Oh messaging fans…


So my email inbox had a little goodie this morning, a brand new Samsung phone, the T459 aka “the Holic.” Previously mentioned here, think Sprint Rumor, but with myfaves and definitely not with Sprint. Slated for a November release this phone is sure to please the kids over the holidays and even you grown ups who just plain love texting without all the “flair” blackberries, sidekicks or Android will provide. Expected to come in two different color selections: (Gray)Black/green and White/blue, we’re looking at a beautiful holiday price tag of under $50 dollars post rebate. Other extras include a 2.0 megapixel camera, both horizontal and vertical screen viewing (obviously), full qwerty keyboard, stereo bluetooth and a patridge in a pear tree. Word on the street says that this phone is a Samsung Blast replacement (did anyone ever buy that phone?) and it certainly looks like a winner for the texting crowd.

Sorry for the holiday throw ins, I know its only September but National Lampoons Christmas Vacation is on tv HBO right now and it just gets you in the holiday spirit.

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Thanks to Insider!

  • J-Hop2o6

    You forgot to announce the FCC documents went thru for the T919 (aka Tocco)


  • T1 Connect

    man we have sidekicks why do they still make phones like these its so 2006

  • ratchet

    obviously some people like to text but they dont want a super smart phone or a giant sidekick.

  • Some Dude

    A lot of people want to text a lot but could care less about web browsing, email, or any other pda functionality. Also, compared to Sidekicks, this is much smaller, has a regular numeric keypad, and doesn’t require a $20 a month data plan. I know Sprint gets bashed for a lot of reasons but just ask one of their sales employees how well their LG Rumor sells. For a while they had trouble keeping them in stock. I think a phone like this most definitely fills an important niche.

  • T1 Connect

    yea i guess your right dude but this phone just screams tmo 2006 lineup i guess you can call it bait

  • srhn1261

    i love my samsung blast…..

  • Alex


  • T1 Connect

    yo alex man share some imput.you said the same thing in the post before this i wanna hear what you got to say beside next

  • SheShe

    my lil sis might like this phone since she cant get the android

  • RockTripod

    Finally! I’m so glad we’re getting this. I can’t tell you how many people ask for a qwerty phone, but just couldn’t be bothered for a BB or a WinMo phone. And SK’s are nice, but not everyone wants them.

  • T1 Connect

    she she your back where have u been

  • B.

    Its about damn time. It’s like everything about tmobile that people were complaining about or that’s was holding us back as a company is being fixed all at once. And who says the peoples voice is never truly heard. Now all we need are some N series phones.

  • T1 Connect

    pitty we tmo customers are the only ones who know u should hear the things people say about tmo just because they heard other peopple who dont know anything say

  • Pythagoras

    Speaking of messaging, does anyone know if T-mobile hobbled the email client in the new Sony Ericsson or left it intact?

  • SheShe

    @T1 ive been lookin at the forums lookin for all the android info i can get ;-)

  • I kind of want this, between this, and the Samsung t919, i’m excited

  • mark

    yeah im stuck between this and the t919.. do we know if the t919 has a landscape qwerty yet? T1, help me out on this one please.

  • SheShe

    @mark it will have a landscape qwerty

  • mark

    thanks but is it easy to text on the t919 cuz I text pretty much 24/7

  • SheShe

    well it has haptic response like the instinct so i dont think it will be to much of a problem

  • nesha

    this phone looks awesome. and my friend has 1 like it from sprint. but the only thing that bothers me is the small screen…. but overall i think other tmo customers will love it!!!

  • TH3 GAM3

    I consider the T919 news. These designs of phones are so old now. I knew they could of done something better.

  • SheShe

    i think it’ll be a good phone for people who dont want to spend a lot of money for a phone but want a full qwerty keyboard

  • random@@@

    That thing looks like it 4 years old with a keyboard slapped on the back. I guess keyboards are finally got an affordable price

  • Ermac

    looks like metro pcs’ samsung minus the curves

  • 5

    Only 3 lines of keys for the keyboard? I need 5.

  • mark

    when is this phone coming out I’m sick of android news