It's April 15th!


So there we have it, the “new” rate plans we had early high hopes for have launched and while they are definitely benefiting the customer, we’re still a little disappointed. Either way, they are now available and ready for your usage, so hit up the T-mobile website or your mytmobile to take advantage of these new offerings!



  • rep

    A little disappointed? This is a joke! If T-mobile wants to get more customers they need to offer 7 to 7 NW.

  • Dan

    no changes in family plans :(

  • saintory

    So is the m2m based on only the phone plan or the total package. E.g., if I have MyFaves 300 AND BB Unlimited non-Enterprise do I qualify or do I need to boost to the next MyFaves level? If it’s the latter I’d simply choose the $49 MyFaves Unlimited Everyone over the MyFaves m2m plan.

  • MFAce

    If you don’t have a MyFaves 600 plan at 49.99 or more, you wouldn’t be eligible for the M2M.

    To further your point, the $49 Unlimited plan would be a better plan for you, given the circumstances.

  • AndyD

    @ Dan and Saintory

    They have a new promotional family my favs rate plan at 89.99 you get 1800 min, unl favs, unl nights and weekends, and unl mobil to mobile. As far as individual plans you have to get one 49.99 or higher to get free mobile to mobile

  • Ruthie

    yeah not much of a difference, Just makes me think what kind of scheme they coming up with. Making us think they lower something to then stick us with other charges some where else.

  • matt

    Its a great idea, however should have been implemented a long time ago.

  • MagentaGlasses


  • That’s Kinda Ridiculous I remember when You could get 1500 mins With Unlimited Nights and Weekends for 49.99, and that was until i switched a few weeks ago to the Loyal Plan…Guess that’s how the game goes…Imagine a few more years from now…Plans will be Crazier!!!..hopefully the economy will match up ***Doubt***lol..I still kinda feel like T-Mo iS Trying to nickle and Dime us Now though. Considering other Providers there plans are Pretty Bad too though…So we can smile a Little Bit!

  • Brent

    This kinda sucks.
    T-Mo used to be the price-point leader. They still have really good customer service, but other carriers are really starting to offer more (and for less). I’m in a G1 market that doesn’t appear to have 3G on it’s radar anytime soon. Yet I’m still having to pay the same as those in 3G. I’m Flexpay family plan, and because of that, T-Mo won’t honor the $24.99 that includes 400 messages or the $34.99 that includes unlimited messages. Despite fighting with them, I’m having to pay $19.99 for unlimited family (they won’t allow anything on a single line). Even being with T-Mo since Flexpay started, when I upgraded my Shadow to the G1, I wasn’t offered even the slightest of discounts (no, not even the $50 you usually get). Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the Flexpay that T-Mo offers, but I’m seriously thinking about paying the ETF and going with Boost. I had been putting off this decision awaiting these new price announcements, but it has been a huge letdown. It would be one thing if I would qualify for all the benefits that T-Mo has been throwing out to loyal customers after 2 years. But when my contract is up in October, because I’m Flexpay, I’ll get absolutely nothing. I know I can get a regular postpaid acct then, but that would mean starting completely over. The earliest I might qualify for something is 2 1/2 years away. Going with an all-you-can-use $50 per month carrier would start reaping me huge benefits right away. The saving over that time period would equal about $1350 on a single line. That’s huge.

    I don’t know.
    I’ll have to give this some thought.

  • Tony

    I agree, the $49.99 unlimited loyalty talk plan is hard to beat. I have two lines on the Loyalty plan, and still have family messaging for the $9.99 1/2 price when they unveiled it (remember when they used to do half price for the first 3 days?), so that’s $100 before tax for unlimited minutes and text.

    Nothing new today tops that. What does suck though is that if I get data only it’s still 24.99, just like with 400 messages. Or where’s the family data for $50 plan? (Btw I’ll take a 1/2 off introductory price for the first 3 days with that one too!)

  • MFAce

    @ Brent

    If you could specify the exact plan you have, I could try to shed some light on the subject for you.

    As far as the Migration is concerned (FlexPay to Post Paid) once your existing FlexPay contract is up, you would be available for a full discount upgrade. Once the upgrade is done that’s when you would migrate to post paid.

    I’m not sure why they would tell you otherwise. I could be mistaken on the topic but I do believe I’ve done this for several customers before.

  • Steve

    I know it’s bad form to repost the same message on two different forums, but it’s definitely on-topic here, so here goes (orig posted on engadgetmobile):
    4/15 I just called T-Mobile because I was getting to the end of bill-close and was about 50 minutes over, so I was going to switch to the next tier up temporarily, but they offered me two deals for being with them for over 5 years, both family plans:

    1) 1500 anytime minutes (MyFaves) with 1-year extension for $89.99/mo
    2) unlimited anytime minutes with no contract extension for $89.99/mo

    Obviously I went with option#2

  • Brent

    Thanks for the reply.
    Here’s what all we have and get billed for:
    FamilyTime 1000 with FlexPay plan : $69.99
    Additional Line : 9.99
    T-Mobile G1 Unlimited Web: 24.99 (does not include messaging)
    Unlimited Domestic Messages for Families: 19.99
    Total Monthly Bill : 124.96

    With it being a shared family plan, that’s basically 500 minutes per phone. That’s ok, we really don’t need more than that.

    What has me really upset about all this … if you go to and try to set up a brand new FLEXPLAY account, 2 phone, just like what I’ve got, when it gets to the REQUIRED SERVICES (because of a G1 phone), it specifically lists T-Mobile Unlimited Web G1 WITH 400 messages for $24.99 or T-Mobile Unlimited WITH 1000 messages. I’ve been very careful to make sure I select Flexpay, Family Plan 1000 Minutes, and the exact 2 phones we have. It tells me that I have those 2 choices under the required services. Yet no T-Mo store or CS rep will honor. Instead, they insist that we have to pay separately for messaging. I have had CS on the other end and walked them through the shopping process exactly like I’ve done, they have seen it for themselves, put me on hold so they can show it to their manager, and they come back on the line and say it’s an error on the website and it shouldn’t be offered. Well, that “error” has been like that for months and they don’t fix it. So I do resent paying that $19.99 per month. I know we could drop it down to $9.99 and get 400 messages, but again, because it’s a family plan, we get 400 SHARED messages yet pay double what single line people pay ($4.99). That isn’t right either.

    As for switching and getting the benefits of post-paid … I may not have explained myself well enough. Yeah, I know we can switch when the FP contract runs out in October. But starting a new contract (post-paid) will start me off at square one. I’ll have to wait a whole 2 years more before I would be eligible for stuff like the loyalty promotions they are currently offering ($49 unlimited talk and/or free MyFaves add-on, etc…, whatever they may or may not offer at the time). And as for the upgrade price on the phone (G1), when it came out back in ’08, I could have ordered it or gone in and got it for $349. Unfortuntely, I didn’t. Sometime around the start of 2009, the website changed and we weren’t offered any discounts at all on any phones. They could see that we had upgraded one phone on our line back in October from a Nokia 5300 to the Shadow and got the $50 discount, but when I upgraded the second phone to the G1 in early 2009, we had to pay 100% full price.

    Sorry to have hijacked this topic, but those are the details that have me re-thinking T-Mo. I was with T-Mo as a pre-paid customer long before FP was introduced. We have to have cell phones due to a pending lung transplant, so when we needed a 2nd line, it seemed great to have the FP option with T-Mo. Then all these other carriers started lowering prices and throwing so much more into their packages. I was truly hoping that would lead T-Mo into becoming more competitive with this announcement. I know the prices aren’t that big of a deal to most and that my dispute seems trivial, but over the course of a year … or especially the course of a contract, it’s far from trivial. It’s more than 2 months worth of service per year. That’s a lot to us.

    Thanks again.

  • Richard

    I Have The Following On My Account

    MyFavs For Families 700 69.99
    Additional Line 9.99
    T-Mobile Smartphone Unlimted Web 24.99
    Unlimited Domestic Messages For Families 19.99
    And My Bill Ranges From 150-152 A Month.
    The NEW MyFavs For Families That Cost 69.99 Is Only 400 MIN
    So I Enjoy The Rate Change. Benifited Me ;]

  • FILA

    well this dont benefit me, I have the 40 dollar my favs plan, I hardly ever use my minutes, and I dont kno anyone else on T-Mo so I guess it wouldnt make a difference to me, BUT STILL the thought of having it would be nice, which I dont

  • MFAce


    My brain is a bit of mush right now, 11-hour day coming to an end, but I’ll try to decipher what I can.

    The 69.99 includes both lines.

    G1 data only for 24.99

    Unltd Messaging for families 19.99 for both lines.

    114.97 + tax.

    As far as the 400 shared messages for 9.99 and the 1000 messages shared for 14.99, I hardly ever sell those to customers. $5 more gives unlimited for both, so it’s really a no-brainer.

    I’m pretty positive you can’t get 1 line with the G1 data and 400 messages, while the other line exists with their separate 400 messages. I agree that is fairly stupid, but it’s something to do with the FlexPay system that T-Mobile originally set up when FlexPay was launched…not to say it couldn’t change in the future.

    According to my T-Mobile ADR a customer cannot switch from FP to PP unless the customer cancels the contract, once out of term, wait 90 days, re-run credit, then and only if you come up Prime you would be on a PP plan. You would then have to wait another 22 months…I am now aware of your resentment. Until T-Mobile adjusts that there’s not much that can be done, honestly.

    The upgrade situation you explained sounds like Customer Service extended the contract for both lines, even though you only did a partial discount upgrade on one line. The only way that the line with your G1 would have been affected is if you made any changes on anything within your plan: i.e. Adding/removing features, changing of MRC etc.

    If you didn’t then I would have to assume that Customer Care extended the contract on both lines…maybe not for another 2 full years, but extended nonetheless.

    Your situation is really hard to break down, but with the stipulations and requirements that you want, I don’t think it’s feasible to obtain right now.

    The bright side? You get great Customer Service, the coverage is better than you would get with Boost, and you have a pretty amazing phone to boot.

    Hope this helps.

  • Nic

    great deal for me. I have 5 lines that was sharing 700 ($79.99)minutes, i inquired about the 1800 min plan the other day but they didn’t have it in their system yet so I upgraded to the 1000 ($89.99)plan. I just called and upgraded to the 1800 min for $89.99. Big gain for me. over double of my original plane for $10.00 more.