T-mobile Inventory Reveals All Part 2!


While this won’t generate nearly the excitement as part 1 of this 3 part T-mobile inventory expose, the Dash, long a T-mobile staple will finally get the 3G boost it has so desparately needed. While we believe this to be the release name of the  Maple aka “Snap,” we’re still going to hold off saying absolutely, positively on that one until we get 100% confirmation. While we wait for that confirmation, we take comfort in knowing that T-mobile is starting to step up the 3G smartphone launches. They still have a ways to go to catch up to the likes of the Big 3, but progress is progress.

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  • BonerInSweatPantz88

    T-Mobile better step it up and keep getting better phones and better coverage damn it. I do not want to go to verizon please!!!

    Start building out your 4G layout now!!!

  • J-Hop2o6

    ^^agree’d.. is it true that the DTV transition is holding back the 3G expansion?

  • FILA

    Well it is good there coming out with more 3G phones. And there really good phones to, not little cheap flip phones like ATT has where you cant do shit on the screen. I didnt like the maple when we first saw it, but its really grown on me. I think the keys will be easier to type on cuz of the way there shapped but Im not interested in buying it. As you know from before my heart is on the TP2 and the G1. Also i heard T-Mobiles 3G is faster then ATT’s, its really running at a 3.5G network, due to the less people on the network. They do need alot more markets but there still building and by the end of this year its suppose to be over 200. So yea go ahead and count on your fingers 200 cities in the states. its hard to. Althou I could use some 3G where Im sittin right now, Im willing to pay the 3G plan with my new phone for when Im sittin in a 3G spot, whether its a waste for the plan or not :-/ I could use some more coverage to T. But I love you no matter what. I will never go to Verizon or Sprint, and I plan to never go to ATT again. But if something seriously happened to T, I guess I would have no choice.

  • israel941

    So for clarification – should we be awaiting a part 3 then? Or were the mytouch and touchpro2 parts 1 and 2 and the dash 3g is the 3rd. I’m a little confused, but intrigued…

  • drivethruboy168

    I knew I saw that name somewhere around the web. Not that picture but that name. Dash 3G huh?? Very Original! Lol… I wonder if the name will stay or they’ll change it up before release.

  • J-Hop2o6

    so where’s part 3?? why not put it up NOW!!!!!! lol

  • Jason Meyers

    With all due respect, the provider and network matches the clientelle. When you have people who use the name Boner in Sweat Pants, and others who use late 90s hip hop names and garbage ebonics language, you don’t ask for a network and handsets that rival the top cell providers. Tho T-Mobile is doubling its 3G network to 200 million covered this year. But in general less than quality customers will equal a less than top of the heap service.

  • FILA

    With all due respect, but wtf are you talking about

  • Rommel

    Good point jason!-i agree,kinda of reminds of the sales reps in tmo stores.

  • soviet

    whats in part 3?

  • do you know anything about t-mobile? t-mobile is not necessarily a “newcomer” but certainly the underdog in the industry. in a few years, t-mobile will top the service, quality, products of any carrier. t-mobile already provices the best service and the best value around– we dont rape our customers on price. t-mobile is finally picking up speed, ground, and market share to be able to get on the game with more sophisticated mobile phones. but since not everyone needs sophisticated, t-mobile will still offer phones every customer can find that’s right for them. you know nothing about our clientele and our background. if the reps you’re talking to don’t wow you, you’re in the wrong store. come to pittsburgh.