The Best Is Yet To Come!


Well a quick glance at the above pic shows a number of HTC devices, some presently available and some mysteriously already inside T-mobile’s systems. So, what do we have, lets start off with the Cleo. Woops my bad, I thought Samsung Cleo for a moment here, HTC Cleo, no idea what that is! The Dash of course needs no explanation. The Dream, ah yes the Dream. Could it be that the Dream is a holding spot for our as of yet to be named next generation Android device, or something else entirely?! The excalibur? Wouldn’t that be the Dash? Am I missing something? The Maple, aka S522 aka Snap, previously thought to arrive, then thought to not be coming and now we know its arrival is indeed scheduled for later this summer. The Opal, nothing this website has ever reported on but a quick google search turned it up as the successor to the original HTC Touch. Having no concrete anything on this device coming to magenta, we’re skeptical until something leaks but realistically we’re not holding our breath. For the big finale, we’re talking Rhodium, aka Touchpro2, a device a large number of you are anticipating or should I say lusting after. For you Wing fanatics, this device needs no introduction and is almost certain to be a fantastic follow up to the popular Wing. So while nothing out of this leaked shot is concrete, we definitely have more than good reason to suspect a number of these devices exist and are coming soon. Still, its always nice to see whats really loaded in a carriers computer system.

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