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Celebrating One year!!


Well the great news is that Tmonews has passed a milestone, one year of dedicated T-mobile reporting! It was April 9th, 2008 that this website came to fruition and yes I know I’m 5 days late posting this! This website was started to fulfill what we saw as a void, T-mobile was underrepresented and under appreciated in the blog world. That is no longer the case, and while we’ve seen a lot of changes, personnel and otherwise, this site has been dedicated to bringing T-mobile news to anyone who will read it, haha just kidding. It has been both a pleasure and a privilege to do this, and will remain so for as long as I can possibly sit in front of a computer every day. This website exists for and because of the users and in that year you guys have taken us from obscurity to a player in the gadget blog world. For that, and I think I can speak for anyone who has ever been involved in this site, I say a big big thank you! 

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