T-mobile Market Research Hints to "Sapphire" Naming?!


Via a very lucky T-mobile customer who was selected at random to participate in a market survey from T-mobile, our tipster was able to take some snapshots of possible names for the codenamed: “Sapphire/Magic/Dream.” We have the above named “G3, myTouch 3G with Google, Genius 3G with Google, and Prism 3G with Google.” Not really sure how customers were selected or what else the market survey inquired about, but the above picture and those following the jump are very interesting indeed. So just chalk this up to further confirmation that this device will indeed be making its way to T-mobile, following the FCC post and the release date calender I think its pretty safe to keep calling this one on its way.

Unfortunately we only got 3 out of the 4 named shots but I’m guessing you guys will have a preference regardless. So whats your name choice, sound off in the comments?

Two more pics follow after the jump!











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  • Josh

    3G is already a trademarked of Apple. So thats out. I like Genius though.

  • Josh

    G3 is already a trademarked of Apple. So thats out. I like Genius though.

  • Joseph

    My opinion- T mobile G3, common the other names sound so bad.
    i would be embarrassed when asked what phone is that and having to respond “oh this? its just a T-Mobile myTouch 3G with Google”. or any of the other names

  • Perhaps I am missing something here, but G3? What ever happened to G2? Incidently, I think all of the names are lacking and can stand only to offer the “G3” to a customer. I mean, really? “Yes, Mr. Customer, it sounds to me like you would be very happy with MyTouch.” “May I recommend that you go with MyTouch?” “Sounds like the phone you need is a Genius.” “How about a Prism?” Lame…

  • Corey

    whoa whoa whoa… so what is the G2 then

  • SpadgeGT

    Wait, if they’re going to try and call that the G3 or some variant of, then what’s the G2?

  • Coco

    Agreed. I don’t like any of these names. Mytouch sounds like a plan not a phone and the rest are just not good. What will be G2 I wonder…… Maybe prism is best, but it doesn’t really suit the phone. It doesn’t look like a prism

  • Shootingblue

    Just G3 works for me….(don’t really care), but if this is the G3 what is the G2??? Does T-mobile have a surprise in store for us?? Sure looks that way.

  • louis

    I think the phone is nice and all but with only touch screen it’s kind like an ipnone.It even has the 3G of the iphone.Wish the phone was in black though.

  • I like Genius, answers at your fingertips.

  • GlockBuster

    I know all the customers are just going to ask me “What is the G2 then?” Personally, all these names suck except G3 but that will make no sense to call it that. T-Mobile G2, people already are asking about it. Oh, and our HTC market rep says it’s coming in black or white… No bronze (thank god)

  • Rich

    I’m not impressed with the names at all.

    ‘Get the new G3 with 3G’ – dyslexics ‘untie’ against this one.

    myTouch for a shiny white phone seems really feminine to me (not that there is anything wrong with that), but could put of some of their market.

    Genius is a setup for mockery when something goes wrong – ‘Dude your effeminate phone keeps spam-texting me. Nice work Genius’.. ‘um, yeah, it is’

  • Trell

    Just call it the Sapphire with Google. I heard a rumor that the Samsung Android phone is going to be the G2 thats why they skipped to G3 with the Sapphire. Also, I heard a rumor that there is a Android TP2 variant that is tested. Remember i said RUMORS

  • Alex

    G3 is gatorade.

  • Rich

    G2 name would conflict with the Huawei device T-Mobile has lined up for Q3 in Europe (http://www.electricpig.co.uk/2009/04/06/t-mobile-to-name-huwaei-as-next-android-phone/). Granted it’s a different market, but I don’t believe they could have an HTC G2 in the US and the Huawei G2 in Europe at the same time without conflict or confusion.

    It’s confusing enough if they were to skip a number in the series.

  • Hakeem R

    Why is everyone saying g2, g3? there is the supposed “G2” thats coming out in a few months that looks EXACTLY like this one(htc magic is the name i think) so what makes this the g3 over the g2? lol im confused

  • if i remember correctly, tmobile can’t use g2 because gatorade already took that name, so they have to set it for g3

  • Jennifer

    G2 is the new Gatorade drink…not G3. So in order not to conflict with that, they skipped over it and named it G3. Gosh people…go outside once in awhile.

  • J.west

    I think prism sounds sick, without the 3G. Just Prism.

  • Rich

    Gatorade isn’t available in Europe?

    If not, we are going to so totally sweep in the next Olympics.

  • RS

    prism is a old school black and white system. so when I think of prism I think of ibm 1985 software. I like sapphire name the best. When are they going to release some of these phones, I’m getting tired of waiting?

  • DG

    Gatorade owns the g2 trademark

  • J-Hop2o6

    if there worried about Gatorade,,, why wont they just call it “T-Mobile G2” instead of “G2”??

  • Steve

    I posted this same information and more on forums and was called a liar by some. http://androidforums.com/android-news-talk/4598-t-mobile-doing-market-research-names-htc-magic.html

  • Nik

    no G2 cuz of gatorade…. pretty dumb. they should call it G-squared

  • John

    For what it’s worth, T-Mobile has a trademark filing in the U.S. patent and trademark office for “G2” filed October 30, 2008 (you can search for it at uspto.gov). So does this mean there will in fact be another Android device released before the Sapphire if they’re considering the G3?

  • Jeremy

    Why can’t it just be called the “G Phone” and skip all the numbering. Otherwise what in three or four years were gonna be at G7 G8 G9 and hopefully never G10. It’s just ridiculous if they want to build a solid brand with naming that is similar so people know it is a line just go with the G Phone and that way people will always use the same name, like iPhone. Imagine that! They do it now with the Sidekick. They aren’t numbered anymore they are just the Sidekick (2008 model). I think that would be wayyyy easier.

  • Aaron

    3G refers to the network since the naming convention would be G# NOT #G.

  • Whats a quango?

  • FILA

    G2, and Oh look, it has the circular buttons on the face instead of the ugly 80’s looking rectangular stick buttons

  • paul

    yeah, and keep in mind that Apple has G3, G4, and G5 trademarks, so I don’t see how the G3 even avoids the trademark issue at all.

  • timmyjoe42

    Sapphires aren’t white.

  • ElCazador

    So… All the names above are lame. They need to fire the marketing “geniuses” that came up with them!

    MARKETING DRONE #1: “How about ‘myTouch’, with a lower-case ‘my’, you know, like the ‘i’ in ‘iPhone’!”
    MARKETING DRONE #2: No, Need something more generic, that has nothing in common with the product. How about ‘Prism’?”
    MARKETING DRONE #3: “Hasn’t there already been a ‘Prism’ phone? I know there was a lame, generic car.”

    Apple already has G3, G4, G5, and already uses “Genius” quite a bit (Genius Bar, iTunes “Genius” playlist feature)…

    I don’t think G2 would infringe on Gatorade’s trademark (is usually only an issue if used for a similar product, like another drink, where there could be “brand confusion”)

    So, here’s an idea… want customers to associate this (and other Android phones) with Google and Android? How about all phones running Android are named after famous “Androids/Robots”?
    “T-Mobile Gort”
    “T-Mobile Robbie”
    “T-Mobile Marvin”, and so on… whattya think?

  • britney

    honestly none of the names are good, if they really cant call it the g2 because of gatorade, and if g3 is out because of apple, im not a fan of any of the other wimpy sounding names. mytouch? lame. genius? lame. sapphire has a nice ring to it but its a black or white phone, so that sorta seems silly. itd be kinda funny to just call it the “A-PHONE” (android phone) haha or the T-PHONE (for t-mobile). idk, at this point they could name it the ass phone and i’d still buy it, just release it already, just call it “the phone”, whatever, just sell it to me!

  • J

    Gah, the Gatorade G2 thing has been covered. It is not trademark infringement because the two products are too different. There is no possibility ob the products being confused. The Apple thing is probably an issue. I couldn’t really care less what its called. Name it Leeroy for all I care.

  • Rich

    Doesn’t Apple have a trademark on the word “phone” preceded by any number or letter in the alphabet? I think it would be wise of T-Mobile to steer clear of that fight. *yipe, yipe, yipe*

    However the “A-Phone” suggestion is really funny. ‘Jeez, that a-hole on the a-phone was standing there updating Facebook and holding up the whole line’

    Android names are funny:
    +1 T-Mobile Data

    The name only really matters if it’s lame and so far they are 3/3 in their tests.

    Leroy, Spud, Talky-Data-Thing are fine.

  • Steven

    @britney haha thats awesome…you sound like me…”addicted to phone-ahol” as my friends and I always say. I completely agree though, what’s in a name anyway?

  • J-Hop2o6

    or.. why wont they juss label it “T-Mobile G2.0”

  • J

    They shoud just name it “handfulofawesomeness 2.0”

  • Alex

    They should call it the “Droid!”
    Plain old Droid!
    WITH the exclamation point.

    Or stick with the names HTC gives it.
    The Dream was a decent name.

    All these letters and numbers are so lame.
    The name is the first thing that is supposed to scream AWESOME!

  • Ok, why would anyone consider any of those names? What’s so hard about coming up with something that is original and actually having to do with the phone. For instance if I were to release this new product, knowing how its going to take the market by “storm,” as the G1 did, then I would name the new phone “G-Force.” It not only maintains a part of the name of the original product but it also gives the customer a clear indication it is the new and improved. And, none of those lame names have to be used.

  • I think that would be the best name to give it.


    That says it all!

  • I think that would be the best name to give it:


    That says it all!

  • Alex

    They should call it the O.G.

    Original Gangster.

  • ElCazador

    Um, I think nVidia might have a little problem, copyright-wise, with “G-Force”.

  • nikkita

    what about G-Spot?

  • Marc

    Can’t just call it the Gphone because theoretically there will be so many different manufacturers & models over different networks. Each iteration needs to be unrelated. Otherwise a good idea, just like naming them after Androids/Robots. Unfortunately most Androids are either unknown to general public or are the bad guy, or end up discombobulated, like my personal fav, Ash from Alien. All this said, they just need a name that sounds cool. I vote Prism.

  • InfidelCastro

    I was just reading all the crud I barely sift through on my RSS reader and stumbled across this: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-10228394-1.html?part=rss&tag=feed&subj=Crave
    They like the Android in Spain apparently the can coordinate train bombings better with it.

  • darb

    They should call it the T3 w/Google

  • fred jackson

    G3 or something else similarly simple is fine. All the others with like 5 & 10 names put 2gether is just 2 much. Orrrrrr, since it’s already out in white you could name it something like T-Mobile Icee or frostee… Then T-Mobile could release it in cool color names like the T-Mobile Cherry, T-Mobile Sour Apple or T-Mobile Blueberry. That would b a slick marketing campaign with everyone referring to the phones as desert flavors of the same product line. It’s getting late in the summer but I doubt it’s too difficult to come up with some different colored face plates. Much like what’s available for the sidekick. We see how well that’s worked over the years.

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