Opera on the G1? Yes! Visual Voicemail? Yes, take that iPhone!



No matter how good the webkit browser is on the G1, people will always be looking for a better solution. Perhaps Opera is the answer to some prayers having hit the Android market. Crave that visual voicemail so you can pick and choose which love interest to call back first? Do that with visual voicemail as both features have landed and are taking the Android market by storm. 

While current reviews of Opera have been generally positive and most reviewers are more bent up on the fact that are alternative options to the built in and shipped packaging, there isn’t much wrong with the webkit browser already available. Yet opera has built up a reputation of being reliable and a powerful little mobile browser available on a widespread array of devices. The familiar set of Opera mini features are here and available and new in this 4.2 release is the availability of skins, a little more personalization for your browsing experience. While skins may not be the first and foremost reason to download this alternative browser, it certainly shows a lack of promise for the Android system and for Google’s promise to hold back on not go all crazy on apps that compete with pre-existing offerings already available on the device. The verdict is its worth a look but don’t expect a webkit replacement just yet. 

Ah yes, Visual voicemail, let me count the ways I love thee. I think without a question this one of the more useful features that the iPhone has touted since its release and one that I certainly hope becomes a priority for carriers to build into all future high end devices. It’s just so much fun to be able to pick and choose who to listen to first, its just great. Fusion visual voicemail is now available in the marketplace and as a little bonus, will display caller details regardless of whether or not the voicemail comes from a contact in your phonebook. Fusion voicemail however does require a little legwork to set up, you have to first register on Fusions site with your mobile number and email address, and then a quick change to the call forwarding settings and voila, visual voicemail! Try this feature out, its a joy to use. 

Gizmodo did a quick little review of the service here and for the most part liked it but offered a few little quirks that we can hope will be ironed out in a future update. 

Both apps are available now on the Android market. 



  • robert

    It is a shame that the people who run this web site do not have the balls to report the horrible breakdown in roaming services on the G1. This has been going on for 3 weeks. We know who the butt kisser is and that’s TMO to T-Mobile. And you say you are here as a service to us the customers of T-Mobile. Yeah right stuff a turkey down your throat.

  • Snowy

    HAHA….I luv str8 up comments like these.
    While i may not agree to it all, but if strikes a point i agree on. Negative news should be more reported to inform the community of flaws.
    One huge example would be the G1. Security is a major issuse for it an readers should be aware of how safe it realy is. Ppl if u realy think its safe to do ur banking over a G1, ur greatly mistakin. But of course such holes r expected of the android and patchs will come. It is vital for the community to be aware of all aspects. (by the way the security is only a question of how vital is ur information to urself. Banking yes, browsing not realy, email kinda.)

  • Snowy

    ohh yeah i taught no iphone comparison here. Str8 unbiased view. Yeahright im joking. Title got me cracking.
    Nice screenshoot.

  • jdslim

    Lol sorry but I had both those aps on my blackberry. Nothing new here that is “take that apple” worthy just yet but just wait until Adobe Flash 10 comes out for the Android OS then we all can scream out loud. IN YOUR FACE APPLE YOU SUCK!!!

  • WXman

    If Apple sucked, why would we still be trying to catch up?

    Maybe if T-Mobile actually delivers my G1 sometime in 2008 I will be able to offer my thoughts on it hands on…

  • danska

    If your trying to roam with your g1 (or even tm506) you need to change the apn from epc.tmobile.com to wap.myvoicestream.com for it to work. Many roaming carriers don’t seem to support the new apn yet. Therefore, No Data! They do however support the old wap apn. You might have to enter in the proxy information for picture messages to work. Not needed with the epc apn.

  • David

    @Robert, perhaps you could fill me in on this topic so I could possibly write about it. I can’t write on something I am unaware of, I rely on readers like yourself to report something that is taking place so I can write about it. Perhaps in the future instead of being so negative you could use the submit a tip feature and inform us of something.

  • Alex

    robert woke up with a hemmeroid on his face.

  • Rccarroll1

    The iphone is more put together and finished. It CAME with visual voicemail and app that are NOT crappy. Google G1 is such a let down. The battery is a big let down. I wish I was not past my 15 days buyers remorse. I kept thinking the updates would fix some stuff. :(

  • Adam


    How long was the iPhone out before the app store?

    Before 3G capability?

    While I agree with your sentiments, we must also put your comparisons in perspective.

  • Juan

    @ Alex – LMAO

    @ David – maybe the “submit news” thought towards Robert could warrant its own blog post in the near future? I know some people who go to certain news sites and avoid comment sections because of general negativity and ignorance (not saying that about your comment, Robert), just a thought!

  • David

    @Juan, I can’t write on something I don’t know about, was my comment that confusing? If Robert took action instead of making accusations we would all be in a better position and the blog would report what he claims is happening.

  • t1 connect

    ya boy robert must think this is engadget or something, better watch ya mouth son there are a lot of faithful respectable bloggers here. plus what is he talking about i roamed the other day when i was in maine so dude maybe its just u.

  • Opera 4.2 is nice and everything but has security holes?

    Tested, True!

  • macho

    @t1 im with you dog lol he needs to take that crap somewhere else you cant disrespect my man dave like that oh and by the way fellas those of you who have Viusal Voice mail like myself they just dropped an upgrade on the market upgrade includes. Contact integration bug fix, conditional call forwarding active and deactivate from phone by pressing a button!, built in help, default to earpiece, default to auto download, simplified access to voicemailbox to give abliity to record custom greeting and change admin other admin functions …..to me is the best application on the martket! And the text messages we get after the new voicemail message is something google needs to fix its not phone fusion’s problem

  • T1 Connect

    i didnt know there was an upgrade thanks man. hope he’s not stupid enough to come back with some retaliation, then again i hope he does so i can give him some lettering.

  • robert

    What? You say I should inform you so that you can report on it? Do you think I am that naive? Are you locked in your cubby hole office 7/24? Huh? You have to be be deaf, blind and brain dead to have not known that. How can you say you are here to inform the people about t-Mobile when you supposingly did not know about this G1 humongous problem for 3 weeks. I do not believe you at all. Keep getting your freebies.

  • D

    Dude why is it that i broke this story on the article about the white G1 on the 24th?I should post the articles from now on cause it happened with the Flash article and now with the opera/visual vmail.Can i at least get some love for it..lol

  • Nick

    I never assumed this blog was a news source for any and all things t-mobile.

  • macho

    no doubt t1 and robert if you dont like this site keep it moving go somewhere else problem solved

  • David

    @D, if you wanted credit and deserved credit you should email me, to often do people want anonymity for the tips they provide that unless they tell me otherwise we just love sources anonymous.

    @Robert, do you have a malfunction? My cubby hole? Blind, deaf, dumb? Are you having a bad year or something that you feel a need to hurl insults? Sorry my friend but I see hundreds of tips every day and I try my damn best to validate and verify them but yes, its possible I miss stuff. I’m not capable of tracking down every single thing that I read about or hear about. I rely on those tips and I can assure you, this is one of the first times I have read about this “humongous” problem you still have yet to describe.

    I don’t think I need to sit here and defend this blog or the news/rumors/hints/hacks or deals it presents. We try our very best to present all the things you want to read and know about T-mobile and I believe we have a damn good job. I try my very best to spend as much time as I can to do just that.

  • meh

    I doubt this website gets “freebies”. They’re not THAT big anyway.

  • David

    I think its pretty self evident we don’t get freebies considering we have yet to do a hands on review of a phone never mind reviewing and/or receiving the device before the general public.

  • Michael

    i use to be a tmobile customer but i switched to get the iphone just a few days ago. whoever thinks the g1 is better than the iphone is blinding him/herself. the iphone is the perfect device for consumers and its just the way it is. competitors will always be playing catch up on the iphone 3g. when apple comes out with the next gen iphone the competitors will be behind again.

  • Michael

    just imagine what the next gen iphone will look like and what it will be capable of?

  • Michael

    by the way… i had the g1 pre ordered. got it unlocked and sold it to my friend and he sold it and got an iphone 16gb.. im not hating on the magenta. i had tmobile in germany when i was living there and their service rocks in europe except for italy in my experience. the tmobile usa just sucks with phones and if you live in san diego, the service sucks. no signal!

  • tmobilesignalsucks

    I have the g1 before this I had the shadow. G1 is awsome still needs some work but excellent 1st gen device, my beef is with t mobile’s signal. I just traveled from Dallas tx to Toledo ohio and wow after you go south 60mi out of dallas no signal at all the reast of the way out of Texas, and its hit and miss from there, not a real compacitive network at all not even edge, I would take my g1 to verizon or at&t in a hartbeat.