T-mobile UK Flashmob Sings!

Taking a break for the moment from our T-mobile Inventory expose,  we are happy to post this hard to not make you at least crack a smile video showing T-mobile UK using viral marketing to its fullest yet again. Enjoy!


  • Moo moo

    I thought t-mobile uk was for sale.

  • Tremor

    Is that Pink singing for Magenta? ;)

  • tato22

    it looks like her a lil bit

  • Rey

    Thats pretty cool

  • Dan C

    It is pink in the video btw

  • soviet

    i think that was pink too. i actually met her at one of lenscrafters stores in philly burbs. she was buying gift certificate for her dad. she s cool ppl.

  • J-Hop2o6

    @ Moo Moo

    so whats the whole story of TMOUK being bought out??

  • G1 Fan

    Pink showed up for a surprise performance.
    Tmobile is one of Pinks sponsors.
    Have you seen the special edition PINK(the singer) Tmobile mobile that is available? I forgot what Tmobile website. I think it was a Sidekick type mobile…

  • math

    gee i wonder why tmo uk is going under :(

  • Tammy

    T-Mobile are simply not competitive any more. I’m a TMo customer and the range of phones they offer and get exclusive deals on and general pricing in comparison to Orange/O2 et al are simply not appealling.