Android myth busting…or not?

There have been no less than half a dozen threads popping up in the forums these past few days as to the identity of the “real” Android device. Some believe it to be real and just wish for its release, regardless of looks. Some however, say “something” so much grander is coming, of course providing no details as to what makes something “grander.” See here for that discussion. Now, I’m not one who enjoys blind speculation so I may be the most hesitant of all to give credence to the rumors of a second device. I believe whats tangible and in front of me. Documents, pictures, release dates and pricing give me reason to believe what I have seen, that what I can “touch” is real. With that in mind could it be that Google, T-mobile, HTC and quite a few other to be named later entities have pulled off the greatest April Fools trick the wireless industry has ever seen?

Last week Androidguys wrote something of a similar sort taking the phone from “dream to prototype.” They like I am right now pose the question, are the leaked designs, the grainy video with the Darth Vader stand in, the fcc documents and the recent “in the wild” pictures indicative of the final product? Some of us want to believe so, you’ll buy anything that T-mobile releases with Android and most won’t blame you. A device like this with all its promise, with the backing of an application market, touchscreen and gps finally gives us hope that T-mobile has realized that pricing alone won’t overtake #3.

Should something else come up, should Google, T-mobile and HTC succeed in pulling the wool over our eyes than I will be the first among hundreds of blogs to print the new happenings. I’ll give praise to all who deceived us for their expert disinformation campaign and the goose chases they had us on trying to track down the truth. So here’s to you Google, the king among Internet pranksters, prove all of us wrong.

So I leave you with those thoughts, just a few words to ponder and now I’ll throw it over to the forums where the discussion continues and passionately so. Expand and elaborate on what I have said, I only barely scratched the surface of what already has become a heated debate as the release dates and launch approach.

Discussions continue here, here and here.