Open Comment Friday!


Oh yes, its that time, Friday, the end of the week where you, loyal readers get the opportunity to discuss whatever it is you might like in the comment section. This week saw several big news announcements and none were larger than the “launch” of the Sidekick LX, handily the most feature rich Sidekick and if early reviews are to be taken literally, quite the exceptional device. Speaking of devices that message, how about the two knuckleheads from Pennsylvania that wanted to try and ring up the world record for text messaging and only ended up figuring out that unlimited isn’t really “unlimited.” T-mobile could probably use more people like those two guys though with¬†Q1 numbers¬†almost being half of last year. Speaking of numbers, 1 million G1’s sold, not bad bad! So that’s the big news of the week, not the comment section is open and ready to hear what you have to say!