TMoNews Forum Weekly Wrap Up #3


After taking a week off, we’re back with the weekly wrap up of all the happenings and highlights of this weeks forum activity!  We here at TMoNews know that not everybody has the time to devote to rummaging through all the goodies that are contained in the forums (though if you do, you really should – you’ll find some good gems in there!), so that’s what I’m here for – to give you readers the cliff notes version of events!

What with all the talk lately about this Google Android device that’s supposedly coming out, why don’t we start off with something a little different?  How about the unboxing of the Sony TM-506!  Forum contributer TeXan has brought us some very nice shots of this highly anticipated return of Sony Ericsson to the T-Mobile lineup!  That’s not all of the SE506 news that I have to fork over today though, though this next bit of news may come as a bitter aftertaste to the joy that was those photos.   Poster j1980 first brought us news that possibly the SE506 will not be able to be used as a tethered modem. We are not sure if this is something that is set in stone at this point in time, but I thought it fair to bring it to our readers’ attention.

From one topic of debate right into another!  While we had been under the impression that T-Mobile would not be getting any HTC TouchFLO device (i.e. the Diamond or Touch Pro at this point in time) this year, TmoJoe has tipped us that perhaps we will be getting the  Touch Pro some time this year.  I sincerely hope that this is true, as I would love to have the Touch Pro.

How about a couple of Tips and Tricks!  In case you haven’t been to our fine forum in awhile you may not have noticed that we now have a new Tips and Tricks section.  There is not much in there right now, so if you have any cool tips (or tricks!) that you use drop on by and share with us!  Probably the ultimate tip and trick that I can share with you was put up by bk1, and it’s something that can save you International callers boatloads of cash.  Head on over and read all about using the UMA service (that’s hotspot calling for those playing along) to make International phone calls on the cheap.

All right, all right… right now I don’t think that I can make one of these weekly wrap up’s without having some mention of the upcoming Android device!  There has been a flurry of information come out over the past few days, and most of it has already made it’s way to this site.  You may have already read about those Dream/G1 pictures that surfaced recently, well head on over to the forum and see what some of our readers think about them.  It doesn’t look like everybody’s all too impressed.  Then of course there was the news about the presale, which not too many of our contributors cared for.  But, you’ve got to take the good with the bad, right?  Right.  So, to keep from ending on a bad note you may recall the Top 50 Android applications file that was floating around that didn’t actually have 50 applications in it, but only 46.  Well, those of us over in the forum had been wondering what the other four apps were, and fbarkon was the one that gave us the link to the answer.  If only all questions could be answered so easily!

One last bit of information to pass along before closing out.  We here at TMoNews would like to let everybody know that some of us will be taking the next couple of days off to celebrate Labor Day with our families and friends.  We need to have at least one day away from sitting in front of a computer monitor!

Well, that wraps up this weeks edition of the weekly forum wrap up.  Why not come on over to the forum, jump in and participate!  That way you don’t have to wait for the next edition of the weekly update!

  • T1 Connect

    happy labor day tmonews your first i believe if yall get a chance you can come join us new yorkers for the west indian parade and come shake ur bom bom with some nice caribean girls you would love it

  • J-Hop2o6

    HTC Touch Pro!!! hopefully that Nov release rumor is true ;)

  • knytphal

    I hope so too! Right now though, personally I’m going to take it with a grain of salt (with no disrespect to TmoJoe over in the forums!) until I hear something from T-Mobile themselves on that one.

    I think I would almost rather have the Touch Pro over the G1 myself, so that is something that I’m really hoping is true.

  • T1 Connect

    and the waiting continues

  • rommel

    where are the damn n-series phones!!!

  • drivethruboy168

    Well about the TM506… i heard that it’s an issur with the device itself right now and they are working on getting it fixed with a software update. I read it somewhere today, and it said it was a known issue that they are working on. So most likely you will be able to tether it up to your laptop and run those nice speeds on your laptop.

  • ShootingBlue

    Just thought i’d share something I found online. If you dont like the dream just make your own.

  • Fbarkon

    Thanks guys… you appreciate me being nosy!

  • Alex

    2 weeks until android pre sale. What are they waiting for!!

  • se30chris

    N Series phones he asks…..Continue to dream on buddy.

  • J

    I tried to pump my director for info on the HTC Touch Pro. He wouldn’t bite. He just basicly said we are pushing hard for an iPhone competitor and have several in the lab that they are trying to get pushed out. I guess it is hard to get some of the phone producers to work with you when the other providers have more customer base. It is especially difficult when you try to get them to add UMA and myFaves. There are definitely some phones on deck.

  • Ricki

    bring more news, tmonews!!!! Time to wake up the weekend is over!

  • This is a good story…

  • pecoy

    tmo wheres the news!?

  • Gerry

    Should I stay put for the Touch Pro or take advantage of the pre-order offer for existing customers?

  • J

    I am holding off to see if the Touch Pro comes myself. I get 2 free phones this year, so I may eventually get the G1. I want to see the T-929 Leica that they are saying has the 8 megapixel cam as well. I would like to get that one for my wife. If it looks as good as the T-919 Tocco/Roxy, then it will be a nice phone for her.

  • Solrac924

    Touch Pro?! that’s just prettied-up WinMob with the same ol’ WinMob issues & limitations.