Not satisfied with White, Bronze or Black?!



Then colorware has the solution for you! Personally, I’ve always loved watching some of the color schemes these guys come up with and while I’m not brave enough to send my phone in, I can understand why someone else would. For just $175 bucks you can pretty up your phone to almost any color scheme of your choosing and show it off to all of your friends who are “stuck” with the OEM choices of White/Gray, Bronze and Black. Want to start from scratch with the phone? Buy it full price from colorware already done up in a color scheme of your choosing for a paltry $725 dollars. If you have some spare change this holiday season and fancy a pink, white and red G1, whip out that credit card and get it in time for the holidays!

The colorware guys do fantastic work and there is no question about exploring this if you fancy a dose of personalization for your laptop, phone or other devices that surround you. 


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  • Texan

    If they would offer chanigng out the keypad (as i have a bronze g1) i might think about this but $175 is alot

  • Juan

    I really wish I had got the Black G1 now so I could get this color scheme! :D

  • I wish it didn’t cost so much and void the warranty. I would totally get an orange G1.

  • t1 connect

    the cost is tolerable to me but the warranty is my biggest concern. if tmobile and colorware can talk and possible come up with an agreement, well. a pimpin i’ll be goin.

  • armytank

    That color scheme is pretty cool. I wouldn’t send mine in though. I agree with t1 no way I am voiding the warranty. Anyone know anything about the skin it? And anyone tried it?

  • lala $14.99, so why pay a SECOND time what we got the phone for in the first place? lovely concept but i wish is wasnt so pricy.

  • Jay

    Looks very nice I like the white with black keys. But $725??? Are they out of their minds? You could buy a 3 or 4 G1’s for that price.

  • Armytank

    Jay i think thats for a unlocked phone with no plan.

  • Jay

    This is so dope. It makes me want to get the g1.. in that same color scheme. I wonder if they could do the behold.. hmmm.