Rate Plan Changes, World Yawns


Well, we had anticipation and hope for some major rate plan changes, as it turns out however, the information leaking turns out to be anything but game changing. So there you have it, nothing to run out of the house and line up for. Don’t get me wrong, the changes are nice and definitely not negative in any way, still I was hoping for a major revamp instead of subtle changes to just a handful of plans. Oh well, you can’t win them all. 

Individual Plans

  • We’re adding unlimited mobile to mobile on all single line plans at $49.99 and higher, at no additional cost.

Family Plans

  • New promotional myFaves plan for $89.99 that includes 1800 minutes, unlimited nights and weekends, unlimited mobile to mobile and my Faves.
  • Adding 500 additional minutes to the $99.99 and $129.99 FamilyTime Plans at no extra cost.
  • For the $119.99 and $149.99 myFaves for families plans, we are adding 500 minutes, and we are lowering their prices by $10.

Family Allowance change

  • The introductory period for Family Allowances is now ending, and we are now changing the price to $4.99 per month per account for new customers.  


  • Galen20K

    So Mobile to Mobile is when you call another Person who has T-Mobile as well?

  • hownowbrowncow

    that’s awesome. i’m currently on the promo 800 myfaves plan from last summer. my family just turned off their home phone, and we’ve been getting scary close to the 800 the last few months; now for 10 bucks a month more, we’ll get 1000 more minutes. this is a sweet deal!

  • yep!

  • Chris

    @Galen20K, Yes.

  • They also dumped the $19.99 internet add-on in favor of the $24.99 plan with the bundled 400 sms. I hate SMS! Viva la internet instant messaging protocols!

    So this is a negative change that costs people $5 more for internet access.

  • paul

    derek – that change took place quite some time ago, namely, when they rolled out all their internet plan changes and replaced t-zones with web2go. That’s also when Total Internet for $20 went away.
    note that you’ll still have your plan as long as you are a customer with TMo – no one is going to raise your price. for new customers, you can always try asking them to drop the SMS and reduce the price appropriately. i hear if you go to the retentions department, you’ll have better luck with this.

  • pjs

    @Derek B, the 24.99 internet plan has been required since oct 2008, where have you been?

  • Laafiera

    My daughter is 2 now but I went ahead and got the $2 family allowance I don’t know how long it would be before she ask for a phone, but I love to be grandfathered on this type of services!!!

  • FILA

    damn I was kinda hoping for something for the $40 single plans, or a lower cost data plan, maybe lower it by $5, on the $35 plan with unlimited internet and texting. But I guess thats too good to be true, I want the G1 in July when my contract ends, as all you well know by now, lol and was hoping to save money a little but I guess not. So I’ll be lookin at the $35 data plan and $39.99 my favs plan. $75 a month plus tax, prob bump me up to 90 a month. IDK anyone else have these plans on a G1 and wanna tell me how much they spend, I know it wouldnt be exact cuz of the taxes but close enough

  • Rav

    I am not too thrilled to see these plans. Nothing to brag about these plans…

  • I’m likely going to just stay the way I am. They don’t even show my family plan any more.

    By the way; David, you must love cats! :P

  • KC

    With impending price rise on the family allowances, I finally bit the bullet and added it. Something that surprised me and is worth the $2/mo even if you only have adults on the account is time call blocking. If you don’t want strangers misdialing and calling you between 11pm – 6am you can block incoming calls during that time or several time periods. You get 10 numbers you can unblock and 911 and customer service is automatically unblocked leaving you with 12 potential unblocked numbers.
    If you tend to have your speed dials used by your “butt” as the one tmobile commercial shows (or in my case by seat belt poking case), chances are the speed dials you would want unblocked but would keep you from accidentally calling your boss at midnight because you hit redial accidentally.

    The family allowances also allows download and messaging blocks. If you don’t want incoming text spam waking you up in the middle of the night but want to allow family to text this would allow selective blocking all but 10 messaging sources during blocked times. FAQ doesn’t say what happens to the message, my guess is just not delivered and lost. It would be nice if was delivered during unblocked time, as if you were out of area, but I think that is looking for too much from the system.

  • I have a $79.99 promotional rate family plan. Means I get nothing!?!

  • RS

    whats up with the funny cat pics!!

  • Alex

    Just noticed that the 8900 went down to 409.99 on the upgrade page…

  • Benny

    So what’s in it for me? Well … Nothing! Fuck T-Mobile, piece of shit, liers, damn suck 3G coverage, and stupid customer service whom always so nice and helpful, but its really annoy the shit out of you.


  • Joey

    Does not include Flexpay accounts = /

  • Rdb

    Hey Dave you left out the fact they’re bringing back the $18 upgrade fee for their “loyal” customers that want to renew their service with T-Mobile

  • Tad

    Upgrade fees are back. Yep.

  • Jason

    it is avaliable for New and Existing coustomers (including flex annual contracts and monthly contracts). a minimum 1 yr agreement is required for all no contracts and “flexpay monthly contracts”. i hope that last part is a type-o becouse that is retarded that they are going to but these guys on a 1yr contract. if i was a flex mo.2 mo. i would cancell and re up so i wasnt on a contract. but this will deffenitly not help t-mobiles turnover rate. there is a training call tomarrow so we should know more then!

  • FILA

    so now I have to pay a $15 to renew my one year contract in July, what, da ,fuck is up with that, im already a fucking loyal customer how dare they, really, thats bullshit, ill say to them, ill just switch to ATT if they dont drop that renewal fee then see what they say

  • Rosario

    I just called Tmobile and the guy on the phone had no clue what I was talking about. He said that they only have a 1000 myfave family plan. Does this go into affect on another day or should I just call back and see if someone else knows what Im talking about

  • Brian

    It dont go into effect till the 15th

  • imkindacool

    also to let you know, they will be bringing back the upgrade fee.

  • Shon

    I didn’t know about the new rate plans until I found this website this morning. Almost switched back to the contract world with T-Mo last night from the Pre-paid side. My first mistake was switching to the pre-pay in the first place to save a few bucks. The customer service over there is horrendous to put it nicely.

    So back to a real Fav Family Plan with the jailbroken iphone tomorrow, April 15. Though, like everyone else, I wish they could have helped a guy out on cost of those data plans.

    Thanks to whoever put this site together!!

  • Mitch

    have fun switching to att fila where they also have an upgrade fee of 18 dollars. It’s a standard for cell phone companies to have upgrade fees.. T-mobile already gives you the most amount of minutes for the least cost.. and they bump up their minutes allowances and bump down the price on a couple rate plans and everyone complains? wtf is up with that? you can only do so much and stay profitable.. stop complaining

  • FILA

    I would never switch to ATT anyways, its T-Mobile for life! Im a true loyal fan, no matter what they go thru or have to do or how pissed i get, some people just dont know how it is about the magenta!

  • Carol C

    KC That was great information on the Family Allowance thank you for posting that! I was thinking about that for my teen so she won’t be texting in class when she should be doing homework lol. I didn’t know that it had other features as well :) Thanks!