Upgrade Fee Back From The Dead!


Well I’m pretty sure this news won’t go over well as T-mobile feels this is the right time to reinstate the ever appreciated upgrade fee. That’s right, the upgrade fee, that maligned, despised and most disgusting fee in all of wireless is returning to Magenta April 15th. Once thought gone, the announcement of the new rate plans has obviously made T-mobile reconsider the extra money screwed earned from this fee. Apparently its being reinstated to help offset costs associated with the upgrade process, so there you have it, its all about the dollar. 

“Beginning April 15, the $18 handset upgrade fee will be reinstated for all handset upgrades completed through Retail, Customer Service, RPS, Business, and the Web.”

Feel free to complain in the comments! Truthfully its not the worst fee in the world, but its one of those things which I think could be done away with and not influence the future of the wireless industry, you know?