Open Comment Friday


That’s right Tmonews faithful, today is the day you wait for all week, open comment Friday time! Plenty of stuff to discuss this week with one of the biggest happenings occurring just hours ago with the news that the Sidekick LX is available for pre-order starting today! Other big handset news this week is the FCC passing of the HTC Maple with the necessary T-mobile 3G bands exciting at least one or two windows mobile lovers. Handset news wasn’t of course the only big happening of the week as T-mobile did a slight revamp to rate plans, offering more minutes on the certain Family plans and giving individuals long deserved m2m! Of course, that April 15th news was offset by the knowledge that the much maligned upgrade fee has arisen from the dead allowing of you to feel 18 dollars poorer after every handset upgrade. We’re still working hard to figure out exactly what the April 21st launch announcement is and while we were all hoping for Android news, signs point more and more toward a Sidekick party. 

Of course all that news is small potatoes compared to the realization that Tmonews has officially passed the one year mark of daily musings on T-mobile. Congrats to us!

So there you go, its open comment time!


  • What the hell is google’s deal trying to block cupcaked g1’s from the market. It’s like a kindergarten playground war lol…

  • mingkee

    it sounds like more and more band IV phones are announced/passed FCC (branded or generic)
    it’s a good sign
    however, it’s likely T-Mobile is trying to force unlocked phone users to use smartphone data or BB, not tmoweb or web2go
    hope T-Mobile data policy is not strict as ATT, or I think I should leave USA for good

  • craig

    Why would google block cupcake? :-(

  • MFAce

    More than likely it involves money in one way or another.

  • mikeeeee

    any phone that t-mo introduces with wifi should have UMA baked in for the start.

  • C

    Does anyone at T-mobile have a clue? I want a G2/Magic/Sapphire or whatever they’re calling it these days (Godot?). I’ve waiting since January (when my old carrier contract expired) for info about the release. CNET is reporting the Tuesday event is all sidekick – yawn city. T-mo should know that my second choice is an iPhone, so by not releasing any info, they are potentially losing customers.

  • eloyin

    i heard that there is an application in the market for the g1 that is coming out, will be able to cure cancer….is that true


    Is the new sidekick lx 2009 could be eligible for prepaid customers ?

  • Daniel

    So as far as the new Sidekick goes.. it seems like T-Mobile isn’t willing to take a risk and re-design it! I was an avid fan of the sidekick everytime a new one came out i would get it but then it was the same thing with minor tweaks and so i decided i had enough and i got the G1. I think as sidekick fans we deserve quality not quantity.

  • CallawayBomber

    After checking our most recent bill, I have to say it was a no brain-er to switch our plan for the unlimited calling my faves family plan. FOR NO DIFFERENCE IN PRICE! When we were only getting 1k minutes and having to pay for M2M, it was the same price to have unlimited min for our two lines. Thanks T-Mobile for this hand out. Now lets do something with Cupcake before I rootie-toot-toot the G1.

  • Burt

    I’ve been checking out this website and first I want to say I love tmobile. My main point is that the iphone is the best phone ever. I have it unlocked and also have the g1. The apps alone put the g1s to shame. Its like buying a dodge viper( iphone) and getting a smart car (g1). Haha. But I hope tmobile comes out with something good or I might have to spend more money a month to get I with att. Idk. What can beat an iphone?? Plz comment back?

  • ala

    uma uma uma uma… i’m not getting a phone without it. i have no reception at my house! i really wish the new sidekick had uma. it has everything else i want :(