Visual Voicemail Coming!


Well I bet at least a few of you will be more than interested in getting your hands on this feature and while the above picture lacks any real detail, an approaching release date is interesting enough. Visual voicemail is a feature the iPhone popularized, the G1 adopted via 3rd party software and now seems to be on its way officially from the big magenta T. Without any other information we are left pondering what phones will receive this feature and at what price but those are apparently questions for another day.


  • Jon

    launch dates = freakin awesome!

  • efjay

    The launch date for the Rhodium that is covered by that arrow, is that 7/22 as rumoured?

  • Jon

    is that the TouchPro2/Wing2 on 7/22/09? And CS8 on 6/24?! HELL YEAH!

    No mention of the Magic, however….

  • Rey

    Rhodium release date niceee!!!!!

    But i always did want visual voice mail

  • t1 conect

    i love visual voicemail on my g1 now i dont need a app for it and it will be nice to have it on all my phones…btw david is dropping a lot of jewels this week and its only just give us some more tp2 pics and i’ll be good for the week.

  • TheRoadkill

    YouMail has a Free Visual Voicemail app which at the very least works on BlackBerry’s.. :)

  • John

    Any similar training and launch dates for the “myTouch”? I’m a little anxious with everything that has come out recently about the impending launch.

  • Slaterr

    There was no mention of the Mytouch actually, i was wondering that myself when i took the picture =p

  • Galen20K

    EXcellent News and I Always LOVe RElease Dates!

  • Acsteffy87

    why did he cover up the release date for the TouchPro 2? That is also kinda big news, finally a sort of confirmed date.

  • Chuong

    Awesome summer for T-Mobile: CS8 on 06/24, Dash 3G on 7/1, CS5 on 07/08, and TP2 on 7/22

  • J-Hop2o6

    Wow… what a big summer for TMOUSA =) i cant wait for the TP2.. sux its not coming earlier, but atleast its preddy much confirmed =) SO CAN U GUYS PUT UP A COUNTDOWN LIKE YA’LL DID LAST YEAR!! also, can ya’ll put up the pic w/o the arrows in the way..

  • Wizzyconsin

    you cover up the date of something we all care about to point out a date for something no one cares about. Who really uses voicemail anymore? I get angry when i see someone left me one. Use a text message. Thats your visual voicemail.

  • John

    Could this be why T-Mo was monkeying with their voicemail system a couple of weeks ago and caused all kinds of issues for unlocked iPhone users like me?

    Have to say though that the TP2 really makes me think about trading up for 3G goodness!

  • Sweet deal, can’t wait to see it in action.

  • foogazzle

    Great- it’s only two years late to the party.

  • Champcar

    No MyTouch3G release date…..that is kind of concerning

  • Rey

    Well no mytouch release date cuz I think that’s because it’s so close to release, cuz all the dates are later most of then in July, I’m thinking that the mytouch will be released late may and June

  • Jerry

    Love this article becuz it tells me when the touch pro 2 is coming out.. but now I’m thinking if I should stay with my G1 since cupcake is on its way or should I get the HTC touch pro 2….? What would you do?

  • It’s all about the Touch Pro2, baby!!! Most important device in TMOUSA’s history!!!

  • at the risk of sounding like a complete n00b…what exactly is visual vmail?

  • FILA

    TouchPro 2 Pics

    very nice phone. I love the phone but I want Android, very tough decision for me.

    OHH and I wanted to ask you guys something. Windows mobile 6.5 is coming out later this year. Im knew to learning about WM, cuz I never cared till I saw the TP2, but do you have to pay for WM? Each version. Cuz then WM 7 comes out next year. And I think the Windows Market place where you can download comes in the 6.5 version this year. But I wonder if there gonna have the same apps like the G1 has, like bar code scanner? And can WM run google maps like the G1. I have so many questions now about windows mobile

  • FILA


    its like looking at a list on your phone with the name and telling you, you have a voice mail from that person. you can easily delete without forgetting the number corresponding to deleting. Its like going thru your VM in a visual UI instead of hearing the lady slow as hell what you can do. Really nice.

  • TRobshi

    I think the Touch Pro 2 getting confirmed was much more important than visual voicemail…

  • soviet

    to se phones? what r unlock versions?

  • soviet

    i meant two?

  • bigs

    i think you should kep your G1 there gonna come out with the G2 with a slide keyboard this is just another anroid phone so if you like the keyboard then you should wait look at the last pic on this link then look at the Mytouch looks the same w/keyboard

  • kickstar13

    Wow David your on a roll this week! Awesome info! I can’t wait for Visual Voicemail! This is a big year for T-Mobile!

    Keep up the great work!

  • Matt

    Forget the Visual Voicemail!

    Dash 3G 7/1!
    CS8 6/24!!
    TOUCH PRO 2 7/29!!!

    I have to start saving up for this summer, june/july are going to cost me an arm and a leg! lol

  • J

    Actually Touch Pro 2 shows 7/22. I will likely get it with one of my free phones from the Employee purchase. I believe this is the first time since being with the company where I cannot decide which phone I want. Well, at least it is the first time where I cannot decide because there are multiple phones I want.

  • Yaniv C

    Ummm……. if youve got the G1 you can get PF Voicemail for free.
    Its visual VM and it works perfectly and even has caller pics.

  • Jeff72

    G2/HTC Magic/HTC Saphire/MyTouch3G guestimate = May 13


    HTC Magic info:

    Since T-Mobile is releasing Android 1.5/cupcake next week, the above makes sense that they will release the Magic also.

  • rommel

    the c903 and c905,im impressed.

  • sidephase

    Tmo re: visual voicemail – same ol’ same ol’, sup for tmo let me know that they haven’t received official vv info yet. Actually told me they sometimes hit this site to get info they haven’t gotten yet!