Hot Deals At Walmart!


Well we just love a good deal around these parts and Walmart is coming through with some great pricing on the Samsung Behold, G1 and 8220 Blackberry. Obviously Walmart knows there is an economic pinch going on and is doing their part to make sure you can still spend that hard earned money on some technology! No word on when or if these prices will change but I wouldn’t hesitate if you were thinking about making a change! 

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  • tato22

    Really really nice

  • dan

    I thought this pricing had been around a while ?????? at least on the G1?

  • Ray

    As a dealer I can’t understand why T-mobile tells us the G1 has to be sold for 179.99 because that’s how google wants it and it has nothing to do with t-mobile then walmart goes and and sells it for under 100 bucks? What ever. Every experience I’ve had with walmart was a terrible one. Ever try to ask for help in a walmart? Its nothing like the commericals where everyone is friendly and helpful. They are rude and nasty and always try to send you to another department for help.

  • Queen4111

    TMO should have sold the BB Flip for $49.99 for existing costumers and $0 for new subscribers.

    Charging $149.00 was way TOO MUCH!!!!

  • Tip

    Yea those prices have been around for awhile. I work at a kiosk in Sam’s Club and our prices are very similar to Wal-Mart’s, some higher, some lower. I definitely recommened going to Sam’s though because yes Wal-Mart’s service is horible. I went in there once to ask a few questions about something else and the guy helping me told me I knew more then he did. No help there.

  • MadProfessor

    The Behold price has existed for a good month or so, I’m not sure about the G1 price.

    Good cheapness though.

  • TmoRepInAl

    I agree with my fellow rep… wal-mart sucks, along with most authorized dealers. They screw peoples accounts up and then send them to retail stores because they can’t do anything else… also, check the flexpay prices…. people in my market have horrible credit so they won’t be eligible for the good pricing anyway.

  • FILA

    I could get a G1 for $200!!! wow, but I really hate the idea of going to walmart and dealing with dick heads to renew my phone service. dont feel to comfortable with that. Oh who was it that you can do a price match, was that T-Mobile or did I dream that at some point?

  • raysilverstone

    I work in the connection center at the walmart in st. Joe MO. I have been there a year and everyone is always suprised to see that our phone prices are cheaper.

    Lol so far I have gotton 4 people in electionics/connect center to get the g1 like I have.

  • travis

    explaining to a customer that because you walked into a retail store you have to pay more is frustrating. when customers go to walmart and then come back with horror stories about the lack of knowledge behind the counter it’s amazing that those individuals get the opportunity to sell the phone cheaper.

    so basically




  • leon

    razr2 at walmart free tmo still wants 150.

  • Alex R.

    Screw two year contract crap. I got a 1 year contract for $179 for my G1. Even though you pay $90 at wall mart, keep in mind that the contract is for 2 years and will run you a lot more money in the long run, especially when you’re paying $107.05 after taxes (in NY state).

  • Alex R.

    $107.05 is the monthly contract charge btw

  • bigs

    I live in florida went to walmart the other day and saw the 8320 for 18.88 w/2yr contract THATS NUTS!!!!

  • JBLmobileG1

    I am a Department Manager in a Connection Center and I am very proud of my associates and their knowledge about the phones and the services that we offer. Sorry for everyones bad experiences. I do know… unless you ask an actual Connection Center associate about a phone or the plans they should be able to answer Qs however that’s not always the case if you ask an electronics associate…. they may or may not know the answer. As for prices being less…. my only guess is that WalMart buys in bluk to get the deals… plus unlike corporate stores we don’t receive comission. To be honest we don’t push you into buying phones or accessories like a cor store might. (Trust me I have ran into the experience) So if you know what you want in a phone and WalMart offers it…. I say if you want the best possible deal with NO mail in rebates…. you know where to go. Plus right now we are offering a $50 WalMart gift card to new customers who spend $50+ or more a month on their contract. (For a limited time only) Do I really have to say anymore?

  • steven

    i thought it was suggested that we did shop at third party dealers? won’t they trap you into their data plan and you won’t be able to escape???

  • SwipeWalmart

    I am a electronics employee at walmart and the guy before was right if you ask most connection people they will know about the phones most of is electronics guys just know about TVs and video games not including me I actually take the time to know this stuff as well and yes if you ask some one in electronics about a computer desk we direct you to furniture dumbass we sell electronics not what you put them on so of cource we direct you where those things are if you want help finding toilet paper to wipe your ass you go to paper goods not electronics dipshit

  • CNitti03


  • JBLmobileG1

    On an added note… WalMart doesnt charge the 18.00 upgrade fee (which I heard was coming back to the core stores) So you could end up saving yourself some pretty good change when its all said and done. If you look at it this way… when you do get and use the gift card its really like your getting the Behold for $30 or the G1 for $50…. cant beat that (or getting yourself a month of service free… which ever way you want to look at it) I dont recall how long the offer is good umtil and not sure if its avaliable everywhere (should be though since Tmobile themselves will send you the card)

  • Jay

    Most people don’t know about cell phone vendors. I always buy my phones through the vendors and they have the best deals. I got my Sidekick 3 in 2007 it was valued at $299 but I got it for free with a $100 rebate.

  • Ryan

    Question, what is the difference between getting a phone through a corp store and wal-mart? the price seems too good to be true so I’m wondering if there’s a catch

  • I am ME

    The catch with WalMart…you have to have a new contract or you have to extend your old contract if your contract has already expired. The phone and service is through lets talk cellular.

  • JBLmobileG1

    I am Me…. you are right AND wrong. You can get the best price both if your a new or existing customer so long as you have good credit (otherwise its flexpay and its a little more for the phone) or are eligable for a full 2 year discount (which means your contract with Tmobile needs to be up). All you’d do then is sign a 2 year contract (or another 2 years if your already a customer) and your set. The G1 does require you to add the $24.99 or $34.99 data plan to get it for the $98.88 but that’s required anyways to even setup and use the phones and some of its features. Now as for “Let’s Talk Cellular” they aren’t the ones who run the connection center… its all Wal-Mart. Let’s Talk only services and runs the side of things. So if you go into WalMart and get a phone you deal with Walmart and if its you deal with Let’s Talk…. confusing and makes no sense. I will also let you know that Let’s Talk and instore prices can be different… sometimes its cheaper or you get a better deal online (depending on your wants or needs) other times its a way better deal in the store and you get your phone right away. I will tell you instore is a whole lot cheaper if you buy the phone without a contract agreement. Example: the G1 in store outright is $375…. online its $525 I believe and I don’t think that covers S&H costs. What can I say…. WalMart is Awesome when it comes to prices…. that’s why their slogan is “Save Money Live Better”. I have even had Union workers who hate WalMart come in to buy a phone because they say they can’t get a better deal. LOL

  • D

    You would be required to add a data plan and keep it there. Bring the price tag to T-Mobile to do a price match if you are a new customer/adding a line. (This will a) Avoid data plans, and b) Not go through Walmarts horrible service.

    These prices have been like that for the past few months. ;)

  • Ryan

    OK cool thank you for all the helpful posts JBLmobileG1 my 2yr contract IS up and was thinking about getting a G1 and $99 is hard to beat especially if i don’t have to pay the damn $18 upgrade fee even better!

  • JBLmobileG1

    D…. yes you are required to add the data plan in order to get it for $98.88 but I never heard of you being required to leave it on…. although what’s the G1 without the data plan? Kinda pointless to have if you don’t have the internet etc. You might as well get a better phone with less design flaws…. not that the G1 is horrible…. its just the only thing that makes it really great is the features it offers…. and again you’ll be missing these without the data.
    As for Tmobile price matching… they very rarely will. I have customers all the time going back to the core stores (after they upgraded or signed a new contract) and they can’t, or just won’t, price match. I have even seen customers with my own eyes get turned down by customer care. The just tell them to return the phone then go back to WalMart. So D… no sure what store you’ve been to (or work at) but both Tmobile corp stores by my work and customer care themselves will NOT price match. As for horrible service…. Id like to know where your getting that from. Maybe its because we don’t earn comission so we don’t have to lie and try to up sell you just to get the sale. I am honnest about what I sell…. I don’t push you to swtich carriers or to buy a $30 case or car charger. If anything…. THAT…. is horrible service. All they care about is that they get your sale and as much money as they can in order to fill their pockets and keep their job. Next… I’ll probably hear from someone that WalMart sells refurbished phones (WHICH IS NOT TRUE) although…. I have heard it from customers who were told by employees at corp stores that we do and that’s why we are cheaper. So…. who has horrible service now…. hhhmmm? I think 90% of anyone who is reading this would agree with me on the above. I don’t think WalMart has horrible service…. if they do…. maybe your asking the wrong person to answer your question. If you have a rash…. do you ask the kid in the pet department what to take or the pharmacist? Common sense… people…. common sense.

  • TmoRepInAl

    I think someone is missing the point…. in the wondeful world of SALES, you’re supposed to tell people the benefits of your company hoping that you get their business and they are happy with it, even if it means to persuade to leave their existing carriers to build your customer base… I want my customers to trust me, so I’m honest with them, for example. I had to pretty much beg a guy not to buy a Wing bc its a horrible phone. They guy came back a couple days later with his G1 that I sold him and thanked me bc he went home a did a bit of research on the wing and it turned out I was right. I don’t dupe people into buying something that they would bring back.. why the hell would I do that? I get charged back for it… we want people to KEEP the service bc it kills our commission if they dont.. at wal mart, you guys are order takers, people come in and tell you what they want and that’s it… that takes money from us and on top of that, you don’t make a penny off of it… then, if they have a problem with the phone or the service, they get sent to our store to b**** and complain bc they don’t know what the hell is going on and walmart can’t do anything. So we get stuck on the phone with customer care for 2 hours trying to help them with 10 people in line waiting. Now that’s terrific customer service right? … also can you please explain to flexpay customers exactly what “flexpay” is? FP customers who activate at walmart can’t seem to understand why their minutes don’t start over when they pay their bill early. Thanks

  • JBLmobileG1

    At WalMart the store itself gets something for doing an upgrade or contract… how else would we be able to sell the phones… which… many of them with a contract are free. Even the ones that do cost a little… we still sometimes lose money on the cost of the phone. As for the actual sales assosiates we are comission free. And if a customer has a problem with the phone or the service we tell them that they must come back to us. The only time I send them to a corp store is if they have an issue with their account because we can only do so much with our computer. Same goes for a customer who purchased a phone from another store…. if they want to return it they must go back to the original store. I always try to help answer any Qs as best I can and sometimes even look at their phone if its acting up or don’t know how to change their ringtone or volume of the phone. And we sell more than just ONE carrier so I will never try to make a customer jump ship…. I just give them the facts and my knowledge and then they make up their minds. All carriers have their ups and downs and their advantages and disadvantages…. so I try to pin-point what may be the best for them but in the end its up to them. As for Flexpay… I know what it is and how it works… and if you want to read another 5 pages I can tell you. If you have anyone to blame its your T-mobile rep that services the WalMart(s) in your area as to why the WalMart(s) in your area don’t know what FlexPay is…. after all…. they are the ones that distribute the information to us.

  • Big D

    I saw this and figured it couldn’t hurt to try. I went and bought my wife the bb 8820 flip w/o the data plan and got it for 28.88 on a 2 year upgrade!!!!!! would’ve been free with data plan but not sure if she is gotta use data or not yet as it’s gonna be a mothers day gift. I only thought those deals were for new customers or if you added a line. Nope just a plain 2 year upgrade. YAY

  • JG

    About three years ago I got my first cell phone (T-mobile) at Wal-mart. I did so mainly because of the price, but was shocked at how much the Connection Center associate knew about phones. It is because of this good experience, that a year later when I moved away for college, and needed a part time job, I applied for a job in the Connection Center. I can say from my experiences on both sides of the counter, that Wal-mart is probably my first stop for cell phones.
    Now, in response to what some people have said in comments above: I don’t know how it is at other Wal-marts, but at ours, we almost never have to send anyone to a corporate store. I can get most issues resolved in store, and if not I am more than happy to call customer care.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Glad it worked out for you Big D. It will work without the data plan she just won’t be able to use the browser or its e-mail functions but the phone itself will work. I am sure she’ll be really happy.