Open Comment Friday!


Its that time again, the time that you may feel the freedom to think out loud, off topic and make absolutely no sense whatsoever and nobody cares. Dramatic enough for you? Good, its open comment Friday time and a happy Good Friday to all my celebratory readers! After a brief respite from the world of blogging, I came back to a big big week of news. One of the bigger happenings was of course, the release date calendar leak showing a few special and highly anticipated devices and when exactly we can expect to see them on store shelves! Two other big announcements or should I say expected announcements come in the form of T-mobile preparing to announce new rate plan changes on April 15th along with another “private launch event” scheduled to happen April 21st. We’re still not seeing a tie between these two dates but you never know, (conspiracy theorists unite!) Of course, one of the hopeful April 21 announcements is the expectation of another Android phone launch and we’re hoping that if true, they pick some better names! Blackberry 8900 fans aren’t forgotten either, with an unexpected but definitely appreciated $50 dollar price drop hopefully clearing the way for at least a few of you who were on the fence on this one. As always, 3G news is welcome by all and this week didn’t disappoint, with a leaked memo showing T-mobile plans for 2009 and cities/markets that can expect 3G coverage by the end of the year. Fret not if your city didn’t make the list, there are plenty of “more/many more’s” on this list to give hope to those who didn’t quite see their town on the launching pad. Last but not least of the weeks important news was the screen shot show the anticipated Sidekick LX09 popping up in T-mobile’s inventory system in not one but two colors.

While not all of the weeks news, these are the most notable stories of the week but now the comment section is open to the readers. Discuss the above topics, those not mentioned or just feel free to discuss anything and everything T-mobile. Go!