T-mobile Service Down in North Carolina


Reports are swooping in that T-mobile is currently experiencing outage in the Charlotte metro area. Phone calls, messages and emails are all reported to not be working and T-mobile stores are apparently inundated with phone calls regarding the interruption in service. According to the rumor czar at Phonedog, the problem seems to be extend at least 30 miles from the city of Charlotte, all experiencing the same symptons of an interruption of service. According to T-mobile customer service, everything should be fixed within the hour. We’ll keep you updated!


This would be one of those times when it might serve T-mobile to twitter outages!


  • MFAce

    Good thing I’m in PA I guess, although we’ve had our fair share of service issues as well.

  • steven

    maybe those dominos workers clogged up the tmobile pipes with their boogers?

  • tony

    what is that supposed to me? you are talking nonsense, the reason we lost service in charlotte is becasue t-mobile sucks.

  • Hey I am an ATSG rep from T-Mobile. I wanted to let everyone know that they problem has been fixed! Anyone still having the issue should attempt to power cycle the phone to refresh the network. Hey buddy with the negative tmobile comments, may I ask you something? If tmobile is so bad, why are you waisting your time in a tmobile blog. Not only are you waisting your time that way, your also making it seem that ppl that do not have tmobile and retarted!

  • RS

    I live in charlotte, and the angry customer lines at the Tmobile Store says it all!!!!

  • J-Hop2o6

    3G for them soon?

  • ChiBears

    Tony chill a little. If you read the news you would see Steven’s comment as funny. In any case, T-Mobile isn’t the only cell phone company to have experienced service problems ever. Of course there are angry customer lines forming, but as stated if you don’t like it pay the extra money for another provider.

  • bigs

    I’m in NC and i have full service dont know what the problem is

  • FILA

    Idiots on this blog that want to bash T-Mobile, get off the fucking site and drop T-Mo then, if it sucks so bad for you then you have no reason to comment or not loyal enough to keep there service.

  • Betito

    @ Steve LOL I just read that on The Smoking Gun before I came here, too!!!

  • steven

    finally someone got it lol. i thought i was the only one.

  • Jay

    That pic is adorable!!

    Hopefully everything is back to normal in NC.

  • J

    From what I gather, the pic is close to what really happened. Just replace the dog with a probably-now-out-of-work contractor.

  • Ish

    well i just like 2 comment on well i live in elizabethtown north carolina n i just got ma new phone from tmobile yesterday.. but as soon as i got it was saying i was out side the coverga area so i call customer service n the first thing was let the battery charge completely n it should be fine well i did da n nothing same problem then that i needed a phone with phone 4 bands n the phone i got only has 3… but i do have signal but it keep saying only emergency calls well i call customer service n they said their tower was down.. alright cool n now this was yesterday n now today friday they still haven;t fix it… n they said i had 2 wait 72 hours n by then that should b fix… thats one thing it sucks abt the mobile i hope they fix it or il have to cancel ma contract… any1 having same problem!!

  • S. S.

    And it’s down, yet again. Since around 8:30 p.m. or so PST, Aug 6, the T-mobile network has been down. No service. Just shuts off if you try to make a call.

    But, will they credit us for the downtime? Oh, heck no.

    Wondering if Verizon is any better…

  • Jameslsanderson

    t mobile in nags head north carolina down since 11:15 and it is now 2:39. I called t mobile from a land line and they did not know of the problem at first then they checked google and found out Virginia and north carolina.  For this to happen to ATT and verizon and t mobile on the same day is very curious.