Suncom loves T-mobile!


Attention Carolina residents, may I present to you, officially: T-mobile. That’s right, the big Magenta is all but a few short days away from entering you life permanently. That means myfaves, Android, Sidekicks, lions and tigers and bears oh my! Really, it means that you are now under the umbrella of an award winning customer service team and all that that entails. Unofficially since yesterday you have been under the T-mobile blanket, but starting September 8th you are absolutely positively members of the T-mobile family. So with 400 more towers and hundreds more to come, from all of us to all of you, welcome to the family.

Updated: According to various sources, it looks as if the T-mobile PCC is starting albeit slowly to show Carolina areas with native T-mobile coverage!

So I conclude this post with one of my all time favorite party songs: NO its not a rickroll, I thought about it but decided I didn’t want to be responsible if someone punched their computer from hearing that song again. I give you CELEBRATION!!

It’s been a slow news week, unfortunately no additional leaked Android pictures have surfaced to wet our tongues. Hey, at least the website didn’t crash! Anyway with next week being CTIA and with our benevolent CEO Robert Dotson having face time we’ll be expecting at least one if not many annoucements of future T-mobile plans and equipment to carry us through the final week before….