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Open Comment Friday


That’s right Tmonews faithful, today is the day you wait for all week, open comment Friday time! Plenty of stuff to discuss this week with one of the biggest happenings occurring just hours ago with the news that the Sidekick LX is available for pre-order starting today! Other big handset news this week is the FCC passing of the HTC Maple with the necessary T-mobile 3G bands exciting at least one or two windows mobile lovers. Handset news wasn’t of course the only big happening of the week as T-mobile did a slight revamp to rate plans, offering more minutes on the certain Family plans and giving individuals long deserved m2m! Of course, that April 15th news was offset by the knowledge that the much maligned upgrade fee has arisen from the dead allowing of you to feel 18 dollars poorer after every handset upgrade. We’re still working hard to figure out exactly what the April 21st launch announcement is and while we were all hoping for Android news, signs point more and more toward a Sidekick party. 

Of course all that news is small potatoes compared to the realization that Tmonews has officially passed the one year mark of daily musings on T-mobile. Congrats to us!

So there you go, its open comment time!

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