April 21 Not An Android Launch Event?



Settle down, before anyone gets to upset, according to the folks over at Gizmodo, T-mobile has scheduled an event with RIM on the other side of the pond over in London. While the American bloggers such as myself are all in a tizzy hoping for Android related news, the UK event is definitely a Blackberry launch with Pocket-Lint reporting that their invitation states: “T-Mobile and RIM invite you to the launch of their exciting new BlackBerry collaboration.” Pure coincidence maybe? Could we be seeing more than one device at this “private launch event?” If these events are broadcast together would T-mobile really launch an Android/Sidekick device with RIM standing around? Interrrresting!

What are you REALLY hoping to see in 11 days?

Gizmodo via Pocket-Lint


  • I just want to see an Android software update, be it cupcake or not, that allows video recording. That’s the only thing I want, honestly. :-/

  • alt-mobile

    How about a SURPRISE early release of the HTC Touch pro 2…that would probably cause me to go in to shock and die…thus not being able to get the phone and enjoy it…

    womp womp

  • g_willi

    I want cupcake for my G1. Yeah, I know I can hax0r it and load it myself, but I’d rather see an official T-Mobile version.

  • J

    I wouldn’t be surprised. I know the company’s top concern on devices right now is the lack of a 3G Blackberry. It is going to be a huge deal when it is ready for release, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they wanted to do a release announcement like this.

  • Agreed, video recording would be great on this “smartphone” I have.

  • Larry M

    I’m hoping for something like Apple’s mobileMe. T-mobile already has a service for their non-smartphones to sync contacts and photos. I would love the ability to have my contacts, calendar, email and maybe photos in Tmobile’s cloud. Of course, I’d have to be able to sync with Outlook.

    I doubt we’ll get that because it would compete with folks offering hosted Exchange and BES.

  • iFloss™

    I really want to see the HTC Touch Pro2 released at that event. That would make me a happy little school girl o_O
    nah seriously though i would be ecstatic if thats what was being released. I think they should do that so they could get first dibs on the Touch Pro2 and beat every other carrier worldwide to a release. That would draw a lot of customers to T-mobile or maybe i’m just super hopeful that i wont have to wait till june to make my decision.

  • B

    Early Touch Pro 2 would be too good to be true, so I won’t even get myself excited. I’d be upset if this was about the Sidekick and only the Sidekick. I do have to say this T-Mobile Blackberry collaboration has me intrigued though.

  • mmaestro

    J, lack of 3G devices is important here in North America, but my assumption had been that in the UK – and this is a London event – the market has had a lot of 3G for a while. It’s less of a concern over there. If this was an NYC event, I would be interested, but I doubt it’ll be relevant to us with our weird bands here in the USA.

  • Wizzyconsin

    Thats it. I am so sick of tmobile! Their phones are geared to high school girls and move at a snails pace to get anything to market!! I have been sticking around this company for way WAY too long. The last three months have been a tease and whats it all lead up to? Countless push back of dates and cancelations. I step into a tmobile store these days and I think I traveled back in time!

  • Thomas

    Touch Pro 2 for $99,

  • craig

    Hey… I’m really big on phones, but it would be nice if we can get these phones when they first come out not like 3-4 years later. Well maybe I should move to China :-(

  • J

    It is hard to claim that T-Mobile has pushed back dates when they have never officially released any. You can’t count on internal leaked dates because those dates are hardly ever accurate. T-Mobile sets a date for when they want the phone. The phone producers rarely meet those dates. Faulting T-Mobile for that is misguided anger.

  • Matt

    I think it’s time to slow down on the rumors.

  • Matt

    Your job? You get paid for this?

    Answer me on the forum.

  • Wizzyconsin

    Ok, so the dates were never set. The fact remains that Verizon is already releasing another blackberry storm and all Tmobile has done is talk. I have been a loyal customer singing their praises for 6 years now. I think at this point, I have a right to be angry.

  • D

    OMFG Why can’t they just give us Cupcake already or an update that gives me stereo BT and video recording.That’s all i want.I dont care for RIM devices an i really think the sidekick is for teens because it cant expand beyond its useless browser and aim.

  • kickstar13

    Sounds interesting.

    Lol David I love your blog posts and especially the pics.

    Keep up the good work.

  • kraksx

    I just want a 3G blackberry, that’s all, iv got a grand waiting to buy my phone for this year and I can’t wait anylonger. Needs 3G here in the state, if it didn’t it would be sooooo much easier.

  • GlockBuster

    BlackBerry Driftwood

  • Pos

    i would have to imagine it would have to be a “business” berry like the Bold. T-Mobile has not had a new business device in a while. i had heard rumblings about the Bold coming out in May.

  • soviet

    nokia n series coming out on apr 21(n97) with tmo branding.

  • Jon

    Android Blackberry with MediaFLO

  • Jaos

    Yes, They are lauching the Half touch screen and half keyboard BB
    no scroll ball!

  • mingkee

    it’s pretty likely SK V (aka SK 09, SK PV300)
    it has passed FCC

  • Philip

    Yes, Blackberry Driftwood would be nice. How long after an announcement will it take for those phones to hit stores, though? That will be the next question…

    I just got in on their unlimited voice not too long ago, so I’m hoping they’ll give me an even better reason to stay, and soon. I am not impressed with the G1 or the Sapphire, and it will be even longer before Samsung puts out an Android phone on T-Mo… not sure I can wait that long. My MDA is miraculously still alive, but I don’t see it lasting much longer. ;_;

  • fyi.. the major plan changes include a 1800 minute plan for 69.99 thats the projected price family time plan.. and the 49.99 individual plans will include mobile to mobile.

  • Rommel

    I hope your right soviet!

  • Kickstar13

    @Soviet where did you hear Nokia N97 is coming April 21st?

  • Jon

    What about a 3g blackberry, with an announcement on more 3g cities coming online?

  • WazzuKirk

    Considering they just dropped the price of the 8900, I can almost guarantee we will be having a 3G BlackBerry very shortly…..WOOT!!!

  • Queen4111

    LOL………..That pic is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can’t stop LAUGHING..seriously!!

  • Sad Panda

    Oh God, please let it be the iPhone…

  • InfidelCastro

    It’s bluetooth 3.0 specification announcement day according to the engaget rss feed. Heard anything about the HTC Fiesta yet (another Android)?