Opera on the G1? Yes! Visual Voicemail? Yes, take that iPhone!



No matter how good the webkit browser is on the G1, people will always be looking for a better solution. Perhaps Opera is the answer to some prayers having hit the Android market. Crave that visual voicemail so you can pick and choose which love interest to call back first? Do that with visual voicemail as both features have landed and are taking the Android market by storm. 

While current reviews of Opera have been generally positive and most reviewers are more bent up on the fact that are alternative options to the built in and shipped packaging, there isn’t much wrong with the webkit browser already available. Yet opera has built up a reputation of being reliable and a powerful little mobile browser available on a widespread array of devices. The familiar set of Opera mini features are here and available and new in this 4.2 release is the availability of skins, a little more personalization for your browsing experience. While skins may not be the first and foremost reason to download this alternative browser, it certainly shows a lack of promise for the Android system and for Google’s promise to hold back on not go all crazy on apps that compete with pre-existing offerings already available on the device. The verdict is its worth a look but don’t expect a webkit replacement just yet. 

Ah yes, Visual voicemail, let me count the ways I love thee. I think without a question this one of the more useful features that the iPhone has touted since its release and one that I certainly hope becomes a priority for carriers to build into all future high end devices. It’s just so much fun to be able to pick and choose who to listen to first, its just great. Fusion visual voicemail is now available in the marketplace and as a little bonus, will display caller details regardless of whether or not the voicemail comes from a contact in your phonebook. Fusion voicemail however does require a little legwork to set up, you have to first register on Fusions site with your mobile number and email address, and then a quick change to the call forwarding settings and voila, visual voicemail! Try this feature out, its a joy to use. 

Gizmodo did a quick little review of the service here and for the most part liked it but offered a few little quirks that we can hope will be ironed out in a future update. 

Both apps are available now on the Android market.