The Best Is Yet To Come!


Well a quick glance at the above pic shows a number of HTC devices, some presently available and some mysteriously already inside T-mobile’s systems. So, what do we have, lets start off with the Cleo. Woops my bad, I thought Samsung Cleo for a moment here, HTC Cleo, no idea what that is! The Dash of course needs no explanation. The Dream, ah yes the Dream. Could it be that the Dream is a holding spot for our as of yet to be named next generation Android device, or something else entirely?! The excalibur? Wouldn’t that be the Dash? Am I missing something? The Maple, aka S522 aka Snap, previously thought to arrive, then thought to not be coming and now we know its arrival is indeed scheduled for later this summer. The Opal, nothing this website has ever reported on but a quick google search turned it up as the successor to the original HTC Touch. Having no concrete anything on this device coming to magenta, we’re skeptical until something leaks but realistically we’re not holding our breath. For the big finale, we’re talking Rhodium, aka Touchpro2, a device a large number of you are anticipating or should I say lusting after. For you Wing fanatics, this device needs no introduction and is almost certain to be a fantastic follow up to the popular Wing. So while nothing out of this leaked shot is concrete, we definitely have more than good reason to suspect a number of these devices exist and are coming soon. Still, its always nice to see whats really loaded in a carriers computer system.

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  • deemota


  • Nishanth Samala

    That image shows the HTC Cleo – not the Samsung Cleo. Does this mean that tmo is getting the HTC Shift?? (Cleo was the one of the codenames for the Shift UMPC)

  • David

    Total brain fart Nishanth, I corrected the post to reflect the HTC Cleo or whatever that really is?!

  • soviet

    what tmobile(vs) stand for?

  • mmeyer4663

    Sorry if this is a stupid question but, where is this list from? Some T-Mobile internal system?

  • Sad Panda

    Not a stupid question Meyer, but I’d speculate that this is not an internal T-Mobile system SS because of the field “Carrier: T-Mobile (VS)”. This would imply that this system would have access to other carriers aside from our beloved TMO.

    I’d say this is from a 3rd party provider of caller tunes or something similar because we see “labeltone” at the top and part of a button on the bottom that says “free resend”.

    Great info!

  • Galen20K

    Interesting but I have no idea why the HTC Opal would ever be released on T-Mob. I don’t think anybody has any Interest in that phone especially considering there are soooo Many Phones with that Form Factor already available or coming out soon.

  • mingkee

    what are these Kyocera devices on the bottom of the screen?!
    pretty suspicious

  • J

    The VS is like voicestream. A lot of companies that deal with T-mobile have a secondary reference to them as voicestream.

  • mfabela

    wooohooo! bring it on!! keep em coming magenta!!

  • J

    I am doubting all those phones are for T-Mobile despite what the menu filter shows. I mean, Kyocera phones?

  • cartman

    The HTC Dream is the G1, not another android phone.

  • Ok so this is a screen shot from a system we use to send ringtones back to customers after they have already purchased them the reason there is a drop down for carrier is that if you all remember we recently took over suncom…… secondly the model list is not proprietary to t-mobile it shows phones that we have never had and never will have so that the ringtone that is resent will be compatible with the phone your resending it to

  • soviet

    j says, make sense. thanx

  • Sanjay

    I just wish T-mobile would start being more customr friendly on their phones. Let the customers know what to expect so we can wait or buy the phone that we want and works for us instead of the phone they want to push on us because of some agreement with the carrier. If we know what is coming we won’t buy something current out of desperation and waiting. Right now I have no real idea of what to expect and am very frustrated. I don’t want to end up buying a phone and then have one more suited to me show up a month later.

  • iFloss

    I just wish t-mobile would start releasing their phones faster.
    Im indecisive in my decision of staying with t-mobile or taking my money elsewhere.

    T-mobile’s picking up their slack but i think for a lot of their consumers its late.

    They should definetly USE SCOOP FOR WHAT IT WAS MEANT FOR and give us the scoop on whats up and coming that’ll make us drool instead of waiting 2-3 weeks before the phone comes out to start announcing it. And even when the phone comes out people dont find out through commercials or anything. x_x


    Finally!!!! A little more to cheer about.

    I guess T-Mobile has gotten tired of keeping their thumb in their bunghole. Good for them. If what we’re seeing is truly then I think the competition is starting to heat up for T-Mo in gaining more subscribers. Their plans are by far the best so now we’ll have some phones to back it up…..I HOPE!!!!

  • CeluGeek

    I think the HTC Cleo is actually the Shadow 2009 (the one with UMA). The reason, as I browse the options on Windows Mobile Device Center (Vista), I see one that reads “learn more about your T-Mobile Cleopatra.”

    The HTC Dream is the G1.

    By the way, Kyocera has made a couple of GSM phones. They have been mostly targeted at carriers in Latin America that switched from CDMA to GSM/UMTS networks, such as Claro.

  • Shawn

    Hey guys I can’t believe that nobody else has spotted what I seen in a picture of the CTIA 09 conference. In the picture of the “Magic” showing off the cupcake build, it is showing in the “Model” name: T-mobile Opal. So I would assume that the Magic for T-mobile will be named Opal for T-mobile USA. Has nobody else put this together!!!!

  • jason

    I think we mite be getting the HTC Shift(Cleo) and maybe the Kyocera phones are from Suncom that we picked up after the merger. The HTC Dream is the G1. Btw the Opal is wack!! Lol that’s jus my opinion

  • J

    Kyocera 3250 is actually an Alltel phone. Its CDMA with pust to talk capability. Seeing that phone leads me to question every other phone on there as well.

  • t1 connect

    I hereby retire you g1 on july 22 2009 to a box under the bed. Rhoduim, I’m coming baby.

  • RS

    Nishanth. Are you a developer for Tmobile? Because I remember when tmonews had the screen shot of the HTC rodium a week ago. Did you get in trouble? cuz your username was all over it. I think it was C://system/Nishanth/……., cuz you have to be the same guy who sent that black and white screenshot of the HTC code.

  • J-Hop2o6

    what is “LABLETONE” and what is “T-MOBILE (VS)”??

  • J

    I am almost positive T-Mobile (VS) is Tmobile/Voicestream. This is obviously not a T-Mobile internal screenshot, but rather a vendor. A lot of vendors still have “voicestream” referenced in their systems.

  • Bravehard

    All I can say is that its going down!

  • Nishanth Samala

    @RS: no, I did however find the ROM on XDA and I dumped it and extracted the contents. I forgot to blur out my name when I sent the pic over to AllShadow… lol

  • Nishanth Samala

    Sorry to double post, but just wanted to say that Tmo would have a big problem finding me in their employee list… :D

  • The_Wizard

    J you are 100% wrong. It is an internal screenshot from the ringtone tool that is used. This was already explained by droiddev who is 100% right. There is a list of phones that are T-Mobile phones and non-Tmobile phones alike in the ringtone tool. It’s just that simple.

  • AWatt

    Droiddev is right. This is just the content gateway tool being used. So, this doesn’t really confirm anything. All it confirms is that we have the ability to transfer content to these phones via T-Mobile, and by the looks of this screenshot this isn’t even T-Mobile. It’s an RPS that’s why you see the carrier option. So while I do believe Wing2 is coming I wouldn’t use this as a leaver.

  • Some Dude

    I’m going to have chime in with Droiddev and the others. This screenshot means absolutely nothing. All one needs to look at to realize that is the presence of Kyocera phones which are CDMA. These type of systems are designed to send to all types of phones. And by the way the HTC Cleo IS the Shadow 2009. Sorry to burst bubbles. The only HTC phones on the way right now are the Touch Pro 2, Maple, and G2.