T-mobile G1 V.2 Round Robin!


I’m not even really sure where to begin with this story, other than to say yesterday saw quite a bit of back and forth regarding who will actually manufacturer the rumored G1 V.2. Reports yesterday actually pegged Motorola as the device manufacturer, marking their first entry into the Android marketplace. Turns out, that wasn’t exactly true. The next guess in the G1 V.2 round robin game last night was that Samsung remains top prediction for manufacturing this device as it appears to be super duper similar to the Samsung “Bigfoot,” found in the leaked T-mobile Android roadmap. Confused yet? So is everyone else. To quickly recap, what we first thought was almost certainly an HTC device turns out not to be, then we think it might actually be from Motorola and that turns out to be false, now we realize it might have been Samsung all along but of course, nobody really knows anything. 

Why do you think is going to make this phone? Is it even real? Sound off below!

Update: Androidguys is reporting that the G1 V.2 is still an HTC device, and is merely a cosmetic, physical redesign based on the obvious design flaws in the current model G1. The obvious point being made is why would a redesign of a handset be made by anyone other than the original manufacturer which begs the question, how the hell did this whole Samsung, Motorola, HTC mess get started in the first place???

Image courtesy of Mobilecrunch

Confusion courtesy of everyone!

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  • mfabela

    my head is spining…lol

  • D

    If both those phones are the choices for the G1 v2 then I’ll pass cause there both ugly. Why cant they just rebuild the G1 with a better battery,better camera,more internal memory an a bit slimmer with the updated software like they basically did for the Magic US version by going from 3 to 5MP. I luv the G1z look except it doesnt have the updated qualities of the upcoming G1 v2. T-mobile is so stupid to downgrade the looks of a new G1.The software better be superb on v2 if they wanna sell one of those 2 ugly phones.

  • Jerry

    androidcommunity.com first reported that the htc hero was rumored to be the g1v2 that when i first heared about the g1v2….. now all these other devices are being claimed to be the g1v2… all i no is that tmotoday.com said today that the g1v2 is still and HTC device with means we still have yet to see pictures of the device or androidcommunity.com was possibly right and the htc hero will be the g1v2 http://androidcommunity.com/htc-hero-caught-in-the-wild-20090505/ … bottom line if htc is making the g1v2 i hope the pictures havent been leaks becuase if the hero is the g1v2 …. its one butt phone see it for yourself…

  • Jerry

    correction the article doesnt say its gonna be the g1v2 someone commented saying that it will be the g1v2 thanks to a leaked upcoming tmobile phone list….

  • Cotton Rore

    Ok, I’m a G1 owner myself and enjoy it, I never found it to be ugly… but are you serious with your comment? People who think the G1 is NOT ugly is the minority… for MONTHS before the G1 came out, all people talked about was how “ugly” it was. Most likely if it didn’t have such a radical form factor, T-mobile would be selling more of them than they are now. Either you’re being extraordinarily dryly sarcastic, or you really don’t get that your single opinion and love for the G1 does not equate to making the G1 popular.

    So don’t buy any of the above then. I chose the G1 because I wanted function over form. And because it’s HTC. If the next G1 is Motorola, I don’t care if it’s the ugliest or prettiest, that’s a total failure to me. I would never buy Motorola. Ever. Samsung might get my attention… but if it’s Motorola, then I’m sticking to my G1 or will consider the TouchPro2 or BB Driftwood.

  • math

    i know it will become very clear soon after june 3rd when tmobile changes its contact to REQUIRE a data plan for all smartphones (sans a couple). they will want to start releasing info to re-direct the heat they will receive for the change.

  • t1 connect

    what is up with the whole g1v2 name that doesnt even sound tmobile-ish…plus isnt that g1 name coyrighted to google tmo and htc….now to say that is version 2…hmmmmmmm….doesnt sound right to me at all…

    @cotton, you’re absolutely right, i’ve been hearing its ugly too….some ppl need to get over it….what make it like any other phone and get rid of the chin…booo hoooo, too bad. its unique and a pretty decent size…. and i know one thing, you cant get it mixed up with any other phone out there..

  • sam

    actually, AndroidGuys is reporting that TmoToday isclaiming the g1v2 is htc….but you still wont mention tmotoday even when you’re mentioning tmotoday.

  • Jon


    “Samsung is planning the launch of new Android phones codenamed Spica and Bigfoot in Q3. Specifically September. Both of these phones will be built on Android OS version 2.0, which is codenamed Donut.”

    GSM Quad-band, HSDPA 900/1700/2100

  • The G1 V.2 looks like the Helio Ocean so I’ll throw Pantech into the mix as a manufacturer.

  • J

    mmmm…tasty codenames. I’m going to holdout for the cream cheese danish update.

  • cDAWG

    i still think motorola is coming out with a android phone….we had our regional moto rep come into our store and said that they werent coming out with a new phone until Q4 and he said ” it might be android, might be”

  • Ryan

    T-Mobile is now using the Creation Center to tell manufactures what features we want in their phones, so it is not totally crazy that the G1v2 could be made by someone else. Its the beginning of MyPhone series that will be kicked off with the MyTouch 3G. The biggest splash will come from the 2nd or 3rd phone in the MyPhone series, an Iphone killer which perhaps might be the Huawei phone displayed at MWC. Also the G1 series my be rolled into the MyPhone series so we are not trading on Google’s name anymore, which is why it is only known as G1v2 right now.

  • Ryan

    One indicator that T-Mobile is sending design specs to manufacturers via the Creation Center is the MyTouch 3G will have a 5 mp camera while the Vodaphone version only has the 3.2.

  • PaPaMoE15

    any possibility that the two devices are different?? they both have a different shape, one is more rounded while the other is a bit more squared off. . .

  • J

    I would not expect any phone that is not an HTC made phone to have a G1 label.

  • InfidelCastro

    MobileCrunch reported the same thing. If none of them have an 8gb drive like the I7500 why not just get a Sapphire (5mp camera) why bother? TheMotodroid and The LG Android seem to be quietly in development, but alledgedly due out this year too. Anyone cheeking out the Fcc sheets?

  • J-Hop2o6

    The one on the left is the Motorola Morrison (not G1.V2)
    The one on the right is the Samsung Bigfoot (not G1.V2)

    The Android Hero might be the G1.V2

  • equis

    the hero is UGLY! the bigfoot is UGLY! the “morrison” its FRESH!

    morisson looks like the rhodium:

    the keyboard those look like the one on this g1 :

  • FILA

    whats wrong with the G1? I like it, but its not gettin old :-/ I never got a chance with it. I like the slide action and all and if the V2 is indeed a HTC device then I will consider it. But if its a Moto or a Samsung, theres no way in hell I will consider it. But I think I made my decision…I think I really want to go wit the TP2 in July instead of moving backwards to a G1, thou I still really like it. I want my hardware QWERTY as you all know. Only thing is now Android 2 aka Donut is coming out this fall, and will G1 be able to handle it? Most Likey, because the G2 is runnign at almost the exact same hardware as the G1. But I will most likely go with the TP2 in July and see whats goin on in the fall. Im very excited

    Android 2.0 aka Donut

  • Aita

    honestly the only phone that I’ve seen that makes sense is the HTC Memphis. Yes i know that no one has reported it as such, but given that both the Motorola and the Samsung design more than likely aren’t right then to me, the only phone that makes sense is the Memphis. It looks just like the sapphire with a keyboard and it also has the trackball. If the v2 doesn’t have a trackball then its not really a v2 to me. Oh and it has the “chin” as well which to me is a dead give away. Then again
    i could be horribly wrong……but then I’d be horribly disappointed.