T-mobile Inventory Reveals All Part 3!


After part 1 and part 2 of our T-mobile inventory expose we bring forth one more exciting addition to the T-mobile lineup. Sony Ericssons return to T-mobile hasn’t been quite the page turner so far but things are looking up with the addition of the CS8. At the very least we get another 8 megapixel camera device to show off. As with the previous inventory shot posts, no release date or price is available but we are expecting this to drop June 24th, just in time to capture the 4th of July holiday weekend.

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  • sam.ewing99

    Thats all fine and good, but how come you guys dont have anything about the 2nd version of the G1….The Bigfoot? TmoToday.com has it. AndroidGuys.com has it?

  • David

    That’s because we question the authenticity of that document. T-mobile has never officially referred the G2 as the G2 and now all of a sudden a documents leaks purporting to be real and shows it?! I question the realism of such a document.

  • Enrgy52

    Sweet! actually who cares… we want the new devices tomorrow… I still don’t get why they are waiting to release all of these new handsets in a timed rollout. Give the people, the subscribers who keep this compnay going what they want now!

  • sam.ewing99

    @David….even though its widely known that tmotoday and tmonews do not get along, dont you have a responsibility to mention the existence of a possible leaked doc? we have all seen you do it before, but because this is tmojoe’s site you’ll pretend its not there. now that, my friend, is bad journalism.

  • MagentaGlasses

    4 comments and not a single one on-topic. Whatever… I would love to see this SE in action. I would love to get my wife to use android but I think she’ll choose this one when it comes out.

  • sam.ewing99

    for the record, I work for T-Mobile, and we call the magic the G2 all day long at the store level, but i do see your point.

  • efjay

    Personally I dont see the attraction of handsets like these, they are just dumbphones with a gimmick, in this case a high-megapixel camera. You wont be able to install apps or perform functions that are now regarded as the norm eg youtube, facebook, twitter. Unless this phone is sold for $50 or free its not really anything to crow about.

  • J-Hop2o6

    what is the SIE CF62T ??

  • Jack

    Sam despite what you may believe, but the fact that you and the other sales reps incorrectly identify a phone ‘all day long’ does not make it right.

    I agree with the decision not post it, I read tmotoday for the first time, and remembered why I come to tmonews for news that is a little more reliable.

  • Bebe

    Lawdy,lol..they still have the Sammy t509 candybar of which I have and it’s about 3-4 years old..

  • CallawayBomber

    Too bad Siemens never made cell phones as well as their washers and dryers. If they did, they would still be in the phone business.

    The Siemens CF62T was an entry level free phone. They had some decent Euro releases, but that was it.

  • Rommel

    You can add apps to the c905,barring tmo doesnt nueter the phone,far more than a dumb phone.

  • FILA


  • efjay

    Rommel, what apps can you load? Does it run Symbian? If not what kind of apps are you thinking of?