

    That’s Sad!

  • wowza

    I maxed out at about 22,000. Only use one tenth of that now.

  • timmyjoe42

    I may hit only 200 on a really busy month.

    This article cracked me up. Thanks for the humor.

  • SolGlow

    The story also does not mention that one of the “texters” has a program that sends several text messages out at the same time, so yes, a lot like spamming.

  • HTEdenZer

    Thats pretty stupid that T-Mobile would claim their (Unlimited Texting Feature) to actually be Unlimited when its not.

  • bigs

    all phone companies to the same thing dummy…its the system they use not the company…and FYI tmobile didnt make the program..also the cst never had to pay the overages did they…every1 talks to muck shit about the company if you dont like them why are you with them..

  • well as a magenta employee….i have always heard about people being banned from certain unlimited feat….more so those who travel out of country and use the bb roam to the max…..but i recently encountered a Hispanic gentleman who wanted to get M2M added….when i tried putting in his new feat…..it kept telling me error, so i called CC and i was told that there was some kinda hidden note in his account to never allow to have M2M because he was known to use in excess of 20k M2M in a month…….i was totally tripped out because in a 31 day month there’s only 744 hrs which means this dude must have really been in love or something because that damn near half the month of straight talking……insane……

  • Rogue

    Ok, so I’ve reached over 20 thousand texts. Most of these are racked up by instant messengers(1 text accounts for each line you send as well as recieve). Thats possibly a way in which these guys have reached that many texts. SMH 2 think i once was text happy like this

  • californiateen

    Well, Ive slowed down to a crawl from where I was at about 20k to 40k a month. Im about 1k.
    Now my cuz, 60k to 70k a month. at least.
    and during that time I was doing 20k.
    I had a c417 from cingular, back when there idea of unlimted was 3000.
    O ya, and verizon charged me 700 dollars for overages, then I switched.

  • i average at at least 1,000 or more per week. last month it was at 10,000 for the month. this month it’s about 5,000 now.

  • Neesh

    I average about 1200-1400 a month now..before it was about 4-5k…. but now that i have my favs….i can talk to my besties and we dont have to text each other like crazy anymore!!!!!!!

  • TheMan42

    Did I read some typing that there was a 250mb limit on the G1? What are you, retarded? I’d say you should wake up before T-Mobile does.

  • Rachel

    My record is probably around 400 to no more than 550 texts per month. I text in my spare time (i.e. after school, at night, sometimes in between classes). I have a touch screen keyboard so I can type faster and therefor send more messages than a normal 123ABC key pad. A lot of my friends have the Rumor, the Rant, the Lotus, the LG Vu, and other full key pad/full touch screen key board, so they can reply faster and therefor send more messages! I have Sprint, and my unlimited texting IS for sure unlimited! I checked and they said that I could text 2 times, 20 times, 200 times, 2,000 times, 20,000 times, 200,000, times or 2 MILLION times and the price per month would remain the same! I guess T-Mobile has some explaining to do! My friends enjoy having AT&T and some of them enjoy Sprint. I only know of one person who has T-Mobile, and they don’t like it! I should show them this article, it would really surprise them! Well, speaking of texting, I’ve just received a text! So, I shall now reply! Bye bye for now!

  • Ms. Textaholic

    That does not seem like a very fair deal. If you have “unlimited” then you should be able to text at an unlimited amount, or infinity. I average around 20,000 a month. I also have a full keyboard on my phone for super-fast texting. Thanks for the record. My friend, Ms. Danceaholic and I want to break the world record after she has her surgery, since she will have absolutely nothing to do. We average about 100 texts per hour. I have Verizon, and she has Sprint. I do not think that there is a limit to my amount, because my friend Ms. Twilightaholic said that she texted a bit over 100,000 in one month. Her phone bill remained the same, but she isn’t very trustworthy. Could someone check on that, because I am EXTREMELY busy all of this week.

  • shaq

    well I have touch pro from sprint and my highest test record for now is 3,172.. I love txting, it’s fun cause when you just have a quick question for that certain somebody who just wont shut up.. I prefer txting than talkin, so people please more txtin and less talkim lol..

  • N.T.B

    being a 13 year old and having my only after school and not texting during school in one month my record has been.. 11,120 texts.. yea i have the blackjack 2 but its slow and cant keep up with what i am trying to type.

  • kahlielfhosho

    i have the sidekick lx 2009 and i had it for a month and a few days and im did
    18k last month and this month being not even half way i am at 8901 it says but it updates every hour so it is probibly 9k now,

  • spank that

    i use to use 5000 a month but know i use 15000 i text nonstop im out of school and i go back in the fall cant wait texting will go down i could use less but them stupied fwd messages you have to send them to everone you know i have a nice phone well pice out

  • fogerkit

    well u all have me bet i only sent 30 at the most a month but you dont have to send fwd to people my girlfriend dose that and it is stuppied

  • jackie

    yeah text i love it

  • miranda

    My highest record would have to be….25,000 texts in a month!