HTC "Maple" Passes FCC



So here we go again, rumors of the HTC Maple coming to T-mobile are heating up again. Having already seen a release date, but no official word from HTC regarding a T-mobile version we just got the most solid piece of evidence we have regarding a future launch on T-mobile. With the nickname MAPL100, an obvious short for codename “Maple” we get all the joy in the world from seeing the T-mobile AWS 3G bands written above! We’ll be much happier when Mr Blurrycam clocks in with some pics but until then, we’ll take joy in knowing passage of the FCC takes us one step closer. 

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!



  • J-Hop2o6

    *still waits for Touch Pro2 (RHOD2100) to pass thru the FCC*

  • Well that’s great news but no for me I’m still waiting for solid prove that the HTC Rhodium / T-Mobile Wing II is indeed 3G ready and if it really coming to magenta!!

  • Amazing!!!

    Not bad at all. It better be cheap for $100 or less for something that has two big flaws. 1) 320×240 screen resolution is getting old school and 2) no 3.5″ audio jack.

  • MFAce

    Keep the new phones coming, but I doubt I’ll be persuaded in dropping my BB Curve 8900 for any phone for a while at least.

  • Kevy B

    Wires are for chumps! Who cares about a headphone jack!? It’s 2009, get with stereo bluetooth, please!
    I’ve been using the BB 8900 for the last few weeks. It’s my first long-term BB, and I’m really impressed… mostly because of the screen. If this HTC Snap would step up the screen resolution, I’d definitely get one. The Dash was one of my favorite phones ever.
    But it looks like I’ll be waiting for the Touch Pro 2.
    Too bad the upcoming release party will be for the new Sidekick, and not the new Blackberry phones. *sigh*

  • B

    Amazing!!!, it’s actually amazing if you truthfully think it would be that cheap. But I’m assuming you were being sarcastic.

  • alt-mobile

    Man I seriously can not wait for the Touch Pro 2 either…my GD dash is sucking a left corn nut right now and I am ready to throw it out the window…

  • alt-mobile

    if the touch pro2 comes out without 3G you will see me cry…

  • Mark

    For those like me that could never find a decent pair of BT headphones they could live with, go get yourself one of these or something similar:
    You can use ANY 3.5MM headphones you care to use! I went with a pair of Sure Noise Isolation earbuds. Works great! The Sony BT adapter also has a built in mic so you can use it for call too!

  • Galen20K

    THere’s No way that they’d release the Touch Pro2 WITHOUT 3G, they’d just be SHOoting themselves in the Foot.

    Having said that I welcome ANY New 3G Phones Especially the Touch Pro2!!!

    X D

  • SINO8R

    Of course the Touch Pro II (codename RHOD210) is 3G…. especially if a lower end smartphone like the Dash II (aka HTC Maple/Snap/whatever) is. To check out the status of new phones enter the codes here and search:

    If you wanna keep track of upcoming TP2 like me, just use enter “NM8” in the first line and add “500” in amount of searches and start search. Click on date to “sort by date” to make things easier. The Touch Pro II’s code should be “NM8RHOD210” or “NM8RHOD2100”.
    I found out the code by the ROM posted at and also it’s mentioned here at the FCC:

    Happy Hunting!

  • mingkee

    I am not big on non-touchscreen WM (fewer available applications)
    Touch Pro II (HTC Tungsten) is what I want
    at least WM has more freedom

  • JmanuelB

    HTC Maple Looks Good! but i don’t understand what’s so good about the Inner circle?

    anyway! i’m waiting the Touch HD