Small Changes To Data/Messaging Plans!


Well its been a while since we’ve last seen T-mobile make any major changes to data plans and last time we got pretty much a total overhaul. Well, apparently 7 months was long enough and its time for a little revamp. Boygenius just ran a story about the Family Text Message changing from $19.99 to $24.95 a month. While still lower than the competition, in this economic climate, every dollar counts and you would think our benevolent low cost carrier would go in the opposite direction, but oh well, still a good deal. That’s not at all however, a minor change will also come at the lower end of the messaging scale, the smallest package currently available is $5 for 400 messages, well that’s going to change to $5 for 300 messages. Our source pegs these changes on May 27th though BoyGenius is running with “sometime” in June. 

Aside from the small price changes, T-mobile is also reporting a change in T-mobile stance regarding data plans with smartphones. Adopting a more AT&T/Verizon model, all smartphones will now be required to have an add on data plan, save for the BlackBerry Pearl, BlackBerry Pearl Flip, Samsung Behold or Samsung Memoir. Also slated for a “sometime” in June launch. 

Via Boygenius

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