T-mobile Inventory Reveals All!


So what is revealed by the above image exactly? Android fans may take notice of the HTC T-mobile “Mytouch,” which isn’t the first time we have seen this name come under suspicision of being the HTC Magic. While we still can’t pinpoint an official release date, the name decision and inclusion into T-mobile inventory gets us one step closer to launch.  Most important though, a Merlot Mytouch? That’s going to be one hell of a color choice! Touchpro2 fans take notice that the above shot features the Touchpro2 name without any attempt to shake up what it will be, just the Touchpro2. So really nothing else to report other than the fact that once a device is in inventory, we expect the countdown begins to stocked shore shelves.

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  • Rey

    My touch, i soo had a feeling !

  • PhxBlue

    Nice. I’m so torn between TP2, Android 2, and iPhone 3. I got to play with cupcake today and its really nice.

  • tato22

    dam i cant wait hope its the g2 aka magic and what other name they wana give it

  • sue nokes

    I said I would quit working for T-mobile if they called it the mytouch

  • Alex

    Horrible name but it’s whatev..

    I have a feeling that the Samsung might be better. But that isn’t a guaranteed US phone yet.

    Merlot sounds fun XD

  • FILA

    Well Im in a sticky situation. Contract is up in early July, like July 6th or 7th. I want the G1 cuz of the QWERTY and I really like how Android is goin. I like the G2 but theres just something about the QWERTY on the 1 I like. Now Im really considering the TouchPro2 now but just found out its not coming out till like July 22nd or 23rd, something like that. I want to play with it. Well what if I get the G1 in early July, go back at the end of July and decide I like the TouchPro2? I guess I could take the G1 back right? They give you 30 days dont they? Damnit. Hit me right in the middle of everything.
    Although the G2 looks really sweet even without a slider keyboard :sigh:

  • Bree70

    My Faves Touch. Only reason I would think it would be called Mytouch in the system. Otherwise, damn that is a hella lonely name. ;)

  • Rey

    @fila i think they only give a 14 day trail, if anything just wait it out a lil and play with all of them. i for one want Android and i been like the “mytouch” since i seen it and now that’s its coming soon, imma get one, but imma do the 14 day trail because im coming from a BB the best phone i have ever owned, so i have to make sure its better, in terms of being reliable and so on

  • bigs

    It is 14days….I would just wait til they come out with both so you can play with both then buy the one you want…..

  • FILA

    Yea but Ima have to sign another contract by then wont I. I wont be able to make it to the end of July without signing a new contract. Alright so that may be no problem cuz I can keep my Nokia I use now for another month, but when I do decide what phone I want how do I go about gettin that. Just pay it full price? I guess I would have to anyways wouldn’t I if I only sign year contracts. I dont know why, but I am afraid to sign a 2 year contract, its just to long.

  • Rey

    @ Fila If ur current contract is over you dont have to renew to another contract, only if u want a discount on your next phone. You can stay with tmo without a contract, my contract was over in September of last year, and i have been waiting to get the right phone for me. i personally have always gotten a one yr contract since im always ready for a new phone just about every year, but with a 2yr contract you get a better discount.so its up to u

  • J-Hop2o6

    lol wow… they really called it the “myTouch”.. thats just sad.. they shoulda just called it the “G2.0” but w/e since im focused on the TouchPro2.. cant wait for july 22nd (or even earlier ;)

  • FILA

    Oh really? I didn’t know that. Well how do they go about charging you. They keep sending you bills in the mail then? So technically were signed for life until we say we want out then? And Im like you, I want a new phone every year. Well hell if that can buy me time for atleast 3 weeks or so till the TouchPro2 comes out then that would be great. 3 weeks after my contract is done. I counted, its like 17 days, so I just missed that 14 day marked if I were to ‘rush’ into that G1.
    but I dont know, how is Windows mobile now on phones. I hated the look on it years ago with the start bar and shit. fine on my desktop but I dont want my phone to run like that

  • drivethruboy168

    Dash 3G??

  • drivethruboy168

    Just saw that name on a winmo website… Would that be the HTC Maple??

  • drivethruboy168

    I just saw that name on a winmo website. Would that be the HTC Maple?

  • drivethruboy168

    Sorry for the double comment

  • B

    MyTouch? They actually went with that? That’s terrible. Well, hopefully the Memphis will be the G2.

  • israel941

    I too am disappointed with the name. I’m hoping that it is simply shortened for the inventory system and will actually be something cooler. Hell, forget cool, I’ll just take something less lame.

    However, I am digging the device so I guess the name shouldn’t matter all that much…

  • brunoid

    @FILA If you sign a 1 year contract, the phones are generally $50 more than the 2 year price. The 14 day “buyer’s remorse” period is everywhere EXCEPT California…there you get 30 days, also realize that you may pay a $10 restocking fee for returning a perfectly good phone. I’m with bigs and Rey on this one, wait it out ’till all the different phones you want to try are out there! Good Luck!

  • mall guy

    whats the rim device?

  • Anyone have any info on the processor for the TP2? I’m really excited about it but I’m also hoping that it has a decent processor so it doesn’t lag like older WinMo devices…

  • mfabela

    as long as the software n hardware are good… heck i can put my own name on it

  • FILA

    Hey a whole page is up on HTC’s website.

    Some Specs:
    Qualcomm® MSM7200A™, 528 MHz
    Windows Mobile® 6.1 Professional
    ROM: 512 MB, RAM: 288 MB
    3.6-inch TFT-LCD touch-sensitive screen with 480 X 800 WVGA
    1500 mAh battery

    check it all out on here

    Actually the G1 and the TP2 almost has the same processor, they both run at the same speed. Thou the ROM and RAM on both the TP2 and the G2 are greater then the G1. Thats only the real big difference.

  • mobility

    So, according to this inventory list, is the mytouch going to be free with a new contract? kinda looks that way, but i have a hard time believing it.

  • j

    Terrible, terrible name. That being said, it won’t stop me from getting one. I’ve been following this phone since the day it was announced.

  • @FILA good looking out…

    I kind of wish it was faster…but then again I won’t be able to gauge it until I see how it runs…I mean I’m not a big iPhone fan at all…but every iPhone I have used (friends phones) has run very smoothly and with speed…I just hope the TP2 doesn’t disappoint and runs smooth as well because I have had WM devices since the MDA and all have lagged…

  • one more thing…I didn’t see any information about built-in memory as well as how much expandable memory you can put in there (all it says is microSD memory card)…any ideas about this?

  • FILA

    The microSD would indicate you can throw in your own storage. What do they go up to like 16gigs now dont they. I think thats how much the G1 allows, Im sure they build all the phones the same in that part. Im not sure how much the internal memory is, unless when they mean ROM they mean the memory, which isnt alot, just for the OS and maybe apps, but leads me to another point.
    Can you save apps and use them right off the memory card on these phones, from the TP2 to the G1? If not, people are bound to run out of space

  • James

    Hmm Mytouch?? So that means the “G2” name will be used for a possible phone down the line..maybe Q1 2010? Android 2.0?

  • Andes Andrew

    Should call it touch my g-spot2

  • California customers have a 30 day return policy…SWEET!…
    TP2 should be AMAZING>>> :)

  • bk_brownie

    I really don’t care what they call it, I just wish they launch it already.

  • DrGUM

    So, I just got off the phone with my TMo rep to discuss my soon to be expired contract, she says that “a slimmer, all-touch, android phone will not be released till October in order to hit the Christmas rush” I don’t think I can wait any longer and am jumping ship to AT&T…Hello iPhone.

  • bk_brownie

    Just a thought tho if the original name was HTC Sapphire how did it go from Sapphire to Magic to Mytouch? My guess & hopes is a June launch.

  • silverghozt

    When is it coming out guys???????????? I just sold my G1 and need a phone!!

  • Rey

    @DrGum, No offense to any tmobile rep here, but the reps from my experience and many other people, know last when something new is going to be released. for example when the bb8320 came out, i called one rep and he said that a blackberry curve will not be released on tmobile, next day i read on BGR that it was relased. i trust more Tmonews and other sites then i trust some reps

  • muk

    they should call it the “G1 Touch”

    since it’s pretty much the same phone as the G1, just all touch (no physical keyboard)

    Imagine how lame it will be when someone asks you what kind of phone that is, if I get it, I’ll just call it the Magic.

    Hey T-Mobile marketing team, you should all be fired, do some market research or maybe ask your community on what the name should be, before come up with this crap.

  • Dirk Jan


  • Red

    That phone coming out in October is the next version of the G1, the “mytouch 3G” is being released this summer. I read about it on boygeniusreport.com

    What color is merlot?

  • David

    While the name “G2” would have been a simple succession, the name itself is copyrighted by Gatorade.

  • Rey

    @red Merlot is a Red Wine, so it should mirror a red wine color. red/purple

  • drivethruboy168

    @Muk. If you are to read all the post about the HTC Saphire/ Magic/ mytouch 3G, someone had taken a picture of a survey that asked a question with a picture of the phone and gave them options on the to which name would suit this phone, and mytouch 3G was one of those names. So they did reach out to it’s customers and community on to what they should name the device. Like David said, Gatorade trademarked the G2 name and now noone can use it. So mytouch 3 sounds fine to me. It’s like a personalized thing. You never know that might be T-Mobile’s code name for the device. It might change by the time it hits store shelves. Who cares what the phone is called. Your not getting it for the name, your going to get it for what it can do and how it works. Soo name ain’t nothin but a name! The Touch Pro 2 could be called”Piece of Shit” but if you read the specs on the device, you would buy it.

  • athomeuser

    anyone know when they will be coming out with new phones that are hotspot enabled?

  • Bebe

    The G2(it still wating on a name)won’t be released until fall.

  • Avers

    Give me that good ole TP2 and I’ll be happy forever lol.

  • Ro

    Could somebody explain what are the differences between G1 and the upcoming mytouch please? And why G1 is such a neglected phone please??

  • mrduffy

    T-Mobile, Solo price plan, 30 day contract.
    That’s what i moved onto when my contract expired while i wait for the TP2.
    (Vodafone business tend to offer very competitive deals…)

  • John

    Who cares what the name is. Just release it already.

  • Kar

    Does it really matter what it’s called?
    They could have named it “princess pattycakes”, and I would have still bought it!
    The name doesn’t change the phone.

  • Luckie

    Well all that dosen’t matter much of what they called the new G-phone. If you the Ask me what would I call it.. I call It GT2: Meaning “Google-Touch2” that will give it more character, according what I”ve read the “Mytouch” is a realy good phone I am out of Contract wit T-Mobile now but when the “GT2″comes out I will renew again.

  • mm.. really like it :)