Quick Update On Sidekick Pricing


Thanks to Peter over at Mobilecrunch we get quick word of a small pricing hiccup with the Sidekick LX. Originally reported was that T-mobile would be selling the Sidekick LX for $199.99 after a $50 MIR. That much is true, but only for existing and qualifying customers. New customers will be paying $50 more. End of update. 



  • soviet

    who whats this anyways

  • TRobshi

    well that sucks

  • MadProfessor

    New customers paying more than loyal existing customers? This is a friggin’ first.


  • FILA

    I do want to play with it, but I dont want to buy it. Maybe one day when it runs :cough: (sorry swine flu) android (yea right) and its a touch screen then maybe, like everyone else! haha but for the rest of us, this is for the teens and the whores

  • soviet

    typo/ wants

  • J

    It is more likely this will one day have windows mobile rather than Android.

  • FILA

    yea forgot about that, most likely one day if something happened to Danger’s OS