Happy Thanksgiving from Tmonews!!


From all of us to all of you, Happy Thanksgiving!! This year, I am eternally thankful that we have been able to take this website from a casual hobby to a big time gadget blog and have seen our traffic skyrocket to levels we could not have imagined at the very beginning. Our success is not because of the information we present, but because of the loyalty and value of our readers. Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping us make this site a success!

This year I am especially thankful to be able to enjoy Thanksgiving in an a part of the country where long sleeves and winter jackets aren’t the norm. While its currently a “chilly” 64 out, that’s still almost double the temperature of where I was sitting typing these posts last week. So on that level, I’m thankful for being just a little closer to the equator this time around. Of course we are all thankful for great friends, loving families and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

Yet again I feel compelled to write that most importantly I am thankful to you, the readers who have helped make this site a terrific place to visit and an overwhelming success. When the three of us decided to formulate this site, we did so with only a mild idea of exactly what we wanted to accompolish other than to bring the news, rumors and hints, tricks, tips and whatever else we could to the T-mobile masses. I know things don’t always go smoothly or there is news we miss or imperfect presentations of information but no matter what happens, we always do it for you, the readers. For your viewership and your loyalty, we are MOST thankful!

So on behalf of myself, Shawn and Mystic, thank you!

What are you thankful for, lets hear it in the comments?


  • phazz

    Thankful for tmo news

  • dani

    for my samsung behold great tmonews

  • *rOllOut*

    I love your website.. Its awesome and im always looking up info on tmo and their phones off ur website.. Thanks to you guys I got the buzz on the tmo behold.. I just ordered that yesterday woot woot… g2g… keep up the good work byz

  • silk7

    I’m thankful for this site!!!!
    Thanks guys for all you do!!!
    And OOOOOOOOOHHHHH My G1!!!!!!!baby…

  • James

    Thanks TMoNews! love the site, I always look forward to seeing whats coming next.

  • sun.ny

    1. I’m thankful for my g1 without tmonews. I wouldn’t have even been hip 2 it.

    Also my girlfriends firm backside :-)

  • brian-y

    i want to give thanks to all the men and women fighting for are country , even though im against the war but they do keep us safe . and i wish the family’s who had no turkey got theres , and to just be with friends and family’s , latter tmonews gobble gobble

  • Well I am thankful for:
    1. My job
    2. My family
    3. My 3000gt
    4. My sidekick
    5. Tmonews!
    6.weather *its raining in az what!*
    8. My sidekick! Lol I know I put it twice

  • Kaminsky

    I giving thanks ot everyone for the many trials and tribulations that we as a people have endured.

  • persia

    I’m thankful for ur gfs firm behind too. Oh shoot u weren’t pose to find out. Lol jk bro.

  • Thanks for the great info. I hope you

  • Jay

    I too am thankful for great friends and a loving family. Happy Thanksgiving tmonews and to all the readers!

  • angel

    im thankful for everything everyone has done for me directly or indirectly. that includes u! thanks tmonews, i honestly check this site from my tmo dash everyday, i got u bookmarked! thanks thanks thanks oh and my baby girl who is in dallas im in houston i miss her…. :/

  • franco

    I live in France now (I’m an exchange student) and I’m so glad everyone here is supportive of ‘our’ holiday… oh and to SFR, thanks for providing decent service (even if it’s not on TMUS levels) that allows me to keep in touch with home. Oh, and Skype too… merci beaucoup!!!

  • escentz


    Just wanted to say you’re welcome! lol:P :P

    ALSO, you misspelled posts. :P