Sony Ericsson Elle is T707


Courtesy of the boys at Boygenius last week we got a glimpse at the Walmart T-mobile 2009 lineup,  with a number of phones previously unknown or known and yet to be named. Thanks to an informed tipster, we are reporting that the Sony Ericsson Elle is the T707. Compare the above shot to the show below, they look pretty damn similar to me! Rockin a 3.2 megapixel camera, the current SE webpage only shows the 2100mhz 3G band but we can of course expect to see the 1700mhz band included at the time of launch. Of course the other “exciting” feature on this device is the ability to “control” your music by waving your hand, not really sure what that means yet, but it sounds pretty corny. 


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  • More choices for T-Mobile, YAY!! Customer’s should be more than satisfied this year ^_^

  • Galen20K

    I like the Purple color and Interesting Design for a “DumbPhone”, But I also think it looks Wayyy TOo Similar to their last 3G offering for TMob. Is it in the same Family as the last one also?

  • mfabela

    i’ll definitely be picking this one up as a backup!

  • Mr Swagganaut

    @ Galen20k, read about se on wikipedia, that should answer ur question, looks sweet I hope that big mole at the bottom right isn’t the “hand sensor” lol

  • mingkee

    but what is the letter will be
    T707a already has band I/II/V
    perhaps T707b?!

  • FILA

    Woopty De Doop, but Im glad for T, that they are gettin alot of phones. It drags more people into the store and to sign up, so im really happy. Its what they need.


    Looking at that phone i can already tell that whoever buys that will be SO disappointed and get SO bored of it in less than 3 months. Maybe I’m spoiled with the g1 but that’s how i feel about it.

    Maybe this phone is not suppose to have the bells and whistles but why would anyone wanna get a phone…..and that’s it … just a phone… that’s like paying for ice cream and not getting any hot fudge or sprinkles (etc.) the ice cream is the main part….but COME ON ITS HOT FUDGE DAMMIT! ITS GOOD =)

  • J

    You would be surprised how many people want just a phone. My in laws don’t even want a camera on their phone. I would buy something like this for my kids as well. No way do I buy my kids a G1 or Rhodium. I get these phones free and I still won’t give one to my kids.


    Well, then you sir are a bad father…