You Heard It Here First!


You heard it here first, on April 15th T-mobile is going to be announcing major changes to their rate plans. We have NO idea what that means, if this is a public announcement or internal, but we know the announcement exists. On the announcement note however, Engadget is reporting that T-mobile has invited press to an event April 21st. Our invitation may have gotten lost in the mail!  Billed as a “private launch event,” the anticipation is for the next Android device combined with a cupcake announcement, or possibly the unveiling of the next gen sidekick. Could these two announcements go hand in hand or is T-mobile preparing to make the second half of April one hell of a good time? Guess only time will tell, but I think we can all agree the next few weeks could be very very exciting for the big T.

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  • John

    most likely price cuts

  • J-Hop2o6

    hopefully its lower data plans.. im still on the grandfather’d 5.99 t-zones =) cant wait to hear wussup

  • WingtailWarrior

    Great timing – my contract is due up on 4/15!!

  • Ray S.

    As of April 15th T-Mobile will offer free M2M on all new and exisiting rate plans of $49.99 or higher. No confirmation on myfaves yet. But I was told this by our account manager for t-mobile.

  • John

    mmm why is it that my comments are always awaiting moderation? is there a way to create an account were i can confirm my account is valid?

  • Tom Cruise

    @Ray S.

    isn’t free M2M already available?

  • mafiaashish

    @ John yes you can create an account look at the right when you scroll down on this page or just hit command+F and find log in or you can jump into forums by clicking on the top and sign in there.

    @ Tom Cruise
    As of right now for individual plan it is an additional add on for 6.99 a month but family plans get that automatically added for no extra charges.

  • Mee

    On 89.99 fam fav plan they add 800 min for a total of 1800 and will add 500 min to the 119.99 and 149.99 plans! Also they will start charging for fam allowance 4.99.

  • t1 connect

    i have a feelin by the end of the year tmo is gonna have a lot more cutomers. keep doing your thing tmo and tmonews.

  • alt-mobile

    man I really hope that the announcement is a solid one and not a letdown…

  • John

    the announcement is probably gonna be related to the 3g expansion they’re gonna be doing, they’ll probably introduce the new sidekick too since its the first 3g sidekick ;-)

  • steven

    100 free texting every month. the plan is, however, that most people will go over and will buy an actual texting plan. :)

  • math

    cupcake lol Seriously just how long have you been reporting about cupcake? It will NEVER come to T-Mobile. I’m positive as I am positive that we will not have a G3 before a G2 :)

  • D

    I sure hope its the cupcake update because i am tired of waiting.I need my stereo BT and video recording. I dont care to much for the sidekick or magic because magic hast no keyboard and i luv having my good old keyboard. Iphone had to wait 2 years b4 it could get the basics in the OS update so i guess the G1 is still moving at faster rate. Come on T-Mobile, CUPCAKE for G1 PLEASE

    @ T1
    Sup,last time i saw you was when we all 1st got the G1 on presale and you were having issues with it.Hows it working out? or did you get rig of it like you said you would?

  • mingkee

    it’s likely MyFaves will increase to 10 per number

  • T1 Connect

    @D hows it going?? but im still around, im in the forums. hookied me like a fish its kinda nice in there. i pop in everynow and then to the blog but recently im going crazy for the rhodium so now i jump back and forth. you should come check it out….

  • Julacho

    I hope T-Mobile comes with an “ALL UNLIMITEN” plan, that includes EVERYTHING: 3G, voice, text messages, Videos, pictures…
    I so annoying that T-Mobile offers separated services, I totally will get me the all you can eat flat rate, probably I wont even use it but I will feel that I will not be surprise at the end of the month.
    Come on T-Mobile make a combo with all included, for a single and for family plan.

  • FILA

    CUPCAKE will be coming, the G2 will come with Cupcake and they will release that update for all the G1 owners so there not left out, give it time. Second of all, there were rumors last year myfavs would increase to a 10 number plan, I have no use for that thou, I cant even fill 5 people :-/ I hope it is cheaper data plans coming and a hint or clue to the G2. My contract is up in July and still have no idea what im gonna do, Im pretty much leaning towards the G1 thou, I know the G2 will come out but I want the QWERTY and if its the same hardware then it just be smarter for me going with the 1. This will be perfect timing, unless something HUGE we had no idea is coming out. Damn the 21st is gonna take so slow gettin here now :-(

  • Josh

    T-Mobile will be getting a “cupcake” software out soon. The only thing is that it will be on the G2, and maybe the G1. The G2 will be the HTC Magic. So, it looks like if “cupcake” isn’t available for the G1, then we G1 users are going to have to root our phones to get that OS. And, also, the G2 is set to be released sometime this quarter. This info was given to me straight from an HTC rep. As far as the rate plan changes, I am sure it is gonna be something that will benefit the customer.

  • Jon

    Folks, they’re calling a press conference. They’re not going to call a press conference over a software update to a single phone.

    It’s far more likely that they’re going to be announcing new rate plans, new 3G, AND the new sidekick, the Magic, and possibly even more phones.

    This ain’t Apple – if TMO calls a press conference, it’s something a bit more important than a software update or a couple more minutes on existing rate plans.

  • soviet

    nokia n series gonna be announced, plus n97 coming to tmo.
    i just had a dream

  • ChampagneDreams

    a special announcement on tax day?hmmm…im thinkin price cuts

  • John

    Julacho: they have that now. I have unlimited everything for $105/mo (due to my family plan). You can get it for $125/mo without a family plan, though.

    $100/mo for unlimited voice+messaging, $25/mo for unlimited data.

  • Jason

    Welll the only thing we Know for shur is it is some thing to do with the rate plans

  • jeremy

    So what was T-Mobile’s big announcement today? Does anyone know?