T-mobile Sidekick LX Available Today For Pre-Order


Dearest Sidekick fans, today is the day you have been waiting for. That’s right, starting today the Sidekick LX will be available for pre-order at a price point of $199 after rebate, though we are not positive what the value of the rebate is. Set to release May 13th, those of you craving the new Sidekick with all of its exciting new features should be ready getting ready to place your order!
. Pre-sale Pricing (April 17 – May 12) 2-year contract: $199.99 after $50 mail-in rebate Delivery 

Expectations:• Customers who purchase the Sidekick LX during the pre-sale offer should receive their device by May 12 if purchased by April 30. 

• Orders placed between May 1 – May 12 cannot be guaranteed for delivery by the national launch date, but these customers will receive the special pre-sale pricing.

Check out the Sidekick site and pre-order now!

T-mobile.com for carbon

T-mobile.com for orchid

Recapping specs: 

  • Social Networking Suite of Apps
  • – Facebook
  • – MySpace w/ video upload
  • – Twitter
  • – YouTube Mobile Access via browser
  • GPS Location Based Search
  • – Turn by Turn Navigation
  • – Microsoft Live Local Search and Maps
  • Content Creation
  • – Blog publishing, editing, and management client
  • – Photobucket Upload and Management
  • – Video recorder and upload to MySpace/Photobucket
  • Communications
  • – Signature Sidekick IM/SMS/E-mail Experience
  • – Microsoft Outlook/Exchange synchronization
  • Hardware
  • – Large (3.2 inch WVGA) screen with sharp 854×480 resolution
  • – Thin design
  • – 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus, flash and video recording
  • – Large QWERTY keyboard
  • – Expandable memory up to 8GB via MicroSD
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    • Ronald

      Planning on selling my iPhone 3G and pre-order this phone. YAAY!

    • David


    • *GETS READY TO PRE-ORDER* dead @ people coming on here knowing they’re not interested making negative remarks, a waste of time…

    • Mr. Tactful

      For a certain type of user, these are great devices.

    • gunz

      wanna pre-order so badly

    • will

      im so torn i have the BB8900 but im a sidekick head since the sidekick color and i’ve missed the whole danger os feel =\ grr should i jus add it as a add-on line or should i replace my 8900 with the new lx ?

    • alphonso

      i just pre-ordered it right now and i cant F!!king wait till it comes in!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I would never replace my G1 or an iPhone for this, but I will say this is the first sidekick worth the money.

    • southern belle

      while i liked my sidekick i want something grown woman sexy. i think i will wait until june and see if anything better is out by then.

    • Galen20K


      HOLy Crap!!!!

      Have you Checked it out on CLoseups yet on ENgadget, my Jaw Dropped!

    • Cunningham

      ^^^ And landed on your shift key.

    • MadProfessor

      $200? Ouch.
      I will have to test this sidekick out in the store once it drops though. This is the first Sidekick I’ve ever given a second glance. I can not see myself upping my data plan to a non-smartphone for smartphone prices however.

    • joe

      @Will: are you seriously considering replacing your 8900 with this? about the only thing I see that this has over the 8900 is the 3G capability. But as far as functionality and usability is concerned, the 8900 wins by a landslide.

    • Queen4111

      Can you change the shells on this like the SK ’08?

    • ICON

      @ mad professor

      What, am I ask, does the Sidekick NOT do that makes you classify it as a “non-smartphone”?

      Or anyone for that matter. To those who call the sidekick a “non-smartphone”, please tell me what it’s lacking. Cause I don’t get it.

    • Tony

      Will this be available for prepaid?

    • timmyjoe42

      Will this have UMA?

    • Mazaradi Mills

      Why make it with the sk 08 design its ugly lookin now

    • Lina

      does it have a music player?

    • MFAce

      I’ll admit it, the look of the phone is very nice. Lots of features and fuctionality as well. With the FWVGA display, apparently, it has a ‘true 16:9 aspect ratio’ and ‘highest resolution display available in any phone to date.’

      Pretty nice in my opinion, very solid offering for customers.

    • Dona

      It says 3G capable. I wonder if the 3G service will be and extra fee in addition to the sidekick plan fee. Anyone know?

    • MFAce


      Technically you can make any phone prepaid, excluding the G1 because of the data plan being required at all times, but you would have to pay full retail price.


      95% sure it does, a music player is pretty standard nowadays.


      95% sure it will not support UMA, disappointing I know.

    • MFAce


      I highly doubt it. If that was the case, T-Mobile would charge extra for the data packages on the all the phones that are capable of 3G.

    • Rommel

      Gotta admit,its nice-that screen is the aqous that sharp uses on its home market phones.

    • DHa

      Any word on the headphone jack size? Is it 3.5mm or the completely-irrelevant-but-still-widely-deployed 2.5mm?

    • J

      3G data is not going to be a seperately charged plan. Also, it cannot support UMA because it doesn’t have Wifi.

    • MadProfessor

      @ ICON

      Can it view or edit .PDF or any common file types for Office?
      Can it access corporate e-mail accounts?
      Does it have Wifi?

      Not so much.

      The only smartphone functionality the Sidekick has is the ability to get apps. I’m not even sure how diverse those apps are for the sidekick. Yes is has full HTML, a standard of most multimedia phones.

      I definitely consider it a multimedia phone.
      It doesn’t need to be a smartphone, and does not need a smartphone data charge.

      I can not justify spending nearly what I pay for my home 15Mb connection to get 3.2Mb (at best) on a mobile device. My market does not even have 3g, nor will it by the years end. I will not pay more than $10 a month for EDGE access to data. That’s not just an issue with T-Mobile, but the US carriers as a whole.

      I can’t stand T-Mobile classifying phones that would cost $15 (or $10) for unlimited data on AT&T at a minimum of $25, and with my texting usage, $35.


    • Jess

      MadProfessor says:
      April 17, 2009 at 12:19 pm@ ICON

      Can it view or edit .PDF or any common file types for Office? (Not Sure, but until most recently neither did blackberries natively)
      Can it access corporate e-mail accounts? (Yes Exchange support)
      Does it have Wifi? (No buth neither does and CDMA Blackberry)

      So what eactly makes this not a smart phone again


    • J

      Actually the phone will not have exchange support right out of the box according to the FAQs on the website. It states it will be an added feature later in the year. I think it said there would be an added cost. Not sure if it meant monthly or an app cost.

    • CNitti03

      phone seems really kewl with the features but i am very very disappointed in the looks of it come on its called an lx it looks like the 2008 did they forget how sleek an expensive the lx lookedthe nice silver d pad the glossy finish i think this things looks cheap i had an lx an switched to the behold an ive miss my sidekick so much n have been waiting an waiting for the new sk so excited about all the news of the new release an this thing is UGLY!

    • em0ti0nz1086

      Can you call and preorder?

    • Shevonne

      I had an original Sidekick lx and left for my BB8900. This thing looks like the slide/lx/08 put together. There’s no way I’m going back. I like free apps and ringtones

    • E

      Mines on its wayyyyyy within a week and 1/2

    • If you have no upgrade discount the base cost is 449.00!! You can only pre-order online……..man I wish it wasn’t so expensive!

    • Lstrike

      Neither the G1 nor the iPhone had native exchange support out of the box.

      Neither the iPhone nor the G1 had native document editing out of the box.

      The original iPhone didn’t even have GPS or 3G.

      Matter of fact neither the iPhone nor the G1 when they came out could do simple things like deleting multiple emails at once or emptying a trash bin for email. The iPhone until June still can’t cut and paste.

      I didn’t realize that smart phone by definition was “Native handling of office files”. Technically speaking as the cloud becomes more prevalent just about any phone that has a good web browser will be able to handle office documents.

      If you don’t like the phone for whatever person reason you don’t like it great but your “its not a smart phone” comment doesn’t hold water. Especially when you combine that you don’t want to update your data plan because it does not support office apps. What does that have to do with office apps natively? You every tried to work on a spreadsheet from a PDA? Not fun. But let me tell you this if an office application drops for the LX09 (and I don’t think the target market by and large is interested) it will be usable with the resolution on this phone that trumps just about every popular “smart phone” the carriers currently peddle.

    • india

      “Soladylike” don’t feel bad cuz they TRIED to charge me 419 then I gotta pay for shipping taxes&upgrade fee which would have been really high..tah! Not me I got @ child 2 feed tmo cud s.m.d wit that shit

    • ;D

      ordered it yesterday;;
      caaant wait till it comes in :D

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