Shadow II release date!


Oh windows fans, Shadow II time!! Thats right, we’re not talking about Android right now. In fact thats the last time I’ll use that word in this article. The HTC Cleopatra, aka Shadow II has a tentatively scheduled release date of October 20th. For you Windows Mobile fans, rejoice you finally have a new device. Scheduled to come in a Red version as this sketchy picture from ebay shows and a Green/White model, this should definitely excite at least 4 people. Specs are still a little vague but we’re still expecting WM6.1, wifi and hotpsot @home capability. Enjoy windows fans!

It will cost $149.99 after a Mail in Rebate

See, nothing about Android here, oops I said that word again.

Make sure to check our upcoming phone thread for up to date release information!

Now, back to playing with google chrome.

  • Man, I was waiting and waiting (six months), holding off from upgrading my phone just for the shadow II. Then a couple weeks ago, the news about the google phone. If I sign up for the pre-sale, I get the same price on the Dream/G1 as a Shadow II. Hmmmmm…… I’ve got some decision making to do. ;-)

  • mr.gadget

    With the G1 in the picture I forgot all about this phone…
    I think they should in november after all the G1 smoke clears

  • T1 Connect

    ehhhhhh should be touchscreen

  • cyoneal24

    What I don’t understand is, how is T-Moblie launching 3G in all these cities but half the phones they’re releasing in a few months doesn’t support 3G, Shadow II included. This doesn’t make any damn sense!!!

  • justinhub2003

    i wanted this upgrade from my shadow 1 so bad and now that android approaches, i am so confused, but before the year is even out i may have the shadow 2,the dream and the tocco from samsung, to go along with my current shadow. i dunno what i’d do with 4 phones but 4 phones are better than in decision and regret i guess

  • Ran

    Green and white?! Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww!

  • nesha

    i would only by another shadow if it was the only phone left on earth. i guess im not really a windows mobile type person because i hate my shadow. and its just too takes time too freakin load everything soooo slowwwww. i shoulda kept my sk3. at first it was all gud but now. . . id rather not have a phone an its suppose to have a gud camera. . . (2mp) and everytime i upload pics to the computer they are all blurry lookin. i think i may just put my shadow too rest and get that new samsung”tocco” whenever it comes out!!!! sweeeet!

  • justinhub2003

    really your shadow is slow? ( i mean mines no speed racer but..) internet wise you should download skyfire, i did not to long along its awesome or jb5 wasnt a bad browser, and i love the windows media stle music player, fits me good except i havent been able to find really great headphones, i like my shadow alot, though i agree the camera does suck, if it had a flash it would be alot better, the new extended battery they sent me works like a charm, shadow 2 better not have this issue. one thing though i do agree on is windows mobile kinda sucks, i just think once you seen one winmo device you’ve seen em all. if the shadow 2 is more than 350 retail though its a no go fo sho.

  • drivethruboy168

    Sony Erricson TM506 not for sale till friday september 5!

  • Taina/Tainagift

    Lol. This definetely should excite at least 4 people. That was funny.

  • chriaxx

    Why is t-mobile getting the ugliest damn phones. This, and the dream. Come on. Ugh!

  • chingachangachingchingchongcHaree

    Shadow 1 suuuuuuuuuuuuccccckkkeeeedd…. History repeats itself…. Gimme the blackberry javelin

  • Google Earth is doing some amazing things as highlighted with their announcement the other day of the Ancient Rome layer (shown in the video below). As I talked about upon its release , this to me says that there is quite a

  • Timbo

    The android runs at such a higher rate than the windows based mobile phones that it makes me sad. tear….. My girlfriend has a G1 and I have Chrome on my laptop. I own a shadow and I still payed over 300 dollars to get a G1 for Myself. Microsoft really dropped the ball on this one. Android is by far the most adaptive os for mobile devices. I like the I phone, but play with the G1 and you will find some amazing apps. trust me. I have my own computer business, and vista makes me cry a river along with windows mobile. Android will give you a breath of fresh air. You might have to watch for the new adobe flash thats in the process, but at least it plays well with others. Windows Mobile OS systems suck. I am selling my shadow on ebay, and i just received my G1.