April 21st Definitely About Sidekick!


Reports are coming in strong and steady that April 21st is definitely going to be a Sidekick launch party. All that hope for the next Android device needs to get swept aside for the moment and focus on the Sidekick line, still a T-mobile staple. While our invitation to this event most certainly seems to have gotten lost in the mail, we’re not even sure we’d really care to go anymore. As much as we appreciate the Sidekick line, Android is really the only thing we are anticipating eagerly these days. So we will continue our dutiful watch for the next Android news and of course, keep you guys up to date!

Update: Gizmodo knows what we know!


  • Tremor

    I guess I don’t really understand how many of these devices they sell…maybe because I’m not the target market (not a teen). I would be pretty underwhelmed if I attended this event and this was the “big news”. I need a new phone bad and was holding out for the new htc or samsung android device and was all psyched at the possibility of the launch at this event…how sad.

  • d8witdes10e

    My next phone will def be a iphone lol. I can’t believe there won’t be any andoid news.

  • Ero

    I use to own a Sidekick. But after buying the G1, i wouldn’t go back to the Sidekick. The G1, in my opinion surpases the abilities of the Sidekick.

  • John

    Why a launch event on Tuesday? Sidekick was announced and launched on T-Mobile’s website today; and Cnet apparently had their hands on it at CTIA. Why would they hold a launch party on Tuesday as well? Doesn’t make sense.

  • Gunslinger

    I wonder if they finally had the brains to enable the option to record custom ringtones and not the 15 second t-mobile crappy “realtunes” or whatever they call them… The new screen is nice, the HSPA, 3.2mp camera (even though I think it will be a stretched 2mp), too bad they sacrifised the size of the keyboard (the detail that made the Sidekick the most comfortable messaging device EVER) like they did with the Gekko…

    Oh well, time will tell.


    What more do we need to know about the Sidekick? Really?? How much more revolutionary has it become since the last one released? More Blah Blah Blah Bore Bore Bore from T-Mobile. Robert Dotson is a dork!!!!

  • rey

    I feel the same way, yes sidekick is tmo baby and this one seems great, but come on it was announced today on t mobile site and engadget and other sites already had hands on, now they going to have a launch party. Are you kidding me ! Come on T mobile why must you continue to disappoint us over and over again !

  • tpatmo

    I love my g1.. used to be a sidekick fan/. The only way I ll go back to sidekick is free applocations hehehe.. a touch screen wouldn’t be bad.. the only thing I miss is the camera.. the g1 cam sucks but then I again that’s why I got a memoir for my hubby.. my dream phone the sidekick look w the android market n the memoir camera lol.. good day every1

  • steven

    sidekicks are so 2001

  • t1 connect

    Ny is like sidekick town from the sk3 to the lx to the 2008 all these kids and a lot of adults have a sidekick they’re gonna be very happy with this sidekick release. A 3g sidekick! Nvr thought I would see the day, but I guess somehow it was to be expected…..keep rockin on tmo take over this pcs thing for 2k9

  • B

    I figured it wasnt a Sidekick event because it was already announced. Kinds sucks. Oh well. Windows Mobile 6.5 debuts in a few weeks. Maybe the Touch Pro 2 will be out sooner than expected.

  • Enrgy52

    What the heck.. I thought this was going to be an event with RIM. Anything but the sidekick… give us some phones that are decent that can be used for business that are 3 freakin G!!!!!!

  • Sarah

    Can someone explain to me what is the big deal about the G2/Magic or whatever there gonna call it. From what I read ist the same thing as a G1 but no keyboard. Umm, ok? Thats nice. Oh and it will be running Cupcake but thats gonna go out to the G1 too so yeah. Do you guys really hate the keyboard that much?

  • sino8r

    Hhahahahha! You guys are wrong just like the cupcake predictions. The sidekick is already available for preorder. That would be stupid for this event to be JUST ABOUT THE SIDEKICK. I’m sure some Android and WM news will be there also.

  • cougle

    Agree with sino8r. why would they allow the preorder now and not wait until Tuesday. No one knows what they are going to say on Tuesday. Did tmonews even get an invitation?

  • sino8r

    I don’t think so. I believe only the bigger folks get an invite or may be just some press release.

  • pjs

    @Enrgy52, well just to give you the 411 on this new SK, it is 3G, it will have Exchange support (for business users) and it will have a great UI (something the SK has had over every other phone for years)

  • cougle

    think this is going to be about the new 3g areas and 3g phones coming out.

  • if you are currently paying the $20 a month fee for the data plan and you purchase the new sidekick you will get the 3g and everything else for 20 a month. if you decide to add the data plan you will be charged the 35 a month. i spoke to a t-mobile customer service rep.

  • James

    I don’t get all the negative things being said about the new SK. Tmo sells tons of these, so why wouldn’t a they hold a event surrounding a new improved SK? I don’t own a SK, currently use a G1 and I would love to see new info regarding android..but it will come in time. I rather a complete product, then something rushed.

  • T-mobileukuser


    SK is not a big seller (if fact really bad seller) in the UK and as there is a T-Mobile event in the UK on the 21st wonder what we are going to get? Rumors of a new Blackberry but what new Blackberry. T-Mobile UK have the pearl, the bold & the 8900. Can’t see them getting the Strom and the 9630 is CDMA.


  • in the us the sidekick is one of the best selling phones.

  • Kickstar13

    The Sidekick is also one of the most stolen phones as well.

  • rayra

    sidekicks still garbage with every1 switching to the iphone or the G1 i doubt there going to sell aswell as they did before…

    jus my 2 cents

  • mingkee

    SK was hot among blacks, a lot of blacks I know own SK
    but after price comparison, G1 wins, at least G1 has a brand platform (like other smartphone platforms)

  • T-mobileukuser

    Hi Alex

    I understand that in the US the SK is a massive seller but its not in the UK. So the questions are:

    1) Is the event in the US & the UK on 21st April both to do with the same handset?

    2) If so then we know that its going to be the SK, but is there something about the new SK that will make it appeal to a UK market? (some great new feature)

    3) If the event is to do with two different phones then I guess its the SK in the US but what are we in the UK getting?


  • Eric Kingsley

    Being deaf, the Sidekick has been one of the greatest devices I have ever owned. I use my LX as a T-Mobile To Go phone. For $1 a day, I get unlimited text messaging, e-mail, instant messaging, and web access. Oh, and add to that things like Microsoft Live (maps and more) and a built in TTY relay program (i711 wireless) and I don’t need anything else. You can have your G1 or iPhone, or whatever is the ‘in’ phone for today, I’ll keep my Sidekick.

  • Alex

    Hey, I know that this has nothing to do with the Sidekick, but I just wanted to cmment that I have had the G1 for 6 months now and really havent liked it, I called yestyerday to talk to the customer service guys and expressed interest in the Curve 8900, and they transfered me to an account specialist and they got me the curve for 149.99 with the only stipulation that i extend my contract by 7 months. Pretty awesome.

  • The Observer

    mingkee says:
    April 20, 2009 at 6:38 am

    SK was hot among blacks, a lot of blacks I know own SK
    but after price comparison, G1 wins, at least G1 has a brand platform (like other smartphone platforms)

    does this sound a bit racist to anyone else? i have seen a lot of other races use sidekicks

  • achilles

    Yes it sounds racist. Smart people buy phones that do what they want. Other people just buy phones because they are considered to be “cool”. The G1 is a good phone, if you like amazing programs, but it lacks a camera flash! The Sidekick has been pretty cool, if you like texting, but it has lacked wi-fi and the ability to use your own ringtones.

  • James

    Yeah that sounds racist, as people of ALL races won SK as well as hollywood stars and etc. I want my android info too..but it will come.

  • ReggiN

    To be fair, regarding the black comment, it has some partial truth to it. Where I live, the majority of people toting SK’s is black people. Once in a while I see someone who isn’t black with one but it’s rare. Last year I was at Knotts Halloween Haunt and it was packed full of black people and I swear they all had SK’s hanging from their saggy pants. One guy had his SK attacked to his dew rag he was wearing. So sad.

  • ala

    doesn’t sound racist to me. sounds like an observation of the people he is surrounded by. i on the other hand have seen mostly 14-20 year olds and the deaf at my university with sidekicks. does that make me an age discriminator? a deaf persons discriminator? no. it’s just who i see use the phone. people throw ‘racist’ out there so much now that it is losing its meaning. he made a subjective stereotype. that’s it.

    p.s. i already said this on the other post but man i wish this also had uma. i would sooooooooooooo buy this phone if it had uma.

  • branon

    So what happened to this event?

  • Enrgy52

    So whats the deal with the supposed launch party? I checked the uk site and they don’t have anything new…. anybody have any ideas???