Suncom loves T-mobile!


Attention Carolina residents, may I present to you, officially: T-mobile. That’s right, the big Magenta is all but a few short days away from entering you life permanently. That means myfaves, Android, Sidekicks, lions and tigers and bears oh my! Really, it means that you are now under the umbrella of an award winning customer service team and all that that entails. Unofficially since yesterday you have been under the T-mobile blanket, but starting September 8th you are absolutely positively members of the T-mobile family. So with 400 more towers and hundreds more to come, from all of us to all of you, welcome to the family.

Updated: According to various sources, it looks as if the T-mobile PCC is starting albeit slowly to show Carolina areas with native T-mobile coverage!

So I conclude this post with one of my all time favorite party songs: NO its not a rickroll, I thought about it but decided I didn’t want to be responsible if someone punched their computer from hearing that song again. I give you CELEBRATION!!

It’s been a slow news week, unfortunately no additional leaked Android pictures have surfaced to wet our tongues. Hey, at least the website didn’t crash! Anyway with next week being CTIA and with our benevolent CEO Robert Dotson having face time we’ll be expecting at least one if not many annoucements of future T-mobile plans and equipment to carry us through the final week before….

  • T1 Connect

    yo nc welcome to the tmo family enjoy all the goodness and not being ripped off.

  • Tim

    How about some news on something other than Android? Like other 3G handsets?

  • B.

    They should be excited, I’m a tmobile rep and I just found out that everyone of Suncoms customers that were using one of their hiptop devices is going to receive a FREE tmobile Sidekick 2008 to replace since they won’t work with our systems. Not only that nut we are going to give them $20 credit on their first months bill for any downloads they might have lost. Talk about generous.

  • RS

    yup, I moved from texas to i live in charlotte and I have been roaming under suncom and at&t towers forever, I checked my phone this morning and it said “T-mobile”. Yohoo!!!

  • RS

    Might i add, that i’ll be damned if i dont get the G1!!! cuz i know charlotte is not on the 3g list but i want it really really bad. please t-mobile bless me with the G1.

  • David


    I understand what you are wanting, trust me…I want 3G news all day every day, unfortunately its heavy work sifting through rumors to find facts. If I had a dollar for every 3G rumor I heard daily I would retire, tomorrow. I’d rather hold off posting something to ensure truth than post just to drive traffic. I hope everyone understands.

  • Tim

    Sounds good to me. Even a 3G Dash replacement would be good news.

  • TomCruise

    but what happened to tm506?

  • david

    I agree with you, “…I’d rather hold off posting something to ensure truth than post just to drive traffic. I hope everyone understands…”, please keep up the excellent work!!!!!!

  • Christian

    Ahhh, to be in SC, and not under SunComs EVIL ASS rule anymore! Color me excited! w00t! I am SO glad that my billing now starts at the end of the month like every other service I have!:p, and I have to agree, that Sidekick deal is pretty sweet! Hmmm, maybe I should re-activate the old Hiptop 2 just to get the deal eh?

  • T1 Connect

    @tom cruise the tm506 was just launched this afternoon it is now avail. for sale and upgrade im actually in the store right now talking to my boy about it check the tmobile website. now you can cop one for ya wife

  • mike

    Welcome from the great state of Missouri

  • Sweet so when I fly into RDU it will say T-Mobile and not Suncom.

  • bell

    Just want to say welcome carolinas!!! I work for tmobile and have awaited the arrival for a while!! U will love tmobile as I do!!! We are finally getting great phones and when you call customer service u are treated the best!! (If not say something!!) Anyhoo TMOBILE ROCKS!!!!!

  • mike

    I live in North Carolina. I was wondering why my phone has been on t-mobile all day today!

    Will T-mobile be putting any stores in North Carolina? Can we get 919 numbers now?

    Does NC get 3g coverage now?

  • bell

    Ya all suncom stores are suppose to change to change to tmobile stores!!!

  • Jose Angel Roldan Lozada

    so suncom puerto rico will turn into tmobile too? the market here is not the same as in us so I hope they adapt theirs plans to it. (what i mean by that is that every single company offers free received calls and nights and weekends are free from Thursday to Monday morning…)

  • center rep

    you will get some special rules like u can’t get disconnected on pr holidays and I think every month has a holiday other than that I don’t think they will extend the weekend or give free incoming but you will get 3g at some point and myFaves. good luck

  • SunComunist

    T-Mobile PR got a Nationwide unlimited plan for $39.99 plus 200 free txt msg the first 30 days, nice deal.

    Most plans have free incoming, nw and m2m.