T-mobile G1 V.2 Round Robin!


I’m not even really sure where to begin with this story, other than to say yesterday saw quite a bit of back and forth regarding who will actually manufacturer the rumored G1 V.2. Reports yesterday actually pegged Motorola as the device manufacturer, marking their first entry into the Android marketplace. Turns out, that wasn’t exactly true. The next guess in the G1 V.2 round robin game last night was that Samsung remains top prediction for manufacturing this device as it appears to be super duper similar to the Samsung “Bigfoot,” found in the leaked T-mobile Android roadmap. Confused yet? So is everyone else. To quickly recap, what we first thought was almost certainly an HTC device turns out not to be, then we think it might actually be from Motorola and that turns out to be false, now we realize it might have been Samsung all along but of course, nobody really knows anything. 

Why do you think is going to make this phone? Is it even real? Sound off below!

Update: Androidguys is reporting that the G1 V.2 is still an HTC device, and is merely a cosmetic, physical redesign based on the obvious design flaws in the current model G1. The obvious point being made is why would a redesign of a handset be made by anyone other than the original manufacturer which begs the question, how the hell did this whole Samsung, Motorola, HTC mess get started in the first place???

Image courtesy of Mobilecrunch

Confusion courtesy of everyone!

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