Welcome back Sony Ericsson…you were missed!


So today, OFFICIALLY counts as the return of Sony Ericsson to the T-mobile line up. Covered here this is the latest phone in the beginning of what is a hopeful 3G onslaught of devices before the end of the year. Recapping:

  • 2.0 megapixel camera
  • myfaves compatible
  • Telenav navigation
  • 1700/2100 mhz 3G band and Tri-band 850/1800/1900 mhz
  • Some other stuff most phones have like a calculator and an address book! Oh and it has text messaging! Picture messaging too!

Pricing will be $79.99 on a new 2 Year Contract after a $50 dollar mail in rebate. The nicest part of this is for those of you who might be saving your upgrade for some future device, full retail on this flip goodness is a wonderfully low $159.99. Really, its that low.

  • danny

    yes first one

  • T1 Connect

    oh yes i just upgraded my wifes phone for $110 she is going to love this here phone. i cant wait to test the speed on this thing tmo never can tell me the true speeds of our 3g.

  • mingkee

    the reception is very good
    highly recommend it

  • Tony

    Saw this phone today at a T-mobile store. I like the GPS on the phone cause it talks to you. The girl working there said that she thinks it comes w the GPS service free but couldn’t confirm that. If so then this will be the phone my wife gets.

  • cubs

    So does one need to get the T-mobile Total internet in order to get 3G on this phone or is T-zones enough? It should not be Total internet as this is not even a smart phone.

  • T1 Connect

    tzones is good enough for now thats what my boy who works there added to the plan.

  • aaronforjesus

    Just be careful if one wanteth to tether to a computer or laptop for that it is rumored that tethering will be removed in a future software update.

  • Alex


  • Juan

    Yes, welcome back SE. Now come to us in the form of an X1 and really impress me :D

  • tmotech2

    The gps on the phone is not free. I forget who the service is with. In training we were not allowed to test it out either. Should also only need 5.99 t-zones. Also the reason for no teathered modem is it will suck up all the bandwidth and kick everyone off the tower the phone is on. That’s how it was explained to me in training. Other than that phone is ok but I am a pda person my self.

  • T1 Connect

    im glad we got se back cause they have a ton of phones and rated by jd power and associates as the best and most stable phones they are number 1

  • Pecoy

    nice phone se.
    but now lets get to the dream news.
    G1 G1 G1

  • TomCruise

    anybody knows abt 18 upgrade fee that tmo is charging on 1 yr contract extn?

  • T1 Connect

    the contract doesn’t matter its a one time charge for the phone only. tmo was the only one who wasnt using the fee but about a couple of months ago i upgraded my boys phone to a dash and i saw the fee. called them and she basically told me tmo jumped on the upgrade fee bandwagon.

  • TomCruise

    @T1 Connect, thanks. I am not excited about the fees but what the heck, its only $18. just bought the green tm506 for my wife.

  • T1 Connect

    in store or via mytmobile

  • TomCruise

    in store. i’m not patient to wait for the shipment to arrive.
    so far the phone looks good. am thinking of getting 1 for me as a secondary phone.

  • T1 Connect

    na just wait kid and see that tmo is getting first they might revise that phone

  • drivethruboy168

    I was told by a sony ericcson rep that the phone is able to tether up, even on future software updates. He was also sayin with this phone it would be useless to have a network card! Which is true! Also I downloaded opera on the phone… Even on edge it’s workin hella fast… I’m in L.A so we don’t have 3G yet. And it downloaded videos from youtube in like 2 seconds. I searched up a Jeff Dunham video that was 10min long and it only took 3 seconds to load the whole thing with no interuptions while watvhing the video… Great phone!

  • drivethruboy168

    Anybody see that the T919 went through the FCC today? Haven’t checked the documents but something of interest! Someone go to engadget and check it out and tell me the details!I wanna know!

  • Chuong

    Picked one up for $170+ (no contract).

    I’m able to tether using BT with my N800 and USB cable with my laptop running Windows XP.

    AmazeGPS works and it even uses the built-in GPS receiver to track (center) my position.

    I heard reports that Google Maps doesn’t work with the built-in GPS receiver. Hopefully Google comes out with new version of GMM that would take advantage of the built-in GPS.

  • Daniel

    I just looked in my account… I can get one with no contract from t-mobile for $159.99. is that the same price everyone has?

  • T1 Connect

    @Daniel yea i had that offer yesterday before i upgraded to it. 159.99 no contract 110 with 2yr i took the 2yr. still got 2 lines ready for android and touch pro

  • mingkee

    if T-Mobile decides to disable tethering, it should have done already
    and it’s based on SIM provisioning
    if you have total internet or VPN, tether is available
    if you don’t have data or have tmoweb, tether is not available
    this is same as MyFaves, since I don’t have MyFaves plan, it’s disabled

  • mingkee

    this is true
    tethering speed through USB is about as fast as data card
    forget these 2 data cards especially it’s almost half price as Option 307
    with this phone unlocked, it can even used with Stelera Wireless!!!
    APN: isp.stelera.net

  • I seriously can’t wait for the end of this year. I’ve been with T-Mo for about 3 years now and this’ll be a nice upgrade from my Wing. Bridges the gap between sidekick and smartphone I think. Has all the nice features of a high (well high for us over here without LG and Apple) end smartphone and more of a slick form and more “fun” than windows mobile. Please please don’t ruin this T-Mobile….I will be crushed…….

    P.S. I hope T-Moible doesn’t jack up there data plan prices too much. And if they do, let’s hope that Google’s little ads you can opt for aren’t horribly annoying and have enough of a price cut to make them something other than a subtle move in Google’s bid for world domination.

    And let’s not have this spammed by Apple Fan Boys yes? Every post I see about this phone always has some knuckle-head who says something like, “iPhone pwn3d all. Tmo sucks and anyone who uses it should switch cause no one good as iPhone.” Let’s be civil.


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