Web2go Getting Slight Makeover!


Details on this upcoming change are still coming in, but our source has it that the web2go interface, specifically for Touchwiz devices is set to get a makeover. Therefore, Memoir and Behold owners should definitely keep reading. Our source pegs this as a change to the “homepage deck” and not to the browser itself, unfortunately. Having said that, the side note here is that Behold/Memoir owners who have yet to discover the html “hack” should check out this post for details on how to “better” your browsing experience. Our source was expecting this to launch in June with a 30 day trial of web2go for phone first devices but has since emailed and acknowledged a delay in that time-frame so launch details on this change are up in the air. For those who want to see exactly what changed, check out the below shot and compare it to the one above! Nothing really else to report on this one, still, its a nice looking change and while Samsung users get first dibs, we hope to see it on all phone first devices soon. 


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