Blackberry BIS Down?



In case anyone was wondering, or in case a number of you were in panic mode due to a lack of recent emails, Blackberry BIS appears to be down nationwide. Doesn’t appear to be affecting everyone, but across carrier lines, AT&T, Verizon and T-mobile customers appear to have lost at least some access to email. Crunchgear is reporting email is coming back in bulk but in case you missed a little more than usual this afternoon, there is no reason to panic. 

Anyone have trouble with email today?


  • Eric

    Mine works for me here in zip code: 91608 (Universal City, CA). I use Yahoo Email, GMail, Hotmail (Live) and my address.

    All good for now (knock on wood) ;-)

  • Eric

    Oh yeah, I forgot to say I use T-Mobile USA.

  • Ahmed

    BIS is good for me – 8900 on tmobile in NYC :)

  • SRC

    BIS was down for me between about 2:30 and 5:14pm EST in Lansing, Michigan. (I know this because of the flood of emails received at 5:14)

  • escentz

    hmmm, odd. Mine works fine. 8900 on T-Mo in Cali…

  • Lisa

    Mine is down, I’m in florida spent 2 hours on the phone before they were like duh the system is down. They had me uninstall, install etc. What a pain

  • drivethruboy168

    I’m over here in Cali in the 818 and it’s working fine for me! i’m on the 8320.

  • TMoTech

    Yes there was officially a RIM outtage on many blackberry services today. Had a lot of calls about this at work. Still having some MMS issues when I got off work about an hour ago on blackberries (blank mms received)…

  • enrgy52

    I was down for about 4 hours, I have t-mobile and live in Vegas and use a BB 8900.

  • MadProfessor

    Ha. My Radioshack District Manager’s Curve was offline today. He had to use a sprint handset for emails instead.

  • Sector43

    I have not got a single mail pushed the whole day today in Dallas Market

  • alex c

    i was getting emails (hotmail) that were from as far back as december! these emails had long been deleted from my phone and inbox. i checked my hotmail acct. from a landline and emails recieved on my bb were NOT in my box.

    t-mobile bb 8320

  • alex c

    oops! the emails were also coming in bunches. three batches of up to ten emails at once. one batch came sometime this morning; the other two batches came in the afternoon.

  • RS

    my emails are coming in bunches too, and my web is down for some wierd reason. My blackberry internet wont connect, cnn wont connect, but my opera mini is working but very slowly. Wierd. I never had a problems before. I have the tmo crackbery curve 8320, charlotte, nc.

  • Jim

    as of 3:45 I am down no web or e mails Verizon Blackberry Storm phone. New York area. Anyone else?