Nokia 5610 to make triumphant return!


That’s right, news that I am sure has kept at least a few of you up at night! Effective December 1, the Nokia 5610 will make its return to the T-mobile lineup. After a little error in production causing it to be yanked from shelves, T-mobile and Nokia are proud to announce the return of this music centric device back to the holiday phone selection.

Of course the reality is that only a few phones were affected by a display issue that resulted from a production flaw and T-mobile took steps to remove the product from inventory before any more defective phones could be placed in customers hands. Regardless, T-mobile is aware that in the interim customers may have trouble with already existing devices and offered a number of solutions to help solve any troubles that may have arisen via warranty of insurance issues.

Look for this phone back in the Retail channels after December 1.


  • mafiaashish

    iam the 1st.

  • danny


  • tmobile2lyfe

    lol I know right. Its good to see this phone is coming back.

  • Pythagoras

    let’s hope it runs windows mobile

  • Windows Mobile?!? Its a Nokia, and an S40 dumbphone! Were it a smartphone, it’d run Symbian S60, WinMo’s worst nightmare. Don’t ruin a good Nokia with WinMo.

    @ Pythagoras,
    I’m guessing you’ve never used an S60 Nokia smartphone. They’re the top selling smartphones in the world. Two of every five smartphones sold in the world are Symbian S60 powered Nokia phones. All those consumers can’t be wrong. And all the defecting WinMo users running to Blackberry and Apple should tell you what I learned years ago, which is WinMo is almost dead, and will die soon without getting alot better. They’re way behind…

    And this is a teenager music phone. Nothing sophisticated.

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