Sony Ericsson CS8 Shows Itself To The FCC


We got first word of this device coming out with the leaked release calender and now we get official word from the FCC. With the user manual showing clear signs of myfaves and sporting an 8.1 megapixel camera, bluetooth, wifi and gps this is a clear winner already in our book! Of course, I also have a soft spot for Sony Ericsson phones in my heart. Set to release June 24th, we’re hoping to get some more in the wild shots with this one soon, maybe Mr. Blurrycam can get to work between now and then. Hit the FCC link for more pics!

Engadget via FCC




  • alt-mobile

    this is nice and all but come on…Wing 2 damnit…Wing 2!

  • t1 connect

    this isnt about the wing 2, show sony ericsson some love they make good phones. they would be jd power and associates best phone maker for no reason, now would it. plus im hope this comes with hot tennis chick…lol she’s kinda hot.

  • t1 connect

    oh sorry david told us about this on feb 2nd so i was kinda expecting it.

  • GeekGoddeZz

    *Yawns* What about G2…not fair. Any updates on the launching event happening today?

  • jmts80

    I love Sony Ericsson phones but the lack of a qwerty keyboard which i really need makes me not want to buy this fro myself but my girlfriend would love this phone. Good job T-mobile!

  • J-Hop2o6

    this can be a good backup phone.. so does TMOUSA still lead in the MP war? lol and is that a zenon flash?

    *i STILL patiently wait for some new Touch Pro2 news*

  • B

    wow so it’s true. I might toy around with this one.

  • The Wing 2 is the most important product in T-Mobile USA’s history. It should be pushed up immediately. Nothing else matters.

  • Eman

    I hope TMo starts picking up more SE phones. I have had 2 SE phones (Z200 & W950i) before acquiring my G1. I think they are the most underrated phones out there, but then again, they haven’t really marketed themselves in the USA. Too bad, Europe was getting all the fun. :(

  • Smizzle

    This is the phone Charles Barkley is using in the new Tmobile commercial.

  • foo

    we tested this recently and it’s a pretty nice phone…solid and sturdy for sure

  • mingkee

    other than this
    there’s another model: CS5, it’s like C903, but with band IV 3G
    I don’t need wifi on CS8, and I am sure it won’t have UMA support, it’s just C905 with band IV 3G, I even don’t think SE will do much hardware mod other than add band IV to keep cost down
    it sounds like T-Mobile has some bullets for the next massive 3G expansion
    HTC Captain (Dash II)
    HTC Sapphire (G2)
    HTC Tungsten (Wing II)
    SE C903/CS5
    SE C905/CS8

    and handful of mid level nokia and samsung 3G phones

  • its about time tmo!,i might switch out my n73 for this one!,now if you would just bring some n-series ,phones or the 5800.

  • FILA

    eh, dont do the sony’s

  • mingkee

    I read from other forums
    seems C905 has earpiece problem, hope it won’t happen on CS8, because it’ll be very expensive

  • Bree70

    No room for that kind of language here.

  • Rommel

    Android?,enough of this bullshit,this is what tmo needs.

  • Nathan

    I was going to get rid of my G1… still might for the wing 2… anyways, I was going to give my dad my G1 but this phone is more his style. Maybe I will keep my G1 and get him this when it comes out. I have played with the c905 after my pharmacist bought it in Thailand and it is an amazing phone. So sturdy, so solid, great UI. Besides it not being a smartphone it is a great piece of equipment.

  • achilles

    This will currently be the best phone T-mobile has! Wi-fi, 3G, 8mp with camera flash, and a FM radio! No other T-mobile phone has all of this! T-mobile is really stepping up!

  • Kickstar13

    Looks good. Guess T-Mobile will actually get this phone after all.

  • MagentaGlasses

    Wife would love it….

  • Anthony

    It looks like a nice phone. I wouldn’t mind getting one of these..


    Hopefully CS8 will be based on the newer versions of the C905 which have most problems fixed